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How To Heal Confrontation With Compassion, The Earth is Spherical & Spinning, Analyzing The Zombie 'Theme' for Empowerment | Corey GoodETxSG

There are several elucidating points in this update. This data offered within Corey's updates provides a nuts and bolts aspect along with what it means and reveals deeply embedded behaviors and responses with us - all of which provides venue to learn and grow. Julian and I recently discussed how to improve and expand upon many of these empowering topics and hope to release an update in that regard soon. 

I will add my comments in green, in [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Facebook Update (June 16th 9:30pm): 

KP's blog about a post I made on TOT. Note: I was referring to ALL Online Forums not just TOT in general in the beginning of the post I made on TOT yesterday. We as a people have a long way to go even still. Even those of us who consider ourselves spiritually evolved and awake.

Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-15-15… “Coming your way… More disinformation, ‘negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior'”

[I have added KP's post below]

This is an update from Corey’s forum thread.

Well, who could ask for more fun than that!! To me it appears that many people, particularly selected so-called “Illuminated (but stuck) Light Workers”, are having to face their own inner crap, and are being given the opportunity to go through their own “decrappification”. I can tell you, it’s happening to all of us (well, all of me).
“There is more negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior on forums these days than there is uncomfortable information coming out in recent disclosures… Many venomous and negative people are convinced that they are “Awake” and on a positive spiritual path… It’s time for many people to wake up and smell the high vibratory energy. This same energy that is causing negative vibrational people to behave more so and positive vibrational people to behave more so…

“We were indeed asked directly to bring out this very disturbing data to the public as has been released in recent articles and postings… This is going to be the nature of full disclosure like it or not…

“This information is being put out into the general consciousness of humanity right now to soften the shock as much as can be hoped when a full disclosure event occurs and the full details of these programs and crimes against humanity are out in the open for all to see.
“People are so ensconced in their belief systems or in opinions of what reality is that they are completely invested in and will remain that way until the moment of the full disclosure events… Those who continue to remain negative and self absorbed will have a much tougher time..”

Forum Post #262, 6-15-15 1159
[Q] Originally Posted by bsbray 
If the information you’re getting from him is not making you feel uplifted and excited then it’s useless… I don’t mean that the truth can’t be uncomfortable at times, but the kind of information he’s giving is stuff that no one could reasonably do much about even if true. So the net result is that it may simply make you feel bad, and it’s been proven scientifically that people who feel badly or have a pessimistic view are not as healthy, not as ambitious and not as productive, and obviously not as happy. And then what about this “loosh” stuff? If someone actually believes in that then whose side would DW be contributing to with a negative message?… I don’t know exactly what zombie stuff you’re referring to but I don’t pay attention to David Wilcock anymore and frankly I don’t believe he knows what he’s saying anymore. He digs up trivia from other people and then repackages it without really digesting the information himself.
[Before we get into Corey's response we are going to analyze this comment in an objective approach to determine what could be the state of consciousness and if there is a desire to learn and grow. This will be for developing our personal skills of objectivity, choosing not to create more drama but instead find the path of unity. Observing others is an essential part of discerning if someone is capable, and most importantly willing to have an open discussion appose to getting into an argument or fight. In my experience, sharing information, even in a very compassionate way does not guarantee another person will be open to it at that moment, but usually the truth slowly and tenderly revealed can enable another to move past their defensive reactiveness into open discourse. In my experience of developing unity amongst seemingly divergent groups there is always a period of confrontation that can be healed and transcended with a diplomatic process of objective discussion.

"If the information you’re getting from him is not making you feel uplifted and excited then it’s useless… " - This conclusion is drawn on the premise that the only way to understand the information is to have a 'negative emotion. But the emotional quality of our experience is based on our pre-existing logical organization; how we have made sense of the information; specifically the labels given to it. When we review something new, it corresponds to what is already reflected within the mind as memories, charged with emotive energy by way of our attention as a catalyst, generating an emotional experience. If we feel negative it's because our created understanding is either isolated or inaccurate in its reflection of the truth, and this is the universal mechanism of 'pain' (Pay Attention Inward Now) drawing our attention to the catalyst so we can review our conclusions of the past. To someone who believes cancer is a death sentence, hearing any indication of it from our doctor can trigger a negative emotion. To someone who has learned about health and how to cure such things, its empowering because now actions can be taken to address the problem. Developing accurate holistic knowledge is the key to emotional independence and eventual mastery, the goal being to unify it with a grand world view. I came to this understanding studying human behavior, myself and academic psychological studies. Heartmath Institute, Hermetic Philosophy, Natural law and Dan Winter are also excellent resources. 

The conclusion stated is that the emotions we feel come from outside of us, that in this case David Wilcock's (DW) data 'can't make you feel good.' Given that emotions are a subjective experience of how we choose to understand our experience, based on objective criteria, it is a misconception to assert you can be made to feel a certain way (as if your free will wasn't involved) and secondly that if you do have a 'bad' experience, then there is nothing to do or learn from. Our past choices largely determine the emotional quality of our experience, and if we do not renegotiate these past choices, if we do not reorganize them - we will be victims of our own making. 

A good example of this dynamic is eating food we think is disgusting, a choice to reject an experience based on the sensations about it; almost always based on limited information. If disgust was truly an objective phenomena, the trend in a large population would be to always find the same types of thing disgusting, but that is not the case. There are cultural averages and norms at work, but taking the whole population into account, there is no objective quality to a food that always makes it disgusting. Further, things we once decided were undesirable, can be reviewed and changed; often the things we hated as children we love as adults - underscoring this subjective mechanic at work.

Getting back to the statement, it suggests this is a process of emotional discernment vs an objective one, that we must "ignore the negative"- a perspective creating the experience of duality, dis-empowerment and loathing for life. The limbic brain processes emotions and feelings, which if felt too strongly triggers the fight or flight response, causing us to slip into the reptilian brain or R complex. This has been termed right brain imbalance (PTSD) and is characterized by strong swings of emotion, polarized data processing and irrational defensive reactions. The vast majority of the population tends towards this end of the spectrum, and I have personally this state of consciousness within my own experiences at times. It is a condition (not a constant but something that can be triggered) and it is helpful to recognize it when working with others, and especially ourselves, whether it be in the awakening process or just daily life. 

"But the kind of information he’s giving, is stuff that no one could reasonably do much about even if true." - information is in the eye of the beholder, and because this person can not understand the wisdom within it, they presume no one else can or even attempt to try. But all data has the ability to be empowering once understood holistically, and from a soul perspective no experience is useless. The Truth is One, part of the holistic aspect of the creator itself, and since we are as well, all information can be organized within the mind to reveal deep meanings, insights and empowerment. If we do not do so - choosing fear instead of love - it will be experienced as negative emotions, catalyzed by a symbol that represents the fearful choice; in this case DW's work. 

"So the net result is that it may simply make you feel bad, and it’s been proven scientifically that people who feel badly or have a pessimistic view are not as healthy, not as ambitious and not as productive, and obviously not as happy" - Yes information can become a catalyst for negative emotions, but what is suggested by this statement is that we have no power to change that. Given how emotions are generated, the whole point is to go within and ask "why do I 'feel bad' when reviewing this information." Just like burning our hand when cooking can teach us to be more careful, if we are willing, so can our emotions guide us towards self mastery if we are wiling to face our fears. 

"And then what about this “loosh” stuff? If someone actually believes in that then whose side would DW be contributing to with a negative message?… " - This is suggesting that the idea of our fearful energy feeding parasitic Draco's or entities has only one possible conclusion: to draw, the dualistic conclusion that it is 'bad' and negative. Further, it is suggested that 'believing' this would feed these same entities, and the best course of action is to remain ignorant. It's clear how this philosophic bias towards ignoring the negative is very dis-empowering. We discussed the science behind this vampire life form in the analysis here: David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear Food" & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015.

The best way to deal with a parasite is not to ignore it, and hope it goes away, its to learn everything you can about it, and then stop feeding it. If fearful energy leaves us open to them, again transmuting our fears with knowledge and contemplation is the only lasting solution. Sure we may be able to ignore 'negative emotions' for a while, but since they are created by us as a result of our knowledge and belief systems, eventually they will bleed over into other things and a vicious cycle of ignorance develops. We literally begin to build walls against reality itself, and it's a loosing battle.

Related Transmuting The Symbols Of Fear Into Love | Symbolism is the Language of the Mysteries

Finally "I don’t pay attention to David Wilcock anymore and frankly I don’t believe he knows what he’s saying anymore. He digs up trivia from other people and then repackages it without really digesting the information himself." - Here is an out right admission of the choice to ignore reality. Now we need not try and absorb everything, time is a precious resource and what we spend it on is important, but that's different then choosing to ignore something. And from an objective point of view, the shear volume of raw data provided by David is enough to warrant investigation. We don't have to 'like someone' to benefit from the knowledge they have to offer. Further, I think they are asserting that because David was wrong about the December 21st 2012 date then all information that passes through his lips is suspect.

This is what we have called the credibility mind trap, where one mistake somehow changes the veracity of the data offered. A known liar could make a statement that water is refreshing, does this make it any less true? I see this defense mechanism a great deal in my observation, because time is very limited and developing personal knowledge about anything takes dedication and persistence. Most of us just simply don't have the energy or the stamina to do so, and develop only a surface level understanding; trivia vs key knowledge and understanding.

Ultimately understanding where someone is coming from allows us to navigate the situation carefully, so as to offer compassion and truth, be direct yet not callous. I think Corey does a good job of staying focused on the ideas, rather then focusing on the person.]

[Corey] I believe you are on the wrong thread buddy… There is another thread that is more inline with that sort of statement. I believe the “DW is a Liar Thread”… Opened out of free speech and all of course. (And designed to stir up drama on TOT again after the quiet period)

There is more negativity in attitudes and hostility in behavior on forums these days than there is uncomfortable information coming out in recent disclosures. This is a major reason most of the regular types of people have recently left the forums reporting they felt chased out by the negativity and infighting.

Many venomous and negative people are convinced that they are “Awake” and on a positive spiritual path (Many calling themselves “light workers”)… It’s time for many people to wake up and smell the high vibratory energy. This same energy that is causing negative vibrational people to behave more so and positive vibrational people to behave more so…

We were indeed asked directly to bring out this very disturbing data to the public as has been released in recent articles and postings. There are going to even more that people are going to scream ‘Fear Porn” about and say we can’t do anything about it anyway so why tell us.

This is going to be the nature of full disclosure like it or not. For those who do not like it or who cannot handle it, they should hope for the partial and controlled narrative of disclosure that the Cabal is working on providing. For those who just flat out do not believe it, their belief is not required for events to unfold anyway. People do not have to like the messengers for the information to show itself to be accurate as time unfolds. There have indeed been so many false promises of disclosure that all researchers have been caught up in with inaccurate data and outright disinformation that no one is more skeptic now that those in the “Truther Movement”… That was done by design as well.

This information is being put out into the general consciousness of humanity right now to soften the shock as much as can be hoped when a full disclosure event occurs and the full details of these programs and crimes against humanity are out in the open for all to see. Those who were once skeptics and those who were so asleep they had no idea any of these topics existed are going to be the hardest hit.

Believe, do not believe the information that is coming out… It doesn’t matter and that is not really the point of these pre-disclosures anyway. It’s all about preparation of those who hear the info and process it whether the believe it or not.

People are so ensconced in their belief systems or in opinions of what reality is that they are completely invested in and will remain that way until the moment of the full disclosure events. Then it will be all about us working together to see the criminals come to justice and then begin a new era and civilization that is not manipulated by outside forces.

Those who continue to remain negative and self absorbed will have a much tougher time (& more karma to deal with) than those who have done the spiritual work of becoming more loving and forgiving and truly working on raising their consciousness and vibrations.

[The approach here is simple and direct, probably reflecting Corey's military background. Notice he isn't attacking the person, but speaking to the process and concepts at hand.

As for whats shared, I think there are some truths even the most open minded among us will not see coming, and our task right now is to prepare for that process as Corey says. Just our own level of participation in the currant dishonor and destruction of Earth is sobering, let alone all the Cabal activities and methods of manipulation also carried out by the people. Developing the ability to understand information is far more productive then bolstering our ways of ignoring it. Soon the latter choice won't be an option.]

Comment on Blog Post (What Is The Schumann Resonance? | The Science of: Tesla, Free Energy, "Storms of Life", Scalar or Standing Waves, Energetic Evolution & Interconnectedness):

This is one of the things David Wilcock and I talk about in our first video series that has not been edited or published yet. It appears it will be published after the Gaiam TV "Disclosure Series" shows that we will be shooting next week...

The "Schumann Resonance" is "Piped Into" certain area's of Space Vessels and to Bases and Colonies on other Planets and Moons for the health and wellbeing of the humans posted there.

It is a very important resonant energy that is changing as the energetic waves are changing in our Sol System.


[Understanding synchronization and entertainment is a fantastic foundation to Natural law concepts and many other aspects of reality. This property of the creation explains everything I can think of, from communication, co-creation, health, space age science, magic, spirituality, etc. And also is the basis for understanding the energetic shift and earth/solar system changes that are already very apparent.]

Facebook Update (June 17th 2:00am):

Is the earth rotation actural meaning is the earth rotating fast at the poles then at the equator?

If this is a "Round" about way (pun intended) if the world is "Flat" or a "Sphere" I have already come out and stated that the Earth is not Fat.

I know some are going into philosophical exercises about perception, the holographic universe and points of view on this subject.

All I can say is I have left the surface of this planet (Earth), of Mars and of a couple Moons and been in orbit of many of the planetary bodies in our Sol System in SSP Vessels for extended periods of time.

They were ALL "Spherical" in their geometry. Further more each has a Torsion Physics effect on the rest of the bodies in our Sol System indicating spin and torsion of space/time.
Torsion Field Animation
I don't know how many times I have been asked this question. I understand the philosophical arguments and why these mental exercises are used. As usual people take these concepts a little too far. We tend to make everything into a belief system that once accepted is then defended out of ego.

[This is definitely one topic that has become a 'box for consciousness' as Mark Passio has said. Even the most compelling flat Earth theories at best try to poke holes in spherical data, and at worst are misconceptions. If it does turn out to be part of an elaborate psyop, its one of the most effective, just enough truth to stir curiosity, but not enough veracity to develop into an accurate theory, and as such limits consciousness evolution. Instead of leading towards progressively expanding understandings and recognition, it leaves one up against a wall of conflicting information, requiring a great deal of protectionism as Corey mentions.

The Torsion or Spin Physics Corey mentions is the synchronization mechanism we have been discussing. The solar system is much more organized then modern day scientists have been led to believe. We have shared several posts that discuss this.

Related All Solar System Periods Fit The Fibonacci Series And The Golden Ratio | Why The Phi?

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Related All Life is Connected via EMF Entrainment | Solar Revolution Documentary (2012) - Reveals the Science Entrainment, along with the Sun and Galaxies Influence on Human Affairs

I shared this short video on facebook addressing some of the biggest misconceptions:]


Facebook Update (June 17th 930am):

Sphere Being Alliance FYI/Justin, you may want to be aware of an update on Salla's site. We investigated this persons claims and they do not add up. Being responsible Dr. Salla made the following update to the article that you posted above:

[Update 6/16/15: In an earlier version of this article I referred to a question Corey Goode responded to on his FAQ page (Q82) about the fate of ‘Chad Johnson’, a pseudonym for an alleged Mars astronaut who claims he was part of a “team of 3 astronauts that went to Mars on a privately funded secret mission,” and further claimed “2 are now dead, they’re killing us to preserve the secret.” ‘Johnson’ conducted a Twitter Interview with Morgan Kochel in Feb 2012 that raises troubling questions about the accuracy of his claims. I have attempted to contact Morgan Kochel and Johnson seeking answers to these questions. The above article has been revised with the removal of Johnson’s claims until satisfactory responses to the questions are received]


[We updated the above post with the following:

Dr. Salla went in and updated the original post (left intact below) removing the claims of Chad Johnston, who purported to have involvement in a Mars mission with 2 others, until they can be confirmed. Dr.Salla has a high level of journalistic integrity, sharing information he has personally vetted himself. We strive for the same ideal, however we are primarily focused on the process of truth discovery, not the end of the journey.

As such, instead of removing the claims completely, we are going to leave them in, as they were never stated as verified by Salla or Corey (as such, to assume they were shared by either party as verified is a misconception), in fact Corey responded by asking for more information so he could investigate the claims. 

The point is that the search for truth means being willing to accept something initially (within a faith capacity) not believing it blindly, but not refusing to investigate either. In my view, Chad's claims are an example of this, that we listen to ALL with an open mind, but blindly believe NONE. Credibility - the measure of someone's trustworthiness - is an indicator for accuracy, but only at a surface level. The burden of self recognition - "proving it to ourselves" will always be there, whether we are listening to main stream media, or a divine being. 

We hope that the personal processes of truth seeking, observing all data, bravely investigating all claims, and discerning by making a conclusion on what is available at the time, has been underscored. 

Corey's comments with respect to Chad's claims are based on the data he had available at the time, and is always subject to change once new data is made available; as was done by Salla in his attempts to verify the claims. The key point I want to underscore is that discussing an idea does not mean it is blindly accepted, and in no way should Corey's commentary on Chad's claims be taken to mean Corey considered them as absolute truth.]

Facebook Update (June 18th 3:00pm):

Update: I will be receiving confirmation at some point today of the ICC Conference that has been under negotiation for a while now. The venue will be one of the ICC Mars Colonies of "Our Choosing" (Our being "Gonzales"). Once this has been confirmed and accepted by all parties it will occur fairly quickly. I should then have an immediate debriefing and then have something to report. I will do so in an article on our website and post the link here on Facebook and on Twitter.



Question about Conference:

Will civilians be invited to the conference?

Corey's response:

Sphere Being Alliance NO, Not this one. This is an opposition meeting not one of the Alliance meetings at the LOC.

Facebook Update (June 18th 7:00pm): 


KP's blog post's about Dr. Salla's new article about an obvious disinfo attempt storyline that was dropped by another researcher some time back. When these details were sent to Dr. Salla and Myself by this person after they posted a FAQ/Question to our website it sent up red flags by the dozens. Not only that but a person that was in fear of their life and on the run had clearly no idea how to hide their digital footprint online and were traced back to their country/city/block/apartment building within minutes of beginning the tracking. So much of this "Story" was just plain and obvious disinformation that when the person asked Dr. Salla to forward their contact info and the data to me I didn't want anything further to do with it. I honestly wouldn't have even written an article or done anything to bring attention to this person. That is me personally...

[In my process, studying all data is helpful including so called disinformation. Trying to avoid it is nearly impossible in our journey of seeking the truth. But by continued exposure and contemplation, we can develop an immunity to its consciousness disorienting affects. Like any good illusion it can only remain as such within our minds if we do not seek to recognize it as such. And once we do, it offers us insights into what the Cabal is doing and their intentions.]

Dr. Michael Salla,, 6-17-15… “Mission to Mars: Disinformation to Hide Secret Mining of Red Planet”

Here is the 2nd Dr. Salla article.

I’m publishing 20% of Dr. Salla’s full article, and a link at the end to his article.
“If there is a secret space program with bases on Mars as other whistleblowers have claimed, then this would be an area of UFO research targeted by online operatives. This is supported by Johnson’s claim that the secret space mission he participated in used a “UFO diversion” to hide the truth about its return to Earth. This confirms that deception about UFOs and extraterrestrial life is a standard part of how intelligence agencies operate when it comes to the truth about secret space programs. All this raises the question of whether Chad Johnson is a genuine whistleblower or an intelligence operative spreading disinformation?”

Mission to Mars: Disinformation to Hide Secret Mining of Red Planet

‘Chad Johnson’ claims to have spent nearly three days on Mars after a nearly eight month journey there and a similar time for the return trip. He says he flew as part of a crew of three U.S. astronauts on a secret Russian and Chinese funded private venture launched out of a remote Chinese region of the Gobi desert. The purpose was to collect rock samples to evaluate the potential for profitable mining operations for future Mars missions.

Johnson came to public attention after he posted the following twitter message in early 2012:

I was part of a team of 3 astronauts that went to Mars on a privately funded secret mission, 2 are now dead, they’re killing us to preserve the secret.

Intrigued by his message, Morgan Kochel contacted Johnson and conducted an interview using Twitter direct messaging system that was published sometime in February 2012 . Johnson claimed that he was on the run to avoid a similar fate to his two fellow crew members and had to communicate by Twitter for security reasons. He told Kochel that “Chad Johnson” was a pseudonym to protect himself and his family.

Kochel’s interview reveals an intriguing story. Close analysis of key elements in Johnson’s alleged Mars mission raises some troubling questions about whether his claims are genuine, fabricated or a mixture of both. Rather than being a genuine whistleblower revealing the truth about a secret mission to Mars, he may in fact be a covert operative attempting to deceive the public about what is really happening on Mars. To get an answer, we need to explore Johnson’s main claims and see whether these stand up to close scrutiny.

Johnson’s main claim is that the trip to Mars lasted a total of roughly 460 days using conventional rocket engines:

Training lasted twelve months, very intense, including psychiatric tests. It took us about 230 days to get there, and slightly less back. We used rocket technology regularly available now. Just bigger tanks and more thrust. Nothing unusual in equipment to get there, but better radiation protection, as you can imagine, due to journey time:

As to how much time he spent on Mars surface, Johnson said:

We were on the surface for about 65 hours, enough time to gather samples and collate gas makeup readings of the atmosphere, and to explore a little bit. Radiation was always going to be an issue, so we had strict allocations of surface time, then we had to return.

Problem is that any trip to Mars using conventional rockets would require at least a three month stay, not less than three days (65 hours) there due to the orbits of Mars and Earth as the following NASA website and diagram makes clear:

Just like you have to wait for Earth and Mars to be in the proper position before you head to Mars, you also have to make sure that they are in the proper position before you head home. That means you will have to spend 3-4 months at Mars before you can begin your return trip. All in all, your trip to Mars would take about 21 months: 9 months to get there, 3 months there, and 9 months to get back. With our current rocket technology, there is no way around this.

Read more at…

Facebook Update (June 19th 1:30am):

David Wilcock mentions Millions of underground Zombies that have to have their heads cut off like he said about "The Parents" w/Nanite healing. Are they similar technologies? What do you know about Zombies?

I posted information about a "Zombie Virus" and details recently leaked that the Pentagon has a 32 page Prep Guide for "Fighting Zombies" - "CONOP 8888". I gave David some of the details I had received about the virus. This did not include these people being unstoppable and needing to be decapitated in order to kill them. I had posted some information in a thread I was doing that pretty much shows the genesis of me slowly and very wearily starting to post what I know about the SSP/Black Ops programs before I finally came out in September 2014. The link to that thread is below: (In the beginning 2013 I was trying to put out info and not reveal I was once involved in these programs, obviously that changed)

In my report to David about this "Zombie Virus" it did include that it was engineered to cause people to bleed from their gums and finger nails and also cause aggressive biting and scratching from brain swelling and other neurological issues that was meant to help the virus to spread to loved ones trying to take care of them.

The Zombie Movies and TV shows actually had a deeper purpose and were an attempt to cause people who had threatening diseases such as this zombie virus or even Ebola to be looked at as already dead or less than human so they could be killed and their bodies burned by military and civilian personnel with no public outcry.

This was all biological and psychological warfare stuff.

I did not supply David Wilcock with the information about millions of zombies underground in the US and EU or about the decapitation of them in order to stop them or the aerosol that is used to kill them.

David Wilcock has DOZENS of other resources other than myself. I am far from his main or only source on black ops or secret space programs. Only some of what he reports comes from me and that is only after he has vetted that information with other sources.

He has ran information by me that he has heard from other sources and I will tell him if it does or doesn't sound like anything I have ran across or if it raises red flags with me and he runs information I give him through his other sources in the same manner. I was pretty shocked at how highly placed some of them are and the information they have access to.

In the end he is his own person and researcher and has his own ideas and beliefs on issues. He goes where he feels led and nothing any one source or person says is going to influence him once he feels he has vetted the information and it doesn't raise red flags to his intuitive nature. If he feels its the right thing to do or information to go with he does.

[The Zombie MEME has become a great topic of interest within humanities collective consciousness. I think this comes from various sources but the general theme fits a concept I originally heard from Mark Passio. Within dark occultism, or the practice of keeping knowledge hidden for manipulating others, when someone has not started their process of truth seeking and personal attainment, when they have not begun to master their minds, they are considered spiritually dead. This is symbolically depicted within light occultism or positive freemasonry as the Masonic Tracing boards depicting a coffin:

The Royal Arch Tracing Board

Related Analyzing Masonic Tracing Boards: The Masonic Levels of Consciousness to True Gnosis

Let me clearly state that freemasonry has probably been infiltrated by dark occultists but the core symbolism involved can still be very empowering once discerned properly. Analyzing these symbols is a subjective process and the meanings generated are for our personal exploration. Not meant to be upheld as the only meaning that can be derived. 

Tracing boards describe the journey of consciousness as it begins to awaken and seek the truth. Initially we are 'dead' in that life feels deterministic and uncontrollable, but as we begin to seek knowledge and the truth, we rise from the grave. At this stage of awakening duality is discovered, we begin to understand life in terms of black and white answers; good vs bad. Eventually we transcend the perspective of duality by seeking beyond our initial conclusions, and find the unity in all things. If we do not seek to master ourselves, what ends up happening is we are mastered by another, and in most cases our emotional reactions are a result of suggestions and conditioning offered by the Cabal. Dark Occultists view humans who are stuck on the floor of duality as zombies, the living dead - since they are easily manipulated and controlled.

Black Friday, USA

Black Friday, USA

In this sense, zombies are allegorically representing humanity which has lost itself in duality, and falls into self service only seeking to satisfy base desires; food, sex and emotional needs only. The Cabal has created whole systems of thought to ensure people stay at this level, which enables higher minds to manipulate them once they understand how to trigger the programming; like a master training an animal. This is why seeking the truth, especially when our fears have made it difficult, can be extremely empowering. It enables us to step off the floor of duality and begin unifying our beingness: mind, body and spirit. There are countless fictional works, especially on TV, that allegorically describe this process of awakening.

In a more literal sense, any thing which is designed to hinder consciousness from evolving is part of a program to create a zombified population. David has mentioned the old ones who have been given life extension technology, and also stated they need to be decapitated in order to die - this is reflected in the Zombie meme within fiction. While it can seem horrific to consider such ideas, the empowerment is to liberate ones self from these meanings by seeking how they can help us in our process of growth. The idea of rebirth - letting go of who we were to become something more, the phoenix rising from the ashes - is one interpretation I find empowering and resonates with other themes of spiritual attainment and self mastery. Any belief we hold resulting in stagnation will eventually need to be transcended my seeing past this limited conclusion.]

Facebook Update (June 19th 8:00am):

Michael Salla has created a "One Stop" research point for all of those interested. This might be good info for some of the people that have been confused by recent disinformation to find the correct information in chronological order. My thanks to Dr. Salla for taking the time to put this helpful list together. It is very useful for me in my research and in providing a research point to others. 

[There is a lot of information in this article listing by Dr. Michael Salla, we also have a Corey GoodETxSG label where all our previous articles related to his data can be found along with our interpretations/analysis.

[I found this on Corey's FAQ page poignant to the discussion. We offered an answer to this question in our own way above. I found Corey's commentary resonates strongly with it.]

I can not fully explain it myself. Some of the behavior has been truly obsessive and indeed very cut throat. I have had so many online stalkers and trolls in my short time being a whistle blower that it shocks even some of the long time researchers I speak to.

Many people study certain material in this field like others do biblical scripture. They have very strong beliefs in "This Council" or "That Confederation" and if the information I am presenting does not line up with what they have been reading and chatting about in chat rooms for years then not only can it not be true to them but it has declared war on their deeply ensconced personal belief system.

Other people that have been mind controlled in the past and have fallen under the spell of another person that speaks to their level so deeply that they become fiercely loyal to them. If they see a conflict between you or your info and that "ideological leader" then they come out fighting viciously.
I have one such individual that lives in my own city that was a "friend of a friend" and asked to meet me. In the meeting it came up in conversation that we knew a common person that I had an issue with that they were fiercely loyal to. Since that time this person has become so obsessed with attacking me in forums and other sites (They have their own war campaign going on and are in such a long term reactionary state to where they absolutely cannot control their behavior [like a zombie?]) that I have had to make a policy not to meet people who live near where I do.

I have already had one other person/stalker leave disturbing notes and items in my mailbox causing a security concern to where I do not let my children check the mail any longer. This has upset some supporters that live in my area that do not fully understand the security concerns.

It is amazing how quickly people can invent things in their minds, it becomes reality to them and they turn on you. It is actually more than a little creepy.

I have learned some lessons with people the hard way and I do admit making my own share of mistakes in the process.

I have always been honest about my experiences and the information that I present. I try to treat everyone with respect, including those who are stalking or harassing me mostly because I know that it is tied to the protection I receive that I can negate by my own karma or actions.

I think the answer is YES to all of the questions:

- Do they have "Entity Attachments"? Yes, obviously some of them do

- Are they responding to Programming? Yes, that is even more obvious and the "Triggered" and "Reactionary" behavior are very clear signs of a person who has been programmed.

- Or are they just pissed that you violate their personal beliefs? Yes, this is also partly from self programming and also allowing themselves to be programmed by others by following information that they allowed to become a strongly ensconced belief system.

I do believe there is another reason people are getting so upset. I think it is that they are sick of the many failed predictions of disclosure and the end of tyranny by so many sources that they are now extremely cynical. I am certain this was done by design by disinformation agents for the last 10 or more years. [I would even go as far to say that the majority of people in the awakening population are biased towards disempowering deterministic belief systems]

Many are also so locked into the victim frame of mind that they are looking for a "Savior" ET or Earth Group to make their lives easier. Then the Blue Avian message states that they have to save their selves and that their consciousness development is tied to how soon they will graduate to freedom. This really angers them. No one wants to bare any responsibility and they all want to sit back and let someone else do what needs to be done to save them.

They are the key to their own freedom and already have the tool and power to effect that change.

Some people are so filled with anger and hateful emotions that the thought of winning a conflict against lower vibrational evil beings with "Love", "Forgiveness" and by "Raising Their Vibrations/Consciousness" by focusing on becoming "Service To Others" is not only a ridiculous idea it is also a path that they cannot see themselves ever following.

It is easy to call yourself a "Light Warrior" but walking the walk is a whole other story. It is a very difficult path and all of us who walk it struggle and stumble on it often.

Sadly many of these people are in such deeply rooted belief systems and emotional prisons that they will remain this way until there is a "Full Disclosure" event.

Those who have done the spiritual work beforehand will be tasked to assist these people along with the sleeping masses once this time comes.

[There is so much to comment on, but generally I think Corey has gone through a tremendous transformation, moving from almost total secrecy about who he is to making himself almost totally sharable. This is a process of self deprogramming, and facing ones fears that everyone goes through in their lives; I went through it shortly after 'waking up' in 2010 while working at a call center. I originally felt very guarded about myself, but after 2 years of slowly mustering courage to share my thoughts, I developed the strength to face judgmental and bitter people with compassion. 

I think the idea of codependency helps us avoid wasting our energy in circular debates. The process of exchanging perspectives without defensiveness is discourse, were they are shared freely and without reservation, able to be discussed for their merits without feeling the need to accept them out right. In society this is nearly impossible, as we have been conditioned to think anyone's honest sharing is an attempt to manipulate us into accepting their beliefs; I can tell when defensiveness has started very easily in my own experience. The vast majority of discussions I have with others must be handled very carefully and by explicitly stating "we can discuss ideas without needing to defend our beliefs" - and even then the tendency is to slip into defensiveness. 

Codependency comes in when others feel the need to argue with you as a venue to secure their beliefs. For example you may make a general statement about an idea, and have several people respond stating they don't agree and why - they are literally holding up a flag of belief to obscure your idea. In my view when someone defends their beliefs in such a situation,using you as a catalyst to do so, they are attempting to shield themselves from considering the ideas; a choice of ignorance requiring a defense against reality. I observe this happening constantly on Facebook, and other social media. which is largely used as a method of self programming - finding more reasons and justifications to hold on to our beliefs, instead of exploring ideas. Of course not everyone acts as such, but generally speaking this behavior seems to be pandemic - most likely a condition of the duality level of consciousness discussed above. 

I have learned to 'walk away' from anyone in a close-minded state or who is attempting to use me as a vehicle to further entrench their belief systems. I think this is what is meant by the adage "cast not your pearls amongst swine." I am constantly reminded that the truth works slowly and eternally, that eventually any defense against it will fail and while we want to help our fellows with our own knowledge, learning when to back off prevents us from falling into duality ourselves. 

I think that's one of the biggest objectives of this phase of the pre-disclosure process, as I am sure after the big disclosure there will be a great deal of belief polarization and defensiveness. And we who are mastering the middle path will help others around us and of course ourselves. No one is at the mountain top yet.]


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