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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 38 - 43 Tsipras kills Syriza & Yesterday WAS the turning point

We were a little behind with keeping up with Kens updates but here are updates 38 through 43.

You can see previous updates here...Globalist Agenda Watch.

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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 38-41 – Tomorrow is the 22nd, the day the phoenix catches fire & Did the globalists just blink? (+ a P.S.)
[Update 38]

On tomorrow, June 22nd, the Eurozone will cap Emergency Liquidity Assistance to Greece’s banks, and both the banks and the EU will go down in flames…


…the Greek banks almost immediately, the EU in months – and it’s all by design.

And on the very same day that the Western Interim World Order begins its fall to ashes, the New World Order will prepare its rise. At the UN, the world’s nations will begin negotiations to finalize the “outcome document” to be agreed-to at September’s United Nations Summit to Adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda

…Isn’t it interesting how they term it the “Post-2015″ Development Agenda? It’s as if they knew in advance that 2015 would be a year after which a new economic approach would be needed (wink wink, nod nod, say no more).

As today’s Summer Solstice brings us into the Summer of Revolution, I look back on the past week with some amusement. I was able to watch everything I’ve been writing about unfold before me on the pages of Zero Hedge. Not only did the globalists hit all the dates of the June 18 Scenario, they also trotted out the Paul family to continue building their credentials as “heroic dissenters”…
The globalists also kicked off their Summer of Revelations about the IMF…
…and its shady tactics

They are doing this to demonstrate to the public that the IMF needs “governance reform,” which they will kick off in October. So as early as this October, you will see China’s Zhou Xiaochuan replace Christine Lagarde as the IMF’s Managing Director…


In the course of my internet research, I’ve run across a rumor here and there that Zhou might be moved from his governorship of the People’s Bank of China to the managing director post at the IMF. But the rumor took on validity when I came across this October 2014 CNBC article:Status of China central bank chief remains a mystery after meetings. Here are the key excerpts…

Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China, was very visible at the International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, but did not address publicly—nor it appears privately—speculation about his future and possible departure.
Recent reports in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere have suggested Zhou might be leaving his post or even pushed out…”

He would have to leave his current post to take on the IMF job, wouldn’t he?

There was a ripple of excitement when Zhou arrived at a JPMorgan cocktail reception where CNBC was present on Saturday night.”

I can think of many reactions to the arrival of an elderly Chinese economist at a JPMorgan cocktail reception — “yawning indifference” and “walking coma” being among them – but excitement? I suspect there was excitement among the key players in the room because they know he will soon be put in charge of the world’s new global currency, the SDR (or whatever new name they end up giving it).
About the time Zhou takes his new post, be on the lookout for a charm offensive from China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan…


…(from The Guardian)

The Western press has been building a cult of personality around her, and I suspect the globalists are grooming her to be the smiling face that will help sell the NWO to the world. The BBC has called her “China’s secret weapon for wooing the West.”

[Update 39 – The Two NWOs]

I’ve just added this section to the Understanding the NWO Strategy page as Mod 1.1…

The Two NWOs

The key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense.

The Western-fronted decoy NWO

This evil, menacing NWO is supposedly being constructed by the US and the EU, but it has never really existed as anything but a media construct. It is much like the fake army of inflatable tanks that Patton “commanded” prior to the Normandy invasion; there is no real substance to it. It was created as a propaganda prop to serve as the “dark side” in the play the globalists are putting on for the public. They even gave it a dark-skinned figurehead for dramatic flair…


When you listen to the many faux-truthers in the alternative press, it is this decoy NWO to which they point as they make their fearful predictions in order to create an emotional reaction within their viewers/readers/listeners. They portray it as an evil Zionist/Nazi/Neocon monster that is destroying the world and bringing humanity to the brink of World War 3. This is being done so the public will welcome the real NWO when it makes its move, defeats the decoy, and snatches peace from the jaws of war.

Another function of the Western decoy is to serve as the scapegoat for all the damage that was done while the globalists were erecting the real NWO. By blaming the Western NWO for all the evils we’ve seen for the past 100+ years – and then getting rid of it — they are hoping the real NWO will start with a clean slate in the public eye.

You will know you’re listening to a controlled-opposition / faux-truther figure talk about the decoy NWO when he or she uses words with the prefix “uni-“…

…such as “unilateral”…




…and “unipower”…


Of course, you’ll know they’re talking about the decoy also when they use the terms “Westernelite,” “Nazis,” “Zionists,” and “Neocons” when identifying its builders.

[The next part of this section will be completed soon.]

[Update 40 – 21 June 2015]

Tomorrow’s summit is the Eurozone’s 13th

A commenter brought to my attention that tomorrow’s Eurozone Summit is the 13th such meeting…


And according to students of numerology (such as the “elite” themselves), this is the significance of 13

“The Number 13 is a karmic number and is the number of upheaval so that new ground can be broken. The number 13 has great power. If this power is used for selfish purposes, it will bringdestruction of the self…”

As the commenter noted, that seems to be a lock on what will happen tomorrow.

[Update 41 – 22 June 2015]

Did the globalists just blink?

News is surfacing this morning that the Eurozone might be backing down today, but tonight’s summit meeting is still on. We’ll just have to wait and see if they have the balls to go through with what they have planned with so many of us watching them in awareness of what they’re doing…


(P.S. – 22 June 2015) Wow, how bizarre! The Eurozone Summit degenerated into a farce and the ECB raised Greece’s ELA cap by an unspecified amount. In other words, the globalists got “tinkle shy.” And where did the number crunchers from the Troika gather to receive Greece’s pre-summit proposal? On the 13th floor of the Berlaymont building.

So now we watch day by day till the bailout extension expires on the 31st. Regardless of what happens, come July 8-9, the Greeks will sign up with the BRICS.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 42-43 – Tsipras kills Syriza & Yesterday WAS the turning point (+ a P.S. x 2)

[Update 42]
Now that Tsipras is committing political suicide, look for this guy to start making the news in the coming weeks…

…(from The Moscow Times)

Zero Hedge is reporting that Greece Capitulates: Tsipras Crosses “Red Line”, Will Accept Bailout Extension. Upon seeing this, I went back and read the comprehensive entry on Greece, Update 19, where Syriza’s four choices were laid out. Here is the relevant section…


1) Give the Troika the new austerity measures they are seeking, thus completely and officially betraying their campaign promises to the Greek people. Since Syriza is a coalition party of different “far left” groups, such an action could lead to its disintegration as well as general social unrest.

2) Rob money from the Greek economy to keep making their payments, which would not sit well with those being robbed. This too could lead to party disintegration and public unrest.

3) Remain paralyzed and allow Greece to fall into financial ruin and chaos.

4) Exit the euro and reinstitute the drachma.

It would seem that the globalist script requires Syriza to choose from options 1, 2, or 3 while also requiring Germany to remain intransigent in their demands for Greek compliance, and the situation will come to a head in late June as the bailout extension expires (and as the new BRICS Bank nears its debut). This is where Panos Kammenos comes in. Have a look at this Reuters article: Greek defence minister says Greece has Plan B if EU rigid on deal

>>> Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said that if Greece failed to get a new debt agreement with the euro zone, it could always look elsewhere for help.

“What we want is a deal. But if there is no deal – hopefully (there will be) – and if we see that Germany remains rigid and wants to blow apart Europe, then we have the obligation to go to Plan B. Plan B is to get funding from another source,” he told a Greek television show that ran into early Tuesday. “It could the United States at best, it could be Russia, it could be China or other countries,” he said. <<<

So as the Greek crisis reaches its crescendo, Syriza will disintegrate and the Greek government will fail. And when a civilian government fails, who typically steps in to maintain social order? The military, right? And who is the leader of the Greek military?Defense Minister Panos Kammenos.
Kammenos will step up to maintain some semblance of order in the wake of Syriza’s disintegration and will go to his friends in Russia to secure aid from the freshly-launched New Development Bank (NDB, the BRICS Bank — the BRICS will be holding their 7th summit meeting in Russia on July 8–9, and will likely announce the NDB’s launch at that time). An emergency election will then be held to install a new Greek parliament that will restore the drachma and approve the NDB loan. Since this will occur at about the same time as the next financial crisis begins, it will be the first domino in the fall of the EU. From the ashes of the EU, a new multilateral European order will rise — one that “restores sovereignty, freedom and direct democracy” (New World Order style).


So it appears we may be headed for a political deadlock and social disintegration scenario now.

[Update 43 – 23 June 2015]

Yesterday WAS the turning point
Looking back on yesterday, it turns out that the 22nd was the turning point I expected; it just wasn’t fulfilled in the flashy way I thought it would be. Instead of a public announcement that ELA would be capped, which would have led to a near-immediate Greek banking collapse and a follow-on Syriza collapse, the ELA card was played “behind the scenes.” According to Zero Hedge

“After one final attempt to table a proposal that retains some semblance of Tsipras’ defiant posturing, it appears he may have finally broken after a meeting with ECB chief Mario Draghi where is sounds as though the central bank warned the PM that without concessions, ELA to Greek banks would be cut off and that, of course, would mean game over as Greeks would take to the streets en masse.” [The meeting occurred at high noon by the way. How’s that for Hollywoodesque drama?]

So the threat of an immediate ELA cap is what led to Tsipras’ capitulation, which led to Syriza’s disintegration and a follow-on Greek banking collapse – that is the narrative history will record. Of course, it is bullsh*t because both men are in on “the Plan,” but the public needed a story they can understand, and this is it.

And wouldn’t you know it…

It begins.

(P.S. – 23 June 2015) – And here comes the Fed setting expectations for the September Fed Mistake… Fed’s Powell: Conditions for rate hike could be met in September.

(P.S. – 23 June 2015) – Greece’s next hurdle is to get the austerity package passed by the Greek Parliament before the EU Summit this Thursday, June 25-26. This is what one Syriza member is saying about that…
>>> “I believe that this program as we see it … is difficult to pass by us,” deputy parliament speaker and Syriza lawmaker Alexis Mitropoulos told Greek Mega TV.
“The prime minister first has to inform our people on why we failed in the negotiation and ended up with this result,” he said. “I believe (the measures) are not in line with the principles of the left. This social carnage … they cannot accept it.” – from Reuters <<<

And according to the same article, the Greeks are being threatened with this if they don’t comply…

>>> Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan, whose country has successfully completed its bailout program and returned to growth, warned that emergency funding for Greece’s banks could be cut off unless a deal is reached soon.
“The new round of negotiations have a very short timeframe to be concluded satisfactorily or there is a risk that ELA will be cut off because they are bound by legal arrangements in the European Central Bank,” he told parliament in Dublin. <<<

All this being said, be on the lookout for political gridlock in the Greek Parliament. That’s all that has to happen for the EU to have the pretext to stop increasing ELA (supposedly to pressure the Greeks to move, but actually to begin the big show).

For the previous update in this series, click here.

With love…







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