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Gathering Evidence for Natural Justice | June 5th Chinese Computer Hack Linked To ET Disclosure and War Crimes Trials

Apparently the Chinese intelligence service has been gathering data on US assets and employees for some time, by hacking the Office of Personal Management; the OPM:
The announcement of the hack of the security-clearance database comes a week after OPM disclosed that another personnel system had been compromised. The discovery of the first breach led investigators to find the second — all part of one campaign by the Chinese, U.S. officials say, evidently to obtain information valuable to counter­espionage. 
“This is potentially devastating from a counter­ intelligence point of view,” said Joel Brenner, a former top counter­ intelligence official for the U.S. government, speaking about the latest revelation. “These forums contain decades of personal information about people with clearances . . . which makes them easier to recruit for foreign espionage on behalf of a foreign country.” - Washington Post
According to Dr. Salla's recent article:


Corey Goode has been working in the Secret Space Program and recently disclosed that there is an Alliance between certain SSP groups and a race of highly advanced ET's known as the Sphere Beings, this was actually part of a recon effort to prepare for a Full Disclosure event. 

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Dr. Salla put together an excellent article about this which can be found here. We will post excerpts from that article for this post.

Many in the awakening community have been seeking more proof that Corey's information is accurate, and this could be one more link to support the grander story. 

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Salla wrote:
The mystery of who hacked into U.S. Federal government personnel files is over according to a whistleblower who claims to have worked on classified space programs. The hacking was done to gather data for future war crime trials once the truth about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life is disclosed to the world.

On June 4, it was announced that up to four million US Federal government employees had their personnel files hacked by an unknown source. Days later, it was announced that the hacking had been more extensive involving up to 14 million personnel files going back to the 1980s. The hacking incidents involved extensive information about the backgrounds of individuals gained in security reviews for classification clearances.

The hacking incidents involved the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which contains the security files of individuals that have applied for security clearances either to work for the U.S. federal government, the U.S. military, and even included personnel from corporations fulfilling government/military contracts:
During our time in Morocco, we met with several former high level Bank, Trade and Finance lawyers, who suggested that China was a major center for off world activity, as it relates to the Babylonian Money Magic system and energy harvesting. Quiet possibly this is a faction of the Secret Space Program known as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate ICC, who has recently defected. They also shared that this money system traces back before the Roman empire, and is managed by a being over 5,000 years old known as 'the old man.' 

If true, these Chinese hacks could be part of the preparation for the post disclosure trials of Cabal members. Corey has shared in other updates that the Cabal has been infighting as a result of compartmentalization systems falling apart. The Cabal was organized with myths and legends used to maintain their power structure, these myths were recently seen for what they are, causing a breakdown in the chain of command. 

Salla goes on:
Goode responded to a question about the hacking incident in a report he gave about three meetings he attended from June 5-9 involving disclosure of secret space programs:

In your report of the June 5 meeting you say that the “Earth Based Alliance” has accumulated a lot of personal data of individuals for future war crimes trials through hacking of “Western Government Personnel Databases.” Can you elaborate on who comprises the Earth Based Alliance, and whether the June 4 announcement that 4 million federal workers files were hacked in Dec 2014 is part of this Earth Alliance operation?

Goode replied:

This information came from a series of hacks and inside operations. It was stated that most of the information was fresh intelligence that had just been obtained. It was that same day after the meetings that I heard about some massive hacking breaches in the U.S. during the time frame you mentioned. I’m certain that was a part of the data they had obtained but I also have the feeling there was much more that they had gotten a hold of more recently from both the U.S. and the E.U.

In earlier public releases, Goode has described how there have been extensive crimes committed by those participating in a “galactic slave trade.” In response to a question about who was behind the extensive human trafficking conducted in the secret space programs, he said:

This is some pretty horrific and controversial information. It starts out with in some cases with your run of the mill organized crime groups who are into the sex and slave trade which is very much alive in the 20th and 21st centuries. Many of these crime groups or gangs have specialists who work from lists of desired people to be obtained (many others are victims of opportunity). These specialists often are kind elderly looking people or professional people (including Medical, Law Enforcement and Education to name a few) that no one would consider a threat, come in contact with a lot of people and are generally trusted. These people operate in just about any country you can think of. Often people are grabbed who live on the streets, in third world countries (that they can though their power around in) or from inattentive parents. This level of human trafficking brings in many hundreds of thousands of people per year into the slave trade. These people do not know or care what happens to the people they obtain and hand off to handlers in exchange for money.
Julian and I have watched several recent TV shows that discuss human trafficking. In one show, Blacklist, there was an episode where an adoption agency was kidnapping women to be broodmares. A couple would custom order the child with qualities they wanted. In another show, Mentalist, there was a series of shows involving young women being kidnapped for organ harvesting. Orphan Black is a show about cloned women and men working for corporations and government, but one of the clones has a child, as if it is a miracle. The corporations see this as the most valuable event to take place. Dollhouse is about individuals signing up for a 5 year contract to give their bodies to a corporation to use for whatever needs they have, including illegal ones. Then the people have their memories wiped clean and restored to the day they signed up, after the contract is over. The similarity of these stories to real events is astounding, and its not as if we were searching for shows that had these topics. 

I think this is one more piece of data to suggest the Cabal hide what they're doing in plain sight, literally woven into fictional works. No doubt as more disclosure occurs, other connections can be made. 
Goode says that there have been a number of defectors from a secret space program called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) that has been directly linked to the galactic human slave trade and the use of slave labor at its secret bases on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system, These defectors have been revealing what they know about this abuse and will testify at upcoming war crimes trials. It’s important to emphasize here that the files of senior personnel working in the ICC are likely part of the database of information gained through the hacking incident announcement on June 4.
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Goode describes how information obtained by hacking into the personnel files of government workers is part of the future War Crimes trials that will be conducted as a result of the testimonies of defectors:

This was an unusual meeting because of the types of people that were present. There was a presentation of the information provided to the Alliance Council by the Defectors and what they would testify to. The “Earth Based Alliance” then presented a large amount of information that they had just obtained through hacking and espionage from western governments (U.S. and E.U.). Once this presentation was over and the “Earth Based Alliance” and the “Defectors/Witnesses” were escorted to their next part in their activities.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is slated to have its inaugural seating in just a few days, on June 15. The stated purpose of the ITNJ is to hold Cabal members accountable to Natural Law, the very principles described within the Law of One, for breach of trust and contract - crimes against humanity. 

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Most speculation centered on China as the culprit for the hacking incidents seeking information that will help it conduct future espionage against the US. Not so if Goode is correct. The real culprit is a “Secret Space Program Alliance Council” seeking data on personnel that will be used in future war crimes trials against those who committed crimes against humanity in secret space programs involving extraterrestrial life.

According to Goode we won’t have to wait long. He has revealed that the extent of disclosure is at this very moment being worked out behind the scenes by a wide array of secret space program alliances and extraterrestrial visitors. An offer was made for a “limited disclosure” to begin in November with only one high level official coming forward to take responsibility. The offer was declined, and plans proceed with a “full disclosure event” where all is revealed through information dumps and more whistleblower testimonies. If the June 4 hacking announcement is any guide, a future disclosure of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life will be quickly followed by Nuremberg-like trials for all government and corporate personnel linked to war crimes.
I wrote an essay describing the science of Natural Justice, and I am working loosely with this organization to help prepare the public for understanding why it is not just another corporate justice system. The ITNJ is slated to hear its first cases late this fall. I do not know if the Tribunals Corey speaks of are in concert with the ITNJ, but I do find it interesting that in his recent Conference with Cabal members, they offered limited disclosure in exchange for amnesty, proposing a time table of November of this year. I think this suggests that they were trying to negotiate immunity lending credence to the import of the Tribunals; that they know justice is coming very soon.

In my view, any group which uses the principles of Natural Justice, can act as a body for hearing these crimes, and it would seem that the quality of knowledge reflected in a group would make them a candidate to work with the Alliance and their post-disclosure Justice effort. The ITNJ is not waiting for any disclosure or taking queues from the Alliance to my knowledge, which suggests a very aware and active aspect within the awakening community is taking actions to be the change. 

Corey offers no proof for his claims (not to say there isn't any) and I think this provides humanity a space to go within and begin linking all the data already within our field of view. The lawful basis for Natural Justice is one such path of understanding, helping to prepare the awakening community for the work that is to come in our post disclosure world. 

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There is a major difference between the court systems operating on earth and a true body of Natural Justice. Again I offered a detailed explanation for this in the post Worldwide Online Event: Witness the Ratification of the ITNJ | An Overview of the ITNJ. Time will tell if the ideals of honor and trust are upheld, but our future looks more tangibly hopeful as time goes on. 

 - Justin


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