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How to Use Structured Water - Raising Health and Consciousness with Geometrically Structured Water | H3O2 - The Fourth Phase of Water

Structured water has become very popular of late, and there are several forms available to us, but did you know our bodies make it everyday? 

The information about the forms can be tricky to decipher, but the central concept is how organized the water is. 

All that is needed to create it within your body is to bathe in sunlight or infrared light. A heat differential causes the structuralization of water, and I suspect this is the reason why being around other people and sitting in warmth releases endorphin's and neuro-chemicals that make us feel good. Our biology is literally 'programmed' to let us know we are making structured water, and this water is so important for heath; mentally and emotionally.

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Recently there has been talk about the Fourth Phase of water, H3O2, which is the chemical name for structured water. We recently shared an article discussing what it is and why it is so important.

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Here is an excerpt from that post:

"Julian and I have been researching water for several years, covering structured water, distilled waters, Juicing and even Urine Therapy.

All of these sources of water have one unifying property; the so called fourth phase of water.

While it may seem hard to understand, this water is simply H3O2, a state of water which can be called structured, and is extremely pure and accessible to the body. The reason why is because the water is not in a free state, it is structured, in a hexagonal lattice with the surrounding water. Individual H2O molecules form loose ionic bonds creating an H3O2 lattice. While this water is not "free" in same way as H2O, it has more viscosity and forms the basis for creating a cellular life. 

Normal H2O allows for solutions to be formed, a free state, this is the water we are familiar with. The "added" Hydrogen and Oxygen allow for an ionic bonding of the water which is essential for lifes abilities to manipulate and generate proteins, enzymes and biochemistry of all types. .

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot in her interview reveals that H3O2 water is distilled by the body, and is found intracellularly (within the cells). This water is essential for healthy cell function, which of course will causally heal other deficiencies. One of the reasons juicing and urine therapy are so effective for body rejuvenation (healing of cancer and nearly every other medical condition) is this infusion of structuralized water, leading to reguvination of cellular tissue and the body. For more information on the power of distilled liquids see this article."

- Justin

Source -  Spirit Science


We have all probably heard references to our body consisting of about two thirds water. Obviously then, consuming the highest quality water is of utmost importance in regards to maintaining vibrant health and raising our consciousness. Though I will not recommend any products personally, let’s explore a topic on water that has been gaining some momentum in recent months: geometrically structured water. 
The Dodecahedron
imageA dodecahedron is a geometrical structure with 12 pentagonal faces and is known as one of the five Platonic solids. Revolutionary 
architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller has said that the dodecahedron represents “the building block of the universe.” Esoterically, the dodecahedron has been attributed the ether element, of which the 12 pentagonal faces represent the 12 constellations of zodiac. 
David Wheeler states, “Recent mathematical calculations by astrophysicists, using new spectroscopic analysis of background radiation emitted billions of years ago, has established the theoretical foundation that the universe is shaped like a dodecahedron.”
Would consuming dodecahedronally structured water then be a building block of higher consciousness and health? DNA’s double helix is structured as a dodecahedron. Would drinking this structured water be a case of “like attracting like” to create better health and higher consciousness at the DNA level? Is the symmetry of the universe telling us something here? 

Properties of Structured Water
imageAccording to Pristina Natural, when the hydrogen and oxygen atoms align as stable, structured water,  the hydrogen atoms are angled at precisely 104.5 degrees.
This allows for the 3 dimensional shape of the dodecahedron to form. Interestingly, we find that hydrogen is the least electronegative element in the periodic table whereas oxygen is the most electronegative.
This creates a situation where the oxygen can act as a gateway for energized water, sometimes known as “living-water” or “water with life-force.”
imageIn nature, water is structured and energetically enhanced through what we call the hydrologic cycle. Water is purified by nature’s evaporative distillation process and then is charged or energetically enhanced by the far-infrared frequencies (FIR) of the Sun.
Like a battery, water also needs to be charged to restore the natural crystal structure and vitality. The end result is pH neutral, pure, crystalline structured water.
 Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association, C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., has said, “Water represents the interface between the 4th dimension in which we live and the 5th dimensional sphere of our soul.
Many studies have shown subtle effects of healers upon hydrogen bonding and infrared absorption of water.” Furthermore, famous scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto stated, “I believe water crystals that I research on is in the world of the 4th and 5th dimension.” Could we call structured water a truly cosmic elixir?

Health Benefits
Dr. Mercola and Dr. Pollack support consuming structured water because of its ability to improve the delivery of oxygen to our cells, the removal of waste in the extracellular environment and because of it’s pH neutrality. Just as nature’s purest rainwater is pH neutral and that fact that our body tries to always maintain neutral pH, structured water aligns nicely with the natural order of a neutral pH. Structured water, which is the way nature prefers her waters to be, may also partly attribute to the healing powers of fruits and vegetables in their raw, organic state. 
imageCan consuming water structured as a dodecahedron improve one’s health and help to raise one’s consciousness over time? Does the dodecahedron structure of water hint to us that water truly is from a higher, cosmic order?
As author Elizabeth Clare Prophet writes, ” the study of geometry, which descends to us from Pythagoras, is a meditation on the harmony of the cosmic order, and it is a meditation upon music.
If you meditate upon geometry instead of just learning it in a linear way, you can actually hear the music of the spheres, because the geometric forms will key the eye and the ear to the inner sound. “ 
With light,




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