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Personal Obstacles Healed by Compassion and Knowledge, Preparation Is For The Awakening Community, Corey is NOT a Super Soldier | Corey GoodETxSG

The preceding discussion about why no Proof will be offered at this phase of the disclosure process can be found here. This article will continue on with why humanity is a key factor for when the disclosure event takes place, and how we can heal emotional reactiveness with compassion and seeking holistic knowledge.

Recently there have been some talk of revenge within the awakening community, which is an indication we as the 'lightworkers' may not be ready for the full disclosures to come. I know some will read that and take it as a cop out, but if some are selfishly seeking vengeance, what will the un-awakened masses do when the full truth is revealed?

The Blue Avian message is to raise our vibration, and that general advice has been interpreted in many different ways, with some thinking it means total complacency. Along with the usual updates from Corey, I will attempt to discuss the psychology of how accurate knowledge and seeking of truth, opens our minds and raises our vibrations. And that it is a process - not a black and white switch that is flipped within us. Once we have gained enough knowledge and unified into a holistic framework, the energy we feel from observing harm and violence can be directed into a productive channel, into spiritual activism. Honing our skills of true discernment and forgiveness.

I will add my comments in green, in [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Before we get into this round of updates we will discuss Compassion; for ourselves and others. 

Compassion Is The Way To Remove Obstacles

Consider for a moment the artist, who works over long years, with focus and determination, honing their skills and directing their creative energy into a vision within the mind. An intention that becomes more clear and refined, eventually leading to a finished work; a piece of art. 

So what are the obstacles that hinder the artist? Self doubt, lack of skill, and focused attention in the right place. If we loose confidence in ourselves, our focus shifts from the excitement of the envisioned goal to imagining ourselves as less then capable, we literally create a version of ourselves that is disempowered; a negative ego or false knowledge of self. If our time and attention are focused there, we can't focus on becoming better and honing our skill. In other words our mental or internal focus must be in the right place, on a vision of ourselves that is open and willing to explore the mystery. The Cabal know about this dynamic, and are experts at enticing us to focus on images of ourselves that are limited, victimized and disempowered - filled with self doubt and loathing. 

I think there are many people who believe the present state of affairs on earth are a result of the Cabal, and we are helpless victims. To a certain extent that is true, because they have allowed us to create pandemic horrors, and realizing we played a part in this can feel very troubling. Some believe if the Cabal would just go away, everything would be fine and paradise would manifest on Earth. Generally speaking this has validity, because they have offered us a way to distract our attention, and most of us accepted unconsciously, but we must acknowledge we have been deceived, and then seek to discern or understand how this occurred so we can free ourselves from limitations.

The Cabal are masters at deception, coercion and manipulation. They have created a grand illusion, an all encompassing belief system, once accepted within as our truth, distorts our perceptions and leads us to take part in their plans; to focus on this false belief of limitation in our minds. We became pawns for the Cabals desires and unless we remove these internal obstacles, our focus and attention will be on our incomplete and inaccurate beliefs about ourselves and the world. We will continue the Cabals plans for self destruction and Chaos - even after they are gone. 

In my observation there so many of us, myself included, still carrying the burden of these limiting and inaccurate beliefs about ourselves and how the world makes sense. They cause us pain, they make us suffer, and propagate the plans of chaos in the world which is the very thing we are trying to get away from. I think this desire to 'kill them all' - or seek vengeance - is a reflection of these 'programs' from the Cabal still wreaking havoc within, distracting our focus away from gaining skills of self mastery.

Within the awakening community there is much division, and belief brandishing. Due to our conditioning of identifying ourselves with our beliefs, we often share them rigidly, and anything but whole sale acceptance can feel like an attack. But is this really true, are our beliefs really who we are? I think they are our creations and they service us in our growth, but if we try and hold on to them irrationally, they hold us back, they become obstacles instead of skills/tools. Accurate knowledge is dynamic, it expands and grows as the truth is reflected more clearly within, holding true as we compare it to other things in our experience. Conversely, inaccurate knowledge is fixed and rigid, it requires more defenses and separation from reality as it comes in contact with the truth; eventually blinding us and holding us back.

In my view the way to help remove these obstacles within ourselves and others is compassion. We can realize that our attention has been placed in the wrong place, that we have created an image of self that is rigid and incomplete, most likely an idea incepted into ourselves by way of the Cabal. Recognizing that someone is within this duality thinking is key to offering compassion. If our reaction to this is wanting to engage in a circular debate, then first direct forgiveness to ourselves. After we can offer objectivity in our responses, not trying to wave a bigger flag of belief, but simply engage in a discussion of the ideas as if they were pieces of art. In this way, a discussion can transform into a co-creative working to divine the truth, instead of a battle of whits.

Would we rant and rave because someones experience of art is not like our own? Probably not, similarly our personal experiences are the same, an artful creation of our knowledge and world views. We can offer our truth if we think another is truly willing to discuss it openly, and if not, we may find it more helpful to offer compassion instead. 

Who Is The Pre-disclosure Preparation Really For?

I think the process of gaining self mastery and empowerment is a distillation process. Where we develop a holistic understanding of what our experiences mean in a dynamic way. This process is like exploring the mystery of art, we feel open and connected; riding waves of recognition and realization. This idea came to me when I was considering aspects of Corey's mission and what it could mean if his data is correct - that we are in the stages of pre-disclosure and soon there will be an all encompassing level of full disclosure.

Who is being affected by Corey's narrative and the perspectives he offers, and for what purpose? I suspect that there is a very small population affected by the data. The vast majority of people even in the awakening community, are most likely still unaware. So when Corey is told that we are in a time of preparation for the big event, who is actually preparing? I think the central focus of this time is for us, literally the people who are taking an interest due to their awareness; and of course all the others who will begin to investigate. Clearly if the Sphere Beings are as powerful as he says, if they really wanted to offer this to humanity at large they could, but instead they choose a man with no prior esteem in the awakening community, and ask him to share narratives with no concrete proof to support them. We have no photographs, no videos, no pieces of advanced technology to hold up as proof. This suggests the goal is not to get others to accept Corey's data, the point is NOT to develop a loyal following, who blindly accepts his information without investigation. The point is to develop the SKILLS for investigation and contemplation; discernment. To master internally how to ride waves of recognition and realization as if the whole of reality itself was a piece of art. 

Taking all this into consideration, it suggests a few things I think are incredibly empowering. 

First that the population this message is intended for is the awakening community itself; not the general population. Second, that one of the goals is to hone our skills for divining the Truth, so when the big disclosure event occurs, the awakening community will be a group who has realized the core message in the Law of One (natural law, spiritual law, the truth itself) and disseminate this clearly and objectively. To share it with our fellows not as beliefs that must be accepted, but as pieces of art that can be explored, unlocking aspects of ourselves within.

In the previous update regarding proof, we analyzed a passage from the Law of One material clearly stating their technique for offering growth and empowerment in the ways of mystery. I think this goal has remained constant throughout their contact with us, and if the Blue Avians really are the Social Memory Complex known as Ra, then the present phase of the process is still guided by these principles:
"..this is our mission, to act through groups ... in order to disseminate information in such a fashion that it may be accepted or rejected.. We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission—to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual... This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples.
Like the piece of art above, gazing into it is a process of internal reflection, generating meanings that change our point of view and develop holistic thinking. The truth without proof is analogous to art, because when it is offered without proof, we can go within and explore the mystery of life itself; ever expanding and unfolding cosmic art. 

I posit that the present phase of our work is for us, as the ones looking into the truth, to go within and seek to understand what this means; to contemplate the mystery. That Corey's data and narrative might be true, and consider that in context with all our other experiences so as to divine or discern what it could mean. This technique of exploring the mystery will prepare us mentally and spiritually for the huge tidal waves of disclosure to come. Many people will just find it ridiculous or too airy fairy to consider that pre-disclosure is about building skills of discernment, but given the aforementioned passage and the nature of who Corey is and what kind of information he shares, I think this is probably what is happening right now. And things will only get more exciting and uplifting as time goes on, if we are brave enough to explore and imagine. 

Now for the updates:

Facebook Update also shared on Corey's Blog Here:

I received a very venomous email from a reader and link to an article that are perfect examples of some of the groups that are calling the Blue Avian message a "Hippy Love and Peace" or "New Age Drivel" message and shows how the awakening masses are now and will soon be in an even more "Reactionary Emotional State" when Full Disclosure occurs. 

The thought of these full details of the crimes against humanity have these "Elite" who perpetrated these crimes in a blind panic themselves. How do we disclose this full information without there being riots of people calling for heads to roll, such as the person who sent me the email and the tone of the article that is linked below? How we respond will be the foundation of the new era of an "A.D. Civilization". Will the less spiritually evolved and lower vibratory of our society set the tone of our future with a "Night of long knives"? Can we have an orderly transition with Full Disclosure that involves World Court Hearings and Trials? This may be "Hippy" or "New Age Drivel" to some people (They are also the tenants of all major religions) but if we are going to transition to a 4th Density Positive Civilization we need to focus on becoming more loving, forgiving and raising our consciousness/vibrations

The last thing we need to do is lower ourselves to the level of those who committed these crimes and enslaved us. There are some who are sending emails and posting comments that show confusion (As usual) that the SSP/Sphere Alliance has accepted the offer by the Committee of 200. This is incorrect. There was not a single moment that their offer was even considered (Some of this will be cleared up in the Q&A Article Dr. Salla will release today/tomorrow). There will be no cessation of disclosures by the "Cosmic Alliance" nor will we back off from absolute "Full Disclosure" for a moment. It does appear that from the response of people like this that we have some work to do and a short time to complete it before these disclosures occur. Those who want blood for blood or and eye for an eye may be problematic and indeed a concern for riots and mayhem. 


[This is another great question for analysis. How to avoid irrational violent emotional reactions? Answer - by preparing mentally using true discernment - seeking holistic understanding not dualistic dismissal. This is the point of this phase of the disclosure process, and why no proof can be offered (because many people will react emotionally, seeking vengeance instead of reconciliation.), we have to actually be willing to go within and break the inertia of automatic thinking; irrational emotional reactiveness. 

Most of the people wanting external proof probably have a very rigid and fixed set of beliefs at their core, causing emotional polarization. This will prevent discernment, which requires bravely seeking out information from ALL sources and discovering how they fit together - in contrast to emotional discernment which dismisses or ignores data that 'does not resonate.' We can not discern something we have chosen to ignore. We become victims of any inaccuracies of our past thinking. 

Psychologically, the belief that we are victims of 'bad guys' and they are absolutely evil, will be very difficult for us to let go of, because it is a static victimized mindset (based on limited knowledge and data- the false ego). Conversely, by acknowledging wrong doing, taking action to stop it, seeking to understand how these experiences offered spiritual growth, we transcend vengeance and walk the path of unity and forgiveness - internal strength and external compassion. This technique of compassion is the tool for offering healing to a mind focused on vengeance, which is the same tool for healing any violent behavior. Violence begets violence, hate begets hate... Love is the answer. 

Every experience, including the ones we label as horrific, are just as valuable and powerful for soul growth, but we can't realize this if we stay rigid and implacable in our thinking. If the thought of these crimes sends us into a blind rage, then that means we haven't prepared enough; an example of duality thinking because we haven't gained enough understanding (discernment) within. And it is this stage in the growth process, if left undeveloped, which will hold back full disclosure. This is because the awakening community itself is probably the focus of this phase of the process, as we discussed above. I think at a soul level if you have come across the ideas offered by Corey's data - not to say he is some profit we must follow - then you probably agreed to play a big role in the events to come. Matter of fact, everyone in the awakening community has probably agreed to play a part in what is to come, and again it seems very likely this phase of the process is meant specifically for us to train and develop mastery.

I know people don't want to hear that their actions are affecting events, we want the nightmare to end and feel as if these ET's are really here to help, they should just hurry up an do it. Again we must actually seek to understand how everything is ONE. Revenge, blind rage, and riot thinking is a manifestation of duality - "I am a victim and I need to be avenged." and psychologically is the denial stage of the grieving process. As such, those who are grieving need our compassion not someone to fight with. 

Imagine the awakening community as a grounding mechanism for the un-awakened masses, that when full disclosure hits, they will seek answers from the 'awake' around them. But what if these 'awake' people haven't prepared enough? What if they are full of vengeance and rage at being 'victim's and never sought to reconcile the harsh truths of this world into ONENESS? I think this is one of the reasons disclosure isn't here right now, we who are awake and still have unfinished business, haven't completed our internal work yet. Considering our world the way it is as a collective co-creation, places much more power in our hands to actually be the change. Big disclosure events or not, the power to change the world has always been with us.

The mental preparation Corey and the Blue Avians talk of, the ways of mystery are to empower us with skills of transcending limiting perspectives, and step out of the darkness of our own making. How is more violence, harm and destruction going to end they cycle of death and destruction we have been creating for Eons? It is illogical and goes against the science of soul growth we have been talking about. To be clear, that doesn't mean defensive actions can't be taken, but there is a very big difference between self defense and seeking vengeance.

Let me be blunt. If revenge and rage is all we can feel, we will continue the very cycle of domination and slavery that we are trying to seek liberation from - it's an indication of emotional reactiveness, not logic and reason - not discernment. The solution to slavery, tyranny and oppression IS NOT REVENGE, its self empowerment and knowledge, actually doing the hard work of UNDERSTANDING WHY things happen, not just running around killing every Cabal member we see. Seeking revenge is the identity of a victim, and a limited appraisal of one's self, in truth we are empowered beings of the creator, and until we see that essence in ourselves, until we stop the cycle of self loathing and victimization, we won't have the peace within to create it without. 

We really are the ones we have been waiting for, we really are our own saviors, and I think that is far more exciting and rewarding.]

Human ‘Elite’ Attempt to Negotiate Delay of Secret Space Program Disclosure & Other Heinous Crimes [BP's blog post that Corey is referencing above]

[I'll offer some honest commentary on revenge thinking below]

Thanks for the update, Corey.

Un-friggin’-believable. The nerve of these freaks. Since when do lying, thieving, baby-killing banksters get to negotiate anything at all? Off with their ‘eads and end this nonsense, I say!

And they have the unmitigated gall to extend the demand to put a 50-year gag order on the revelation of their indescribable crimes against Humanity?! You have GOT to be kidding me.

No, no and no. NO! I do not agree to delay or withhold ANYTHING. You get everything you have coming to you, and the sooner the better. NO MORE DELAYS.

We Lightworkers graciously and generously gave you the opportunity to surrender three years ago and not only did you turn down our offer—you threatened to annihilate thousands, perhaps millions of us if we attempted to arrest you.

Our offer is no longer on the table. You snooze, you lose. We do not negotiate with the perpetrators of genocide. You have nothing we want.

We, Humanity, will deal with the truth. All along you kept the Galactics a secret because you claimed we couldn’t handle the truth. That has always been your “out”.

The truth is, it was your ploy to avoid admitting what you did because you’re too cowardly to suffer the consequences. You repeatedly said you would step down and relinquish your power over us. You lied. Over and over and over, for decades.

Since there were defectors in your ranks, we know it can be done. You chose to stay on your path. Now you’re regretting it? Silly you.

Not only did you fail to surrender as promised, you continued to ramp up your agenda to finish us off once and for all so you could have a planet full of compliant cyborgs to do your bidding.

Newsflash! We CAN and WILL handle the truth to the best of our ability. Millions of us already know much of the truth and we will help the rest.

After what we’ve been through, we can do anything. Without the whole truth there cannot be healing. Humanity’s healing needs to happen fully and completely—not piece-meal—and as soon as possible.

And keep your cotton-pickin’ hands off our financial system. As if. We will never believe anything you say, ever again. Soon, we won’t need a financial system, so your offer has no lasting value. Your word means nothing.

Now the comments section of this blog will no doubt be filled with New-Age drivel about how we are all one and we need to forgive the psychopaths. Go ahead. Forgive them if you can.

I might forgive them later—but not for quite a while.

You do the crime, you do the time. Enough with your pathetic excuses about how the devil made you do it. So you were mind-controlled, were you? Boo-hoo. Join the club. [is there any compassion or forgiveness offered here? It sounds more like "I have suffered, and so must you"]

For millennia we have been enslaved, lied to, burned at the stake, crucified, poisoned, sterilized, imprisoned, spied on, dismembered, starved, implanted, mind controlled, experimented on, raped, tortured, vaccinated against our will, sprayed like roaches, our money, land and homes stolen, technologies withheld, forced to reincarnate, our loved ones ripped from us, our history rewritten and turned into lies, our star families hidden and our connection to Source bred out of us—and you think you’ve had a rough go? Tell someone who cares. So your “gods” threw you under the bus. Sucks to be you.

[All these are very valid reasons to be upset, and we should not ignore our emotional reactions, but we can't stop there. The process of reconciliation and personal growth seeks to understand WHY these things happen, then we will transcend vengeance and develop an appreciation for healing and forgiveness. And while we do this, we take defensive actions in the world to stop the Cabal.]

Yet you speak of a public servant to be sacrificed. All too easy for you to say, and do, apparently.

I’m feeling benevolent today and am only too happy to put you out of your misery. Go directly to the Pit. Do not pass Go. Do not collect one trillion dollars—and rot there for eternity.

If we ever get to a place where all of Humanity can forgive you, perhaps we’ll send your souls (do you have one?) to the Great Central Sun to be deconstructed and transmuted into something useful. A dog toy, perhaps, or a fire hydrant. Our compassion will be reserved for those who deserve it. 

[Is this unity thinking? No. Its duality, that compassion isn't for everyone, just 'me and mine' this is Moral Relativism not Natural Justice. Its the same thinking that starts wars, pits neighbor against neighbor and father against son. 

While clearly there have been great wrongs committed against humanity at the hands of the Cabal, we can't selfishly seek to make others suffer, no matter how justified we may think it is. Wishing harm on another reveals we are deeply hurt ourselves and we need healing. How is watching the Cabal getting raped, dismembered and annihilated going to solve anything? It won't, and any feeling of satisfaction from this will last a very short time, we'll still feel like victims after it's said and done because it's an emotional reaction, not a logical rational choice to actually solve the true problem.]

Now you know MY opinion.

Take it away, Corey. ~ BP

[I left this response as a comment on Corey's Site and BP's Blog:

I am glad BP shared her thoughts honestly. Because it helps provide a point of focus for our collective discussion and expansion of knowledge. It is this type of 'blood for blood' reaction that is holding back disclosure. How can we hope to create a better world if this MEME of "I have been victimized and I need satisfaction" is the majority mind set. Not everyone is thinking like this, but I hazard to guess the VAST majority of un-awakened people, who have NOT mentally prepared, will react this way. Once they learn the full truth. This clearly underscores why mental preparation (the phase we are in now) is essential.

How is more PROOF going to help things when the little proof we do have is left half contemplated and un-reconciled? The desire for vengeance reveals a being who is deeply traumatized and hurt by life (a very reasonable reaction) and who has NOT grounded or understands that ALL of this is ultimately a catalyst for personal growth. Imagine if disclosure happened tomorrow. Who are the un-awakened going to turn to? Its those 'crazy conspiracy nuts' in the awakening community. And if the person they turn to who is 'awake' is screaming for vengeance (like what is stated above) then this will just create more chaos, destruction and violence.. THE ANSWER IS NOT MORE VIOLENCE. Justice is not about harming others because they have harmed us. That just perpetuates the cycle of violence and tyranny. WE NEED HEALING AND FORGIVENESS. Not because it is some 'airy fairy' hippy love belief, but because it is a valid logical and rational response to SOLVE THE CORE PROBLEM. Do we want to cure the cancer or do we want to treat the symptoms, this is the ultimate question we need to ask ourselves. Vengeance is only addressing the symptom, while ignoring the cause.

TRUE Justice, Natural justice, will NEVER seek to harm others, instead it will seek to forgive and offer healing, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, taking defensive actions to PREVENT more harm. The Sacred Masculine Principle of Self Defense merged with the Sacred Feminine Principle of Non-aggression.

Let me be completely  direct with my insights:

IF we really want to end the chaos on earth, we have to be brave enough to look in the mirror and face our own limitations. Vengeance is not the answer, and we can't heal ourselves (by forgiving those who harm us) if we are blinded by rage. This discussion is of prime importance. It is not some intellectual curiosity with no real meaning. The preparation Corey and The SSP Alliance talks about is happening in real time, right now. Within the Hearts and minds of those who are contemplating what full disclosure means. And if the conclusion we draw is: 'off with their heads' we haven't gone deep enough. It is irrational, un-compassionate, a disservice to posterity and future generations. It is the very reason the Cabal has given for not wanting disclosure, and it reveals our failure to honor the Natural rights of others, proof of our incompetence. It is this reaction of fear and irrationality, which the Cabal has used to justify their rule; we by our very actions dis-empower ourselves by letting our emotions control us.

I hope we can come together and have compassion for those who have been so injured that they seek vengeance as an outlet for their emotional pain. Forgiveness for oneself is of prime import, and once we have opened our hearts to the truth, that all is ultimately in service of the One Creator, we will find the solace we need to heal and offer it to even those dark souls who sought to keep us enslaved.

The measure of morality in a society is how well it treats its criminals, and we must seek to honor their free will and forgive them, even as they seek to dishonor and enslave us. And while we defend ourselves and stop hurting others, we also offer forgiveness. This is the middle path, the unified path of self, and our only hope of ending the cycle of violence which has ravaged Earth for Eons.]

Question to Corey about attending more meetings:

Well said buddy! Are you attending any other meetings this week/end?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance No, I am only being brought to view some transcripts of an Illuminati Agent who is pretending to be "Former Illuminati Whistleblower" that is a disinfo agent for the cabal/Illuminati that is apart of their campaign to control the Disclosure Narrative.

They have been contacting several researchers and giving them crazy info including further targeting of "Star Seeds" by telling them that the "Orb Beings" that they are seeing/communicating with are "AI's" to scare them. They are also putting out nonsense that the Draco are fleeing the Earth in September. There are a couple other agents that are being tracked and the Alliance wants me to look over the material that is being put out. These are the "Metamorphs" that are doing this work and are very convincing mind control and disinfo agents. 

The alliance is looking into plans of direct action into some of the cases. I will not have any part in these operations though. Other than that no negotiations have been completed for the ICC Conference or any others. I worked until 1:30 AM completing the Q&A's for Dr. Salla. I have been working nonstop for over a week now and am exhausted. I need to take a day of rest and recover today and maybe tomorrow. I will post Dr. Salla's article when it's published though. TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

[We try and keep an eye on all narratives being put forth, and share information on this blog from many sources so we can discern it properly; meaning review it not ignore it. In my view, dis information can not be ignored or we won't be able to recognize it for what it is. As we discussed in the post Cabal Defectors Assisting the Alliance, Nature of 'Travel to Meet Blue Avians', Ignorance Is NOT Discernment, Learn to Discern, David Wilcock 'Haters' | Corey GoodETxSG - discernment doesn't mean ignoring information, it means investigating it completely so we can understand fully what it truly is. This is why investigation of all data is of value, although we must also take the time to contemplate and understand it.]

Comment about BP's honesty:

I don't necessarily read this blog post you [Corey} are referencing here as being a negative reaction, merely. I see it as a very honest articulation of real feelings about an unspeakable reality you are helping to reveal. And there can be something healthy in such honest expression, so long as it is contained and understood as honest expression, rather than taken literally. 

This is the razor's edge we each have to confront moving forward: how to work with the motherlode of reactive feelings that arise. Which brings ups the question of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness has to include the full reality of our reaction to these truths. They have to be validated as being fundamentally real. Yes, many will want a Night of Long Knives. And: if this can be acknowledged and validated, that itself can help give a place to this level of gut-reaction. How can we adequately forgive anything if we have not registered the full reality of our initial reaction to it? I don't think we can. So in this light, I think that the blog post here is an excellent case study in our collective learning process. Can we validate this author's expression while also containing it in the spirit of deep healing as a community? This is what we have to learn to do: build community in the face of the unspeakable.

[Bravo! I was so heart warmed to read this comment. It reflects the unity thinking and mental preparation we discussed previously. We are all in this together, and we are capable of hearing another's truth or perspective without also accepting it as our own. Building community in the face of the unspeakable is the way, I think. I offered this response to the comment:
"Agreed, while the conclusion offered in this blog post is not productive IMO. the honestly and bravery to share what is in one's heart is CERTAINLY helpful and very good for discussion of these things. Discussion is one of the best ways to heal and grow, and we can hear others opinions without feeling the need to accept or deny them out right. IMO I am very thankful BP shared this so now we can all learn and grow from contemplating and seeing the growth within it.

As you say, its a process. First we react, then we reflect, then we forgive.. the emotional reaction to seek vengeance is a real and valid step on the road to personal healing, and collective reconciliation"]
Question about how to 'trust sources' and discernment:

Some people who say they are "in the know" say this is all an AI program. That Corey is a "super solider" and is being down loaded with info and believes it is real. Any suggestions or actual evidence to prove them wrong? There is so much confusion for the average person. And Channeling can be manipulated by outside forces. This is proven. Anyone have any ideas? Most all of us are really in the dark because we are getting our info from those we "trust", but when you look back some years we find that old "trusted" sources were wrong over and over again. (???)

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance This person who "IS IN THE KNOW" is getting his info from an Illuminati Insider who is working for them to discredit any info they are told to. This person is an "Active Illuminati Asset" that is attempting to help them control the Disclosure Narrative. They are further Targeting "Star Seeds" who are being contacted by these orbs and trying to make them think that this is an "AI" contacting them. 

His name is Shane (Shaynard) Bales aka "The Ruiner" an admitted Illuminati PSYOP Specialist who at one point tried to say he was in contact with the Blue Avians. When that didn't fly and caught in untruths w/DW & Myself he started his blog and began to work in the open to discredit the BA's and put out disinfo about a number of other subjects. 

He found Drake (And a couple others including a MILAB Councilor) who has embraced him and his info (Is now his NEW BIG INSIDER). This Illuminati Operative will end up embarrassing Drake once again when September comes around and the "Draco's" are not seen to leave the planet in mass as has also been stated in that same report. This Illuminati Agent is a "Personality Metamorph" and the Alliance has an eye on them and it is expected they will reveal themselves for what they really are soon enough. I am not taking part in any of those operations but those that have been seduced by their silver tongue will feel quite foolish when all is said and done. 

I have NEVER been a "Super Soldier" nor have I EVER channelled. My meetings with these beings are physical and face to face, they have touched my forearm with their hand. This statement alone shows this persons lack of a full understanding of these concepts. This Illuminati Agent is very bad news for all those who are involved with them. Those who have been seduced refuse to believe it and will have to be let down by a "guru" once again. This Cabal group is deathly afraid of Star Seeds and will do anything they can to cause them to be led down a negative or fearful path. When it comes to this source, buyer be ware.

[In my opinion this question reveals a lack of inner understanding and discernment; and I am very happy it was shared freely. I bare no ill will towards this person.

Seeing the One Truth In All Things

Yes it is very confusing, because there are a lot of people out there revealing information, represented in blog posts, videos and words - that is conflicting. This reveals a dualistic process understanding the truth - black and white thinking. The normal reaction to this is to find a 'trusted source' that can tell is what to believe, so we don't develop the skills to understand how all the pieces fit together personally. But this isn't discernment, and its another form of externalization - of mental and spiritual dependency on the source of information. 

Conversely, once we have a complete set of data gathered for unbiased investigation, we can place the data within its proper context. The truth is ONE, a singular reality, which means ALL perspectives are true within a certain context, and can be recognized as such if we discern completely. A Photoshopped image of a UFO is real, you can actually see it with your eyes, but it does NOT represent an actual object in reality - that is what makes it untrue, the juxtaposition or comparison. I know that can seem confusing, but consider the magic trick analogy.

An illusionist will use slight of hand and misrepresentation to lead us to believe something that isn't true - that does not accurately represent reality. But the tools they employ to achieve this effect are real - the cards are real, their hands are real, the only thing that makes the illusion 'untrue' is that we accept it as such; falseness can only exist within our minds, a conclusion based on limited information. The same principles apply to information and people sharing their truth. The ideas they have are real, the words they are using to express those ideas exist, but it is what they represent, the juxtaposition, this is where our discernment and process of reconciliation comes in. All perspectives are of value, all data is evidence suggesting something.

To address the question, yes it is hard for us on the outside trying to understand what is true, but blind belief is not the answer. The goal isn't to find some new truther to place our trust in, the goal is to develop a personal process for understanding how all the perspectives fit together. This means absorbing as much of reality as possible, and not ignoring ANYTHING. The downside to this approach is we usually wont have the emotional comfort of quick easy answers; which is what we have been trained to look for. We usually want to know if something is true or not right away, because we are emotionally distraught; we want to skip to the end. The process of personal distillation and discernment requires more work, more time and energy to absorb data and see how the clues fit together. It wont give us easy answers at first, but as we develop these skills of holistic thinking, it gets easier, and eventually becomes an instinct. Our ability to know the truth personally is directly related to how much of it we have accurately represented within our own minds, this is what we call intrinsic knowledge or personal knowledge vs a belief in what another is saying without investigation.]

Facebook Update:

Dr. Salla's latest article based on the Q&A's I finished and sent back to him at 1:30AM CST has been posted. I hope some of the information further details some of the details that some people seemed to be confused about.

[I still haven't had the chance to analyze the previous round of Q and A from Dr. Salla. Similar to Corey's comment above, I have been working none stop since arriving in the US a few weeks ago. These updates have taken up nearly all my creative energy, which I am very happy to do because the topics provides a venue to discuss many of the big picture ideas which usually go unexplored. 

That being said, there just isn't time to delve into other work on my roster (I only get to write about maybe 5% of the things I would like to). Time management isn't my strong suit, but hopefully I will get a chance to offer some insights  into this recent Q and A soon.]

Question about Corey being a Super Soldier, based on a blog post by BP (the same blog quoted above about revenge):

It is difficult for someone like me, who is just reading the accounts on the internet, to know what and who to believe. I have no whistleblower contacts or secret sources.

So, the following account from Starship Earth: The Big Picture web site is troubling. See
In this article, Starship Earth states the following:
“Note: the first time I shared Corey’s information on Starship Earth, I mentioned discernment, because he is a super soldier [this is not true, as Corey clarifies below], and many super soldiers have memories of experiences that are not their own. I have heard the accounts of other super soldiers and highly doubted some of their “memories” as being their own actual experiences. They were really out there—even for me.

“That being said, Thomas responded first about the Sphere Beings. He said there ARE blue spheres, but they are just spheres.

“The Blue Avians that people are reportedly interacting with are artificial intelligence (AI), a simulation program, broadcast as a signal like a story in people’s heads. [What is the basis for this conclusion?]

“It was used for those who had a desire for ET contact and have the saviour complex, who believe others will come to save us. [Reviewing Corey's data will clearly show he does not want to be anyone's savior, and that neither do the Blue Avians - which indicates many of the conclusions offered are not based on investigation.]

“It was designed to confuse people and they never suspected people would try it and report it as fact. No one is coming to save us. [Some common ground we can use to reconcile.]

“This is not to suggest that Corey is bogus. He believes what he shares, but Corey IS a super soldier, and they are prone to this program, all of them; that is why they were created—so they could be controlled and given information they believe is coming from their higher self and would act according to their masters’ bidding. [Again if BP reviewed Corey's data fully, he would see this is simply not true. I point this out not to create more division, but simple to focus on misconceptions that divide us. Ultimately we are unified on the big picture.]

“Many super soldiers have as many as 7–12 split personalities.

“We don’t know which is the real Corey at times because Corey doesn’t even know. He believes he is telling us what he experienced.

“End of notes from the show.

“I guess there is always the possibility that Thomas was given incorrect information, but people will have to decide for themselves.”
Michael, what are your thoughts regarding the above skeptical comments from Starship Earth about Corey Goode being a super soldier with multiple personalities and the Blue Avians being AI?

[For clarity, I am being critical of BP not to try and create further division. The conclusions he draws are based on the data he has available to him, and that can change once new information is received and contemplated. Similarly, all my conclusions are also subject to change, it is the process of discussion, with honesty and bravery to do so, that is improving. While the conclusions we develop can be divergent in any moment of time, the process of discovering the truth together is where we can unify our efforts. No one person has all the answers, so working together to share our perspectives fully is essential for gaining an accurate picture, a big picture, of what is happening.]

Corey Responds to a question on Dr. Salla's article about him being a 'super soldier':

Hello, I am going to have to do an article about this. [I added Corey's article from his FAQ page below, which is an elaboration of the Comment he originally left]

As a MILAB were you ever tortured or molested? I ask because in Drake's program, they are saying because you are a Super Soldier (who disassociate) that you may be hallucinating. I want to believe you.

First of all I am not a "Super Soldier". I have never claimed to be a "Super Soldier" and have no idea how that term got attached to my name. That is disinformation number one.

Second, there is an Illuminati Agent who is presenting himself as a "Former Illuminati Insider" who is working for the Cabal as a part of the "Dis-information Campaign" that I warned about a few months ago. This person is also doing their best to assist the Cabal/Illuminati in controlling the "Disclosure Narrative" to their benefit.This person is a "Personality Metamorph" and is at their own admission highly trained at counter intelligence and "PSYOPS". They have somehow endeared themselves with their silver tongue to a few researchers by telling these people things they want to hear.

I used to speak to this person and I put them in contact with David Wilcock and they gave a large amount of information to him. They got in trouble for this and were forced "Back on the payroll". This person then began to claim they were in contact with the Blue Avians and were caught in some other untruths. After they saw that we (DW and I) were backing off from contact with them they started a Blog 3 days later.

They have seduced several rather intelligent people who will emotionally fight for them tooth and toenail in an irrational way and then will come back and engage you calmly. It is bizarre to witness but this is one of the main reasons I do not take part in Internet Forum's any longer.

The group (Illuminati/Cabal) that this person serves is extremely afraid of "Star Seeds" and "Wanderers". They do whatever it takes to pull these people off of their soul missions or paths by using "Fear" or "Anger". They seem to believe these people will somehow be the keys to end their power in the future. Most of the people they have brought into these dark programs are "Star Seeds"/"Wanderers" who they corrupt and then once brought over to the "Dark Side" use as tools against the others as well as are then less likely to pose a threat to them in the future.

By spinning the narrative and saying that the Orb Beings that are visiting and contacting "Star Seeds" and "Wanderers" are "AI's" they are trying once again to use "FEAR" to keep these people from their soul missions or paths. 

I am going on the record to say I am not a "Super Soldier" and that I am not recalling memories from anyone else. These are all physical encounters and not "Channeling" where I have had one of the Blue Avians physically put his hand on my forearm. These are not any sort of memory implants or mind control. Those who have heard my first two interviews know that I went through a cleansing of entity attachments via using the name of Jesus (Which is not popular with many). I was a MILAB and there are many dozens of programs that fall under the MILAB Umbrella. I was an "Intuitive Empath" and was not in any of the more sadistic "Super Soldier" programs.

Anyone who uses the term "Super Soldier" along with my name is someone who has not really fully looked into this information (As a true researcher would) and is just repeating disinformation from this "Illuminati Agent" (Who at this moment has a maniacal grin on his face reading this). He has further stated that the Draco are leaving the Earth of their own free will in September for all to see and feel. This is something that will not occur and will end up making Drake look foolish (Drake was targeted because some of the lower level "Earth Based Alliance" listen to his shows). Hopefully he realizes he has been targeted and used at some point. It will be difficult though with this trained dis-info agent having such direct access to him. A warning has gone out to many in the Earth Based Alliance about the current situation (Not just this one Illuminati Agent).
The Draco are stuck here behind the barrier. They will remain here and are suffering from the energetic waves that are occurring as well as being starved of "loosh" from the awakening population. They will be here for a future judgement along with the "pawns" they tried to give up for safe passage out of this Sol System. Those who they enslaved and victimized will be their judges!

Related David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More

These groups are in disarray because these Draco gods betrayed them by offering them up as pawns in trade for their own safe passage out of the outer barrier. They can barely admit this to themselves let alone to the public. This information must be spun in anyway possible! When this info got to all of these groups it threw them into a panic. This is where we are at the current time. If you cannot tell this on your own by their current activities and behavior then you should spend more time looking at recent events. 

Those who choose to follow this "Illuminati Agent" (Who will continue to deny what they are) or allow themselves to be seduced by them will find out soon enough what a mistake they have made. It will be yet another major disappointment. I will not get into any circular debates with any of their followers who feel compelled to post attacks in comment sections of articles and on forums after this. All I can say is be wise and use discernment. If this Illuminati Agents message sounds enticing to you then it is your free will to follow it. It is also your karma and spiritual path that is at stake.
Do not be deceived this close to the end of the journey. The Blue Avians are not here as "saviors" and have put forth a loving and peaceful message that states that you have to be your own savior. These are not "AI's" as some of these groups who are "AI Prophets would have you believe. They are angry that I disclosed this information and there will be other agents who come forward to discredit the information presented. They cannot have the truth floating around in your consciousness and must find a way to distort it.


Related How to Become Your Own Savior (Harmony with Natural Law), Why The Blue Avians Won't "Save Us," Learn To Embrace The Challenges of Life And Become "The Hero" | Corey GoodETxSG

[I am very curious about this Blue Avian 'dis-info' that Corey talks about. Most dis-info uses a grand statement to stir our emotions but provides little conceptual evidence or holistic understanding. As long as we don't investigate beyond the basic ideas offered, the dis-info can be believed. But if we compare it to other information the inconsistencies that are highlighted will give us other clues to follow. True discernment is about being a detective, and we need all data to make an informed conclusion. 

So its usually easy to spot dis-info or inaccurate information, because it wont hold true when compared all other data available. Flat Earth theories are a good example of this. I've spent hours investigating them and even the 'best evidence' is usually a theory based on a limited perspective; none that I have seen provide a unifying theory to explain all observed phenomenon. If something can only be seen as true if we ignore other data (mutually exclusive conclusions), its usually a good indication its incomplete at best and dis-info at worst. And if it is dis-info we can investigate it further to reveal what the intended false belief is so as to prevent unwittingly accepting it.

With this discernment process in mind, lets consider BP's comments about Corey: BP could have easily changed his conclusions with some investigation of Corey's data. This suggests he never investigated beyond what was offered by others; not a discernment process but a confirmation of preconceived belief. Again I critique BP's technique, not him.

I see reactiveness happening a lot on our own blog and Facebook page. People misunderstand what is offered because they only 'look at the books cover'. Often reading the article associated with the headline or image could have dispelled false conclusions. They attempt to lay this inaccurate conclusion at our feet by saying "this is BS or your pushing dis-info!". Again discernment is not ignorance, you can't discern something you know nothing about. Julian and I make a conscious effort to share information objectively so we can discuss the substance of it, not try to offer beliefs to be accepted.

We followed Drake's data when David Wilcock was covering it in 2011. I actually review BP's blog on a regular basis, and read through his summaries of Drakes material, along with many other blogs, websites and sources, including main stream media. 

"But Justin, if Drake is a dis-info agent why do you want to read his material?!?!" - As we have addressed several times, discernment is best done with complete knowledge and awareness. When I review this data it is juxtaposed against all the other information available in my reservoir of knowledge; always subject to reappraisal because it is constantly expanding and becoming more accurate. If Drake is a dis-info agent, then by understanding his data within the proper context we can literally get a glimpse into the Cabal's thinking. What I noticed in Drakes recent reports is this: "revenge is the answer" MEME echoed in BP's above post. This shows us that we must have an omnivorous approach to data processing. We can't place all our eggs in one basket or we fall into black and white discernment traps of 'your person is wrong and my guy is right!']

Facebook Update:

Jimmy Church Fade to Black finally posted DW's last show... This is the full good quality version.

[We took notes and expanded on the information presented, found in the post David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear Food" & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015.]

Question about David Wilcock's Part 2:

Any idea when DW might post Part 2 on his blog? Seems like he has gone dark and is not giving any details on this.

Answer derived from Corey's previous Response (we posted this here):

From what I've read part 2 is becoming more "outdated" as Corey gives us more info. I believe the e-book will be the next big release from DW, that is if nothing else comes up. A GiamTV membership will probably be your best bet for the next release ofvideos (early July is the word). I hope this helps, Pop.

If you need some clarification on any of that I can point you to where that info can be found. There's posts all over and all this info can be hard to locate.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I agree and DW has also been working on a few other projects that he had previously agreed to and is stretched in several directions at once. I talked to him today and he was exhausted like I am.

[I can empathize with both Corey and David on this score. I am very passionate about sharing information and taking an active role in the process of awakening; for myself and others. The topics presented in greater discussion of soul growth by way of personal and global disclosure events I find to be very helpful. They incorporate so many different views and perspectives; a conceptually dense to contemplate. Our central focus on SITS is to engage in a discussion and group process for discovering what the Truth is, distilling information from the storm of data that's in and around us; hence the name of the blog Stillness in the Storm. In my own experience this takes up nearly all of my free time (by choice), I don't really have other personal projects at the moment; although there are many things I would like to do. I say this not to draw sympathy, just to try and offer that it can be difficult to focus on producing blog posts, while also taking time to answer emails, respond to comments, and live life in general. I don't think Corey and David are 'waiting around' for no good reason.

And for clarity: Corey mentioned in the last update, information released on GaiamTV will also be available for free online in some fashion; whether that is in an E-book or videos I can't say for certain.]

Comment about not taking a vacation (as a joke):

If I was them I would never want a vacation.. My mind would be so set on helping the world and getting info out to the masses as quickly as possible! I think Corey is doing an excellent job in that regard and I give him huge ovation for what he is doing.. I really hope DW releases more soon because he's very well known and he is what will get this info spread out quicker to the masses!
Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance You say that now... When you are staring these situations down and in the presence of such evil on a regular basis if you do not think of your own mental health and take a break you are going to set yourself up in a weakened state to get hammered. You cannot put yourself through the shredder constantly for some who want new content on a daily basis. Its important to get this stuff out but if you loose yourself in the process you can end up damaging the credibility of all of your previous work. As with anything it is a balance that must be struck or bad things begin to occur.

[On a personal note, I have been feeling the awareness of this too. We focus a lot on the Disclosure Narrative, and while we find that to be a poignant topic, there are many other things we would like to cover. Everyday I send about 20 emails to our 'to be posted' inbox, and if we are lucky, get out 1 or 2 items. 

I actually got a nasty case of Poison Ivy 2 weeks ago that I am just beginning to recover from. This experience made me consider I might be wearing myself too thin trying to keep up with all the demands I place on myself for the work. Personal time to be calm and relax is definitely needed, and that goes for everyone.]

Facebook Image Update:

[The image speaks for itself, I felt it resonated well with the idea of forgiveness that does not disempower ourselves. So many people confuse forgiveness with complacency.]

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