Friday, June 12, 2015

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 32 – The globalists are covertly attacking their own secret trade deals. Why?

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Source - Redefining God

I’ve been noting with some interest that the globalists have sicced their own controlled opposition fronts on the TPP and TTIP trade deals:
They’ve been using Wikileaks to release damning secret documents…

And they’ve been staging attacks against the deals (and/or the secrecy and fast track effort that surround them) through their Mises Mafia mouthpieces, including…
…Rand Paul…

…Marine Le Pen…

…and Nigel Farage…

…(source: The Independent)
Given that the Mises Mafia promote “free trade,” what is their game in this?
I suspect the globalists are using a bad cop, good cop approach to getting their multilateral trade agreements passed. They are putting forth outrageous proposals in the TPP/TTIP and having their media publicize them and their controlled opposition leaders (COLs) oppose them. This allows the COLs to grandstand and build their credibility with the public (like Rand Paul just did in getting the Patriot Act rebranded).
After the controlled opposition “heroes” stop or roll back the bad elements of the deals, they will put forth “good” trade deals which give the globalists everything they’re genuinely seeking. It all boils down to Negotiation 101: you overreach in your first proposal, then give away the overreach as you negotiate your way to what you really wanted.
It’s also important to note that no multilateral trade agreement will ever lead to real “free trade.” But I’ll tell you why this is so in an update.
Till later, much love…




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