Monday, June 22, 2015

Fox News (Video) | Former Obama pilot Andy Danzinger saw UFOs and Tells His Story

Julian and I were over hearing a Foxnews report wherein Andy Danzinger, former pilot for Barack Obama was spoken about. We then found this segment where this pilot now is actively discussing his experiences. This could suggests yet more soft disclosure. 

There have been several claims that this year would be a year of unparalleled disclosure of the ET presence in our solar system, the history of our planet and more.

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There have been several other disclosure related events, this year possibly 
suggesting some type of mass conditioning could be at work. We would all do well to observe and keep an open mind. 


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Source - Open Minds

Last month, a pilot who flew for President Obama during his 2008 campaign wrote an article about an incredible UFO sighting he had in 1989. This weekend he spoke to Clayton Morris on Fox News’ Fox and Friends about his UFO experience (seen below).
In his article last month for the New York Daily News, pilot Andy Danzinger says that many pilots have shared UFO stories with him. He claims “virtually all pilots believe in UFOs.”
Pilot Andy Danziger discusses his UFO encounter with Clayton Morris on Fox News' Fox and Friends. (Credit: Fox News)
Pilot Andy Danzinger discusses his UFO encounter on Fox News’ Fox and Friends. (Credit: Fox News)
Danzinger continued, “with billions of stars and trillions of planets out there, ‘ya gotta believe,’ and almost all of us [pilots] do.”
The first thing Morris wanted to know during his interview with Danzinger on Saturday, was why pilots don’t talk about their UFO sightings.

Danzinger told Morris that there was no formal policy to not speak about UFO sightings at his airline or any one he had ever worked for, but that there was an “unwritten” rule of sorts.
Danzinger explained, “We were young. We were new in our careers, and the way people tend to be ridiculed about all of this, you just kind of kept quiet.”
As for his UFO encounter, Danzinger says it was “unbelievable.”
Pilot Andy Danziger discusses his UFO encounter with Clayton Morris on Fox News' Fox and Friends. (Credit: Fox News)
Pilot Andy Danzinger discusses his UFO encounter with Clayton Morris on Fox News’ Fox and Friends. (Credit: Fox News)
You can read more about his sighting in our prior article on his UFO encounter, but Danzinger explained to Morris, “I was just a first officer in a commuter airliner turboprop.”
Danzinger was flying from Kansas City International Airport bound for Waterloo, Iowa. He says there were “crystal clear skies in Kansas City. Crystal clear skies in Waterloo.”
Soon after takeoff he and the captain spotted a “massive disk.” He said it was dimly visible through the clouds, and the object appeared to be pacing their aircraft. They knew the object was not the moon, as they could see the moon on the opposite side of their cockpit.
Soon after, the object turned into a giant red ball.
A then-Sen. Barack Obama is seen with Capt. Andy Danziger on Election Day, 2008. (Credit: New York Daily News/Andrew Danziger)
A then-Sen. Barack Obama is seen with Capt. Andy Danziger on Election Day, 2008. (Credit: New York Daily News/Andrew Danziger)
Morris asked if any of the passengers of the aircraft saw the UFO. Danzinger told him, “The captain did, but I don’t know about any of the passengers.”
Morris also apparently has an interest in the UFO topic. He says he often asks pilots off the air whether they have had UFO sightings. He says they often admit that they have had UFO sightings, but that they keep it quiet. Morris asked Danzinger, “Why is that? Is it fear of losing their job?”
Danzinger replied, “I don’t know. You don’t want to be brandished as being crazy. That was one of our concerns before we actually reported it to air traffic control. We discussed it amongst each other. ‘Is this something that is going to jeopardize our career?’ The government seems to discount every single report that ever seems to come out. The news media, at least in the past, tends to ridicule every UFO report, so, you know, that was all going on really big back in the 1980s.”
Morris asked if Danzinger had heard from other pilots regarding his UFO article and the publicity it had been getting. Danzinger said he had gotten some feedback.
Danzinger says pilots have told him, “Wow, maybe this is finally going to get the stuff out. I have seen stuff. It is about time someone actually came forward, and you are actually getting some press, and maybe people will start believing this a little bit more.”


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