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Full ET Disclosure Plan Involves Document Dumps & Whistleblowers Coming Forward | Dr. Michael Salla

Update June 17th 2015 - Dr. Salla went in and updated the original post (left intact below) removing the claims of Chad Johnston, who purported to have involvement in a Mars mission with 2 others, until they can be confirmed. Dr.Salla has a high level of journalistic integrity, sharing information he has personally vetted himself. We strive for the same ideal, however we are primarily focused on the process of truth discovery, not the end of the journey.

As such, instead of removing the claims completely, we are going to leave them in, as they were never stated as verified by Salla or Corey (as such, to assume they were shared by either party as verified is a misconception), in fact Corey responded by asking for more information so he could investigate the claims. 

The point is that the search for truth means being willing to accept something initially (within a faith capacity) not believing it blindly, but not refusing to investigate either. In my view, Chad's claims are an example of this, that we listen to ALL with an open mind, but blindly believe NONE. Credibility - the measure of someone's trustworthiness - is an indicator for accuracy, but only at a surface level. The burden of self recognition - "proving it to ourselves" will always be there, whether we are listening to main stream media, or a divine being. 

We hope that the personal processes of truth seeking, observing all data, bravely investigating all claims, and discerning by making a conclusion on what is available at the time, has been underscored. 

Corey's comments with respect to Chad's claims are based on the data he had available at the time, and is always subject to change once new data is made available; as was done by Salla in his attempts to verify the claims. The key point I want to underscore is that discussing an idea does not mean it is blindly accept it, and in no way should Corey's commentary on Chad's claims be taken to mean Corey considered them as absolute truth.

Original Post:

Dr. Michael Salla is another excellent resource for information regarding the Secret Space Program Alliance with the so called Sphere Beings. He has been covering exopolitics for years, looking back into his work knowing what we do now helps piece some of the story together. 

For a summary of what has been going on, as it relates to recent disclosures, deep Earth history and coming events see the post:

David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More

We provided an analysis on the points brought up by Salla in the post What Big Disclosure Might Look Like, How To Tell Real Disclosure From Staged, Thank You from Corey | Corey GoodETxSG.

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics
Full ET disclosure involves document dumps
Secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode has revealed in detail the goal of an alliance of secret space programs concerning disclosure of extraterrestrial life and technology. Goode describes the goal as a “full disclosure event’ involving massive document dumps on a scale that overwhelms the corporate run media’s ability to spin and limit disclosure efforts to protect elite individuals being exposed for crimes against humanity.

Goode appeals to other whistleblowers to come forward, as he has, to reveal their knowledge of secret space programs. His efforts appear to be bearing fruit with one individual coming forward on his website to claimthat a corporate run space program is killing off former astronauts to prevent them becoming part of a “full disclosure event”.
From June 5-9, Goode attended a series of three meetings between different factions and alliances concerning how much to disclose about the truth of extraterrestrial visitors and secret space programs using advanced technologies. During his June 9 meeting with human elites he describes as the “Committee of 200” and others, an offer was made for a “controlled disclosure”:
They stated that they had been forced through generations of mind control and threats to do all of the things that they had done. They further stated that they would prefer to work with the Alliances in setting up a new financial system that was fair to all of humanity and to begin a controlled disclosure that would not expose certain crimes and incidents that would incriminate them in their life time…. Taking all of that in consideration they proposed that a plan be agreed on that allowed the release of certain information and technologies while withholding the majority of information for a 50 year time period.
This “controlled disclosure” offer has led to concerns and questions about the kind of disclosure that is being planned by the “Secret Space Program Alliance” that Goode is working with. In his June 15 response to one of these questions, he explained the goal:
A full disclosure event would consist of a major data dump on the Internet with many hundreds of thousands of document, audio and video files on multiple mirrored sites for everyone to have access to. There would be a collapse of the corporate media machine and a 24/7 television and radio education campaign would be initiated .Not all channels and stations would be co-opted so people are not overwhelmed and could “tune out” as they needed to due to the stress.
He then explains what a “partial” or “controlled disclosure” event, such as the November 2015 offer by the Committee of 200, would entail:
If a person or group go public and reveal the existence of ET visitation and some advanced technologies, but not technologies that would collapse a “New Financial System” or reveal the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by the “Human Elite” and certain “Off World” or “Ancient Break Away Groups” then you have not been told the whole truth.
That would be a partial disclosure where the narrative has been controlled by a group preserving their power and avoiding the release of their crimes. The majority of the world would be shocked by this information alone and it would occupy their imaginations for some time. Very few of us at the current moment would realize that this was just another deception.
Goode then went on to appeal to other whistleblowers to come forward:
That is why some of us are disclosing what we are now so that other whistle blowers will come forward when they see it is safe to do so.
Goode’s appeal to other secret space program whistleblowers to come forward appears to have already had an effect. One person contacted him and requested an answer to the following question:
I was part of a team of 3 astronauts that went to Mars on a privately funded secret mission, 2 are now dead, they’re killing us to preserve the secret. Is Chad Johnson alive, safe and sound? Is he part of SSP program’
In his response, Goode says: “The person you are referring to is most likely higher level and in one of the corporate SSP’s if he is indeed alive and still apart of the programs.” He goes on to request the individual to contact him [because he wanted to investigate this alleged whistleblower's claims]. While the anonymous questioner’s claim requires confirmation, it is an example of the kind of information many whistleblowers are likely to share either leading up to or as part of a full disclosure event.
If you have first-hand knowledge of a secret space program, Corey Goode makes the following request:
If you are thinking of coming forward with information and become an anonymous or open whistle blower please Contact Myself, David Wilcock or Michael Salla to make sure you will be handled in an ETHICAL and secure manner.
Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

[Update 6/16/15: In an earlier version of this article I referred to a question Corey Goode responded to on his FAQ page (Q82) about the fate of ‘Chad Johnson’, a pseudonym for an alleged Mars astronaut who claims he was part of a “team of 3 astronauts that went to Mars on a privately funded secret mission,” and further claimed “2 are now dead, they’re killing us to preserve the secret.” ‘Johnson’ conducted a Twitter Interview with Morgan Kochel in Feb 2012 that raises troubling questions about the accuracy of his claims. I have attempted to contact Morgan Kochel and Johnson seeking answers to these questions. The above article has been revised with the removal of Johnson’s claims until satisfactory responses to the questions are received]
READ MORE from Dr. Michael Salla @ Exopolitics.org




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