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Residing in Massachusetts | The Journey for Raw Milk: Heritage Fields & Davenport Farms

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Its now been 25 days since my arrival back to the United States. When we last left off I had requested for help from all of you to acquire tickets to fly back from Morocco. Happy to announce that with much help from readers like you, I made it back to the US!

Since being back, my efforts with Stillness in the Storm have greatly increased and I have been able to spend more time connecting with nature, getting my hands dirty and working my body with physical labor. No room for complaints, only much gratitude to those who have connected with me and provided wonderful opportunities.

In Morocco its just now heating up, summer coming into full swing but here in Massachusetts you might be confused and still think its winter as its been in the 40's and 50's for the majority of the time since my arrival. Sure there have been a few days here and there where the temperature was in the 80's but there's also been days where we had to get a fire going. Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE the cold!

After being in Morocco for a year and three months I can certainly tell you that I missed many things from being in America. The beauty here is literally breathtaking, being surrounded by large trees, ancient rocks, bears, deer and all other kinds of animals, like hummingbirds. Being back has certainly placed me in extreme gratitude, I think anytime you leave a place and return to it you can't help but appreciate it that much more. The contrasting experience.

One thing which you may not think you would miss is simply being understood when speaking English. It isn't just the language barrier where others may not understand English but more so the relative culture and way of using the language. When you leave your culture behind and visit others you realize how differently we communicate on Earth. The events, people and things you may find funny or interesting may be completely blown off in other cultures or found to be strange or insulting. Its certainly a challenge attempting to explain yourself in a language that the majority of those around you do not understand and vice versa, while also trying to understand other cultures and their ways of doing things.

With that being said though, I absolutely would not have had this experience any other way. My time visiting so many new places will never be forgotten, instead it will be assimilated into my life more and more as time goes on. I say as time goes on because I feel as though there is lag between experiencing and gathering meaning from said experiences. I did my best in capturing my feelings and the images around me in my previous posts, be sure to check them out for hundreds of photos. Check my Facebook page for even more as I just recently started my blog.

Currently there is no set plan for what the next step is for myself or Justin besides expanding our blogs, helping out with home repairs and some landscaping/gardening. Giving back to Justin's family as they have been so generous to help us out with living accommodations and more. Also we want to network with other like minded individuals to help spread awareness on various topics covered on Stillness in the Storm, and we will have a more in depth post about that coming soon. Check out our blog

Its funny how different cultures can be, here in Massachusetts we literally went on a small adventure recently to simply acquire what can be found just down the street in Morocco; raw milk. Many times people want to over generalize and say that one place is better than another but things are really just different, everywhere you go. I would almost have to say that TIME itself runs at a different pace in various places around the world. Being in Morocco it felt as if I was visiting 1950's America, but with cell phones.

We visited two farms, one for goat milk and another for cow milk. I have a feeling we will do a more in-depth post on Heritage farm soon but I can't wait to share the photos from this lovely place. I had never really interacted with goats on a personal level but at Heritage farm I got up close and personal. One of the goats there, actually the "mascot" of the farm, just would not leave my side. Continually by me looking for attention. (Photo Below)

Heritage Fields Farm

Davenport Farm

Lastly here are some photos of the wooded areas surrounding me:

Stephanie and Jenn were kind enough to show Justin and I some of the places around here. We had a great time visiting these two farms and getting to see the beauty of Massachusetts. In much gratitude, thank you to these wonderful people and all the readers!

Until next time!




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