Thursday, June 25, 2015

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 45 – After Greece Pops

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Quick update today by Ken. 

Note: We have gotten some questions about why we post Ken's information, since it is in contrast to other data. Simply, we don't offer flags of truth on SITS, we share data and sometimes our perspectives on it, with the primary objective of empowering our powers of understanding and discernment as a group. We review the information ourselves and share that with all of you, hoping to enrich the collective knowledge base; and even provide a venue for collaboration in discovering the truth. We think it's easy to find a narrative that resonates, and ignore anything that does not, but rarely is life so easily managed. Ken's information is one perspective amongst many that can be reviewed, contemplated and reconciled for greater clarity.

- Justin

Source - Redefining God

The dead guy in the middle is the financial markets, and the two guys holding him up are the central banks…

…The central banks can hold up the markets pretty much as long as they wish, take them wherever they want them to go, and then drop them when the timing suits their agenda. Don’t ever forget that.
The Greeks are taking their sweet time and a long convoluted road to get there, but we all know where they’re going: to the Eurozone’s off-ramp, then a right turn onto BRICS Boulevard. But what will happen once they finally exit the Autobahn?
While the Grexit could be used to trigger a Lehman moment, I doubt the globalists will allow that so early in the year. I still anticipate them allowing the Grexit aftermath to ripple through the EU political and economic systems through the summer and then having the Fed administer the global economic coup de grace in September. We have a long summer of revolution in the EU periphery to look forward to.
Look for the Grexit financial preparations made by the Eurozone to prevent a total meltdown until the September FOMC meeting. That way, the Fed can say “the systemic aftermath of Greece’s departure from the Eurozone appears to be sufficiently contained to allow a normalization of interest rates.” Then we’re going down fast…

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Love always…



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