Monday, June 8, 2015

More Signs of The Energetic Shift: 85+ Volcanic Blasts in One Day! | Mt. Sakurajima in Japan Showing Major Activity

The energetic shift of the Earth is facilitated by its harmonic connections the Sun, a synchronistic process of entrainment. We have been covering this extensively and have several posts which describe the science involved

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The media and society has conditioned us to think these things can only be seen as catastrophic and horrible, but when we consider the staggering amount of data suggesting an energetic shift, the so called Event, it is actually an indication things getting close. Ultimately consciousness and our ability to ride the waves of change are part of this process, and there is a profound amount of scientific data to confirm that when this shift occurs, life as we know it will be greatly enhanced. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. 

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- Justin

Source - Dutchsinse

June 7, 2015 going into June 8, 2015:
Asia volcano alert … OVER 85 different blasts from Sakurajima Volcano in less than 1 days time (from 6am to 11pm)

sakurajima aa
Also, notice the steady steaming off the back side of Sakurajima, which is Mount Ontake caldera (a different volcano in this complex)… Ontake caldera could also erupt in a large blast if things carry on this way.
Video sped up 64X speed to just get a rough count from 6am to dark.. 15 hours long sped up 64X reduces the length of this video to 14min 10sec.______
Video showing the 85+ blasts in one days time here:


No exaggeration to say these 85+ blasts (over the course of 1 day) are a huge number of volcanic events from a single volcano.
Yes, Sakurajima is “active” , but this takes the cake by far when it comes to number of different blasts in one days time. I’ve seen this volcano send of 10 or 15 large blasts in one day before.. but in this case.. its OVER 85 different blasts since yesterday morning.
View the recorded real time streams from Sakurajima here:
Keep in mind the other West Pacific volcanic activity taking place South in Indonesia near Sinabung and Toba Supervolcano, also with the new eruption off the coast of Japan and Shindake volcano, the new Island forming at Nishinoshima Volcano, and the coming to life of the 800 year dormant Mount Hakone Volcano.
This is a lot of volcanic activity to see in just a few weeks time.



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