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Astrology 101: What You Need To Know About Birth Charts, Cycles & Deep Astrology

Astrology is one of the most widely known consciousness sciences, yet is often so diluted and dismissed, most people never discover its personality awakening effects. 

I spent most of my life assuming it was pseudo science, the hobby of diluted irrational people, but as I walked deeper into my awakening experience, I began to discover how much validity there was. 

J.P. Morgan Chase, the despotic banker from the turn of the 20th century was an outspoken supporter of Astrology and was heard to say: 
“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”
J.P. Morgan
This in-conjunction with the Federal Reserve having documented evidence that market fluctuations are directly tied to solar cycles, suggests that there is a very real relationship at work between human affairs and the movements of the stars, planets and beyond.  

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The ancient civilizations of nearly every corner of the planet all focus tremendously on Astrological movements, most notably the Mayans, who had a society that acknowledged each individuals incarnation purpose. Dharma is a term referring to someones unique purpose for living, why they came here and for what reason. 

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Additionally, there are many physical properties of matter, the orbital momentum of atomic elements, the flow of charged particles and gravimetric waves that all related to the movement of the heavens. Dan Winter is an electrical engineer who has delved deeply into this topic and discusses that at the moment of birth, a new born child's electromagnetic field is synchronized to the positions of the surrounding stars and constellations. It would seem that there is so much data available confirming the principles of astrology, only a fool would dismiss them without inspection. And there appears to be a deliberate program of 'watering down' the aspects of it that could impart meaning and value to those trying to determine what their relationship is to the universe, which is principally the purpose of Astrology. 

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Given the hard science, and the fact it traces back before the advent of modern civilizations, it appears that the modern day opinions of so called scientists is yet one more obfuscation technique offered by our would-be masters. This, in addition to a host of small time amateur astrologers, makes the case for the average Joe that it is nothing more then a parlor trick, pseudo science and the work of con-men. Yet there is clearly much more at work then simply divining how much money we will make or if we will find love - the usual type of information offered during astrological readings. 

What if our soul purpose, our life purpose could be revealed by understanding the interplay between the very big and the very small? What if our life was more then just finding love and making money? It seems that these pursuits, although of value in their own right, are but a speck of dust amid a sea of sand, that our dharma far surpasses simply satiating our base desires, and we need only seek the truth for it be revealed and empower us. 

In my own personal experience, I know when I am on the right track, when I have touched upon the soul purpose of my incarnation, because the number of synchronicities, precognition's, and the degree of emotional charge surrounding an event or happening is beyond random. Using my training in statistics, it is almost impossible for all of these things to line up without some grander principle at work. And like all grand principles, there is not easy answer, no quick dismissal, it takes a deep and open minded investigation of nearly all our experiences and possible meanings, for the big picture to take shape.

Our lives are fundamentally connected to all that IS, and if we learn the science of consciousness, if we use the tea leaves of the stars to peer into the reasons why we came here, then all of the pasts tragedy and strife will have deep meaning. In my experience, nothing has ever been wasted as far as my past, and while I can recognize that acting differently now is of value, I would not have that perspective if the so called 'bad' experiences did not happen. Truly everything has a divine and absolute purpose of unity and oneness with all that is. Even a faint shadow of what this purpose is will transcend any seeming limitation or obstacle within our lives. 

Note: This article will provide summary points of information, and is not meant to prove the validity of Astrology to a mind who has all but dismissed it as poppy cock. The related links we provided above will help form a tangible basis to the reality of stellar movements affecting human affairs. The sympathetic nature of the universe, which describes the synchronization of electromagnetic fields and the interplay of mind body and spirit is real, it can be measured. The difficulty with Astrology in particular, is due to how much it has been diluted in modern times, and the level of prior conditioning as a result of past experience. Like most topics of this sort, it is only when we investigate them fully, our past conclusions and rejection of them are transcended. The fact that planetary alignments affect seismic activity is just one of many data points to support the grander consciousness.

- Justin

Source - Manifest Destiny Triforce

Astrology 101: What You Need To Know About Birth Charts, Cycles, & Deep Astrology 

By Cassius Methyl

Have you ever wondered what the Pentagram actually means? How about the Star of David (Seal of Solomon), or the Sumerian 8 pointed Star of Inanna?

These symbols are all thought to be references to astrology. The points on the stars are the geometric angles made between planets in the sky; the points on the stars represent planets, and the astrological angles between them. The Seal of Solomon represents Sextiles and Trines, and the star of Inanna represents Oppositions and Squares.

90 degree angles, 180 degree angles, 60 degree angles, these ancient symbols were geometric codes embedded into ancient artifacts, preserving a blueprint for an understanding of astrology.

Your soul is a snapshot of the Solar System at your time of birth. A photograph.

The geometric angles made between planets in the sky at your time of birth, in your birth chart, define the inherent characteristics of your soul. Along with the constellations the planets are in, this is how astrology works- it’s a mix of geometric angles made between planets, and the constellations the planets are in (the 12 constellations of the zodiac, as all planets except the dwarf planets are on the Ecliptic Plane). If you go deeper, the individual stars that align with your planets also define you, and every degree of every sign is different.

Looking at your birth chart, an astrologer can tell you your deepest inherent characteristics with 100% certainty. Without ever having met a person, an astrologer can take your birthchart and tell you who you are, down to the most private and hidden aspects of your soul.  Astrology is the clock upon which all events occur, the measure of why every individual behaves in their unique inherent way, and the one sure way to understand the future and the past.

This article will go into the deep details of astrology. This info may even change your perception of a soul, of events occurring to individuals, events occurring to nations, and your perception of energy as a whole. I hope you will read it over a few times to allow it to fully sink in. It’s a solid foundation for an understanding of Astrology.

Uranus and Pluto- The Synodic Cycles of Revolution

Your soul is connected to every planet in the solar system; the planets are physical pieces of the code of your soul, each one of them being a physical component of your being. Every planet in the solar system governs a set of archetypical traits that compose your core being, your inherent self, and your soul.

For example, Uranus governs intuition and the flow of thoughts, ideas, creativity, and revolution. This is more than a mere metaphor; when Uranus makes angles in the sky to slow moving Neptune or Pluto, the effects are seen for years, and revolutions literally occur.. Historically, the accuracy of these cycles is proven again and again.

2012-2015, a kind of awakening has occurred globally, has it not? In 2013, Egypt saw the largest protests in the history of the world, drawing over 20 million people.

These revolutions of the mind and outside the mind were predicted in the 60’s and 70’s by astrologers- we’re currently living through the Uranus Pluto Square.

This was the aspect held in the birthcharts of revolutionaries born around 1933- including Martin Luther King, John Africa from Philadelphia activist group “MOVE”, and more.

After 1933, the next angle between Uranus and Pluto was the sextile, 1942-1944. In this era, the next wave of revolutionaries were born including Huey P Newton of the Black Panthers (Who founded the Black Panthers with Bobby Seale of the 1933 Uranus square Pluto generation). If you look close, there is a common characteristic between these generations who share the same outerplanetary angles.

The 1960’s revolution

So tell me this; why were the 1960’s so revolutionary? What made all of those people decide they wanted to protest, try psychedelics, form a new culture, and transform like that? Americans certainly didn’t inherit those ideas from their parents or peers, so where did the waves of culture come from?

The 1960’s were the most intense phase of the Uranus/Pluto cycles in the 20th century. 1965-1967, we saw the peak of the wave of culture, and the peak of the Uranus Pluto Conjunction (alignment).

As with any generation, those born in that era of time permanently have that energy embedded into them. Uranus is the seat of nearly all of the characteristics of the 60’s; Uranus is Aquarius, ideas, revolution, creativity, experimentation, freedom, music and the arts, everything that defines the 60’s.

Pluto is a powerhouse, an incomprehensibly powerful beam of light that adds voltage to anything it touches. In the charts of billionaires, Pluto is conjunct Jupiter (the planet of wealth and abundance). In the charts of serial killers, Pluto makes harsh angles to Mars, like Joseph Stalin’s Mars-Pluto Opposition. So in the 60’s, Pluto added power and intensity to revolutionary Uranus, and look at what came out of it.

To sum it up, here are the 7 most revolutionary eras and generations of the 20th century. This goes for the whole world:

  1. 1933 – Uranus Square Pluto
  2. 1942 – Uranus Sextile Pluto
  3. 1965 – Uranus Conjunct Pluto
  4. 1978 – Uranus Semisextile Pluto (mild)
  5. 1986 – Uranus Semisquare Pluto (mild)
  6. 1996 – Uranus Sextile Pluto
  7. 2012-2015 – Uranus Square Pluto

Predictive Astrology – Eras of Life and the Outer Planets

It works like this; the planets in the sky at any given moment, they make angles to your birthchart.

If you take your birthchart, and lay it on top of a chart of any given moment, and then see what angles are made between the planets at that moment and the planets at your birth, you have the code of that moment in time and you can accurately predict how you are going to feel, and what is likely to happen.

For instance, if Neptune were at 15 degrees Pisces, and your natal (birthchart) Pluto were at 15 degrees Sagittarius, Neptune would be squaring your Pluto. This is because Neptune’s current position forms a 90 degree angle to where Pluto was at your time of birth- a Square. If Neptune were instead at 15 degrees Aquarius, it would be sextiling Pluto. That would be a positive and transformative aspect, rather than a shocking, bottomless pit of Neptunian depth mixed with Plutonian intensity like a Neptune-Pluto Square would be.

Over thousands of years, people have analyzed what happens when individuals experience certain angles.

For example, when Neptune squares a person’s natal Pluto. When that angle happens to a person, an astrologer takes note of what happens to them. Once multiple people are observed experiencing the same angle and they all have the same things in common happen to them, you have tangibly determined the effects of an astrological angle.

Over time, astrologers have defined every single angle, with razor sharp accuracy.

Because it is as tangible as mathematics, anybody can start interpreting astrology with just a bit of effort- all you have to do is use a Synastry Calculator like this one to calculate a person’s angles they are experiencing at any given time. Or if you’re experienced, all you need is the charts.

Then to see what era of their life they are in, you look at the outerplanetary angles- the angles made to their planets by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are angles that last months, or a few years.

For instance, if you’ve gone through a Pluto transit, such as Pluto Conjunct Sun, you’ve had your life completely transformed from top to bottom over the span of about 2 years. A devastating or life changing event was probably the trigger of this; it exploded on you, and your life was transformed for a year after that. If you are Sagittarius, you experienced Pluto conjunct your Sun somewhere between 1996 and 2008. If you are Capricorn, your experience comes 2008-2024.

After you know the angles you’re experiencing, you can do a simple google search to see what happens to a person when they experience an angle, such as Neptune Square Sun.

Various websites and blogs have accurate, time tested definitions for these angles. If you google an angle, you will come up with a good idea of what will happen to you when the angle strikes through objective reasoning and research. However, nothing quite compares to feeling the angle itself and then understanding what it’s like.

Through this understanding, an astrologer can take your chart and tell you years in advance when eras of extreme change strike.

They can tell you when a period of spiritual awakening will come (Uranus/Pluto related usually), when a time of extreme hardship will come (Saturn/Pluto), when a period of lack of focus will come (Mercury/North Node), when a period of economic prosperity will come (Jupiter/Venus), when an era of irritation with others and conflict will come (Mars), everything you can imagine.

The Angles of Astrology and Ancient Symbolism

The primary angles in Astrology include the Conjunction, Opposition, Sextile, Trine, and the Square. Other equally significant but less known angles include the Sesquiquadrate, Quintile, Decile, Semisquare, Semisextile.

The Trine and Sextile are the ‘easy’ aspects, the positive ones. 

These are the angles of reward, gain, peace, happiness, pleasure, and the smooth flow of ideas and energy.

This is one trine – (when two planets are this many degrees apart, a line is drawn between them in a chart):

This is one sextile – 

A Grand Trine is 3 trines, a perfect triangle:

And a Seal of Solomon is 6 Trines and sextiles:

The Star of David or Solomon’s Seal is composed of 2 triangles on top of eachother- These are 2 astrological Trines. A Sextile is an astrological angle very similar to the Trine, but not as strong- a Sextile is a 60 degree angle formed between 2 planets- or 2 points next to eachother on the Seal of Solomon. The Seal of Solomon is thought to be nothing but a symbol of the astrological Trines and Sextiles; that’s why it can be found in ancient cultures all over the world.

The 8 pointed star of Inanna represents the malefic angles. It would make sense, as Inanna/Ishtar is the goddess/god of War, Greed, and Lust.

The Square and Opposition are considered primarily malefic but not unnecessary to the balance of life, causing disaster, problems boiling over, tension, hard lessons, and a need to use the tense but fiery energy towards something constructive. Squares or Oppositions between certain planets are not malefic, but most are. For example, Jupiter improves and expands everything it touches. It’s almost impossible for Jupiter to be malefic.

The Opposition is the angle of war itself. 9/11 occurred on an exact opposition of arguably the 2 most destructive planets, Saturn and Pluto (When Saturn was in the US War aspect of Saturn in Gemini).

This is one Square:

This is 2 Squares, or a T-Square- 2 Squares and one Opposition:

This is the Grand Cross Configuration, an extremely tense and energetic configuration of 4 Oppositions and Squares. This is found in the birthcharts of people like Charles Manson:


Astrology is not a vague or imagined thing. It’s entirely tangible like mathematics; observable by multiple people, the same in each observation during multiple different circumstances.

This is the beginning of a series of articles on astrology that will delve even deeper into the topic.

Please share this with as many people as possible, especially people who need to know that astrology goes infinitely deeper than sun signs. Astrology is the code of our soul, and it goes deeper than we may ever be able to comprehend. The tangible and objective analysis of astrology is the analysis of self.

About the author: Cassius Methyl is an activist, the founder of The Free Communities Movement, the founder of Tryptamine Astrology, an experimental musician, and a journalist with The Anti Media. “ 

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