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Big Update | Latest ET Conference, The Method Used to Travel, How to Prepare for Disclosure, Sphere Being Clarifications | Corey GoodETxSG

Updated June 9th 2015 - I went in and added several newer updates to the top. Corey released his report from the recent meeting with lots of new intel.

I have added my commentary for Corey's latest update from today below. It was an amazing example of how wise and long reaching the Sphere Beings really are. Its also very encouraging to know we play a major role in how things turn out, and in fact its all for us.

This is a big update with lots of information from ranging topics. 

The more I read commentary from others, more of the big picture seems to become apparent. That we are on track towards game changing events (what ever those may look like). Of course our role as co-creators is essential for this process.

I pulled some of the comments and questions from Corey's facebook page Sphere Being Alliance. There is a lot of activity there, and a great place to engage in the discussion. 

I will add my comments in green, in [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Sphere Being Alliance Update Today:

Update on the latest conference negotiations between the Secret-Space-Program Alliance and the human "Committee of 200 " elites.

I awoke after a pale blueish and pink light penetrated my eyelids as I was laying down in bed. I had gone to bed extremely early the day before and was exhausted from being outside of the house for an extended period of time since my surgery. I had been at the swimming pool with my family and was wearing shorts and a tee shirt so I quickly put on some jeans, polo shirt and shoes. I indicated as I usually do that I was ready by lifting my arms up and out slightly and mentally letting the orb know to begin the process of transporting me. The blue/indigo orb had patiently been zig zagging around my room. It then zipped to within 18 inches of my chest before rapidly expanding to where I was then floating and centered inside of it. It then zipped through the wall and a moment later I was in a stone room that had a slight smell of wet masonry. Almost immediately another orb appeared and the person from the SSP Alliance that I have come to know well was standing next to me looking around. David Wilcock and I call him by another name that is similar to his actual name, “Lt. Col. Gonzales”. Gonzales was the SSP Alliance Councils first choice as the “Sphere Being Alliance Delegate” before the Blue Avians had communicated directly to him that they wanted me by name to occupy this position. It turns out that he has been in contact with the Blue Avians almost the exact same amount of time as I have. Since that time he has been made my point of contact with the SSP Alliance and I report directly to him and he to I on things related to the Sphere Alliance and SSP Alliance relations.

He asked me if I had spoken to anyone yet and I told him that I had just arrived moments before he had. He then told me that this was a conference of various human elite groups that represent the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates. He said I would recognize the members of the “Committee of 200” members that had been present at the Draco Alliance Conference (Draco White Royal) and who were the “Earth Delegates” at the recent “Human-like ET Super Federation Conferences”. No other groups were mentioned and no other information was given (this is not uncommon).

He opened the heavy wooden door and there were 4 men in suits sitting on 2 wooden benches waiting for us. They screened us with metal detector wands and escorted us down a hall of other neatly carved wooden doors that reminded me of a castle. We entered into a wider hall area that was more like a foyer or reception area that had tapestries hanging from the walls and there was a crucifix on the wall at one end of the hall. There were 3 sets of tall double doors along this hall way and we were brought to the set of doors in the middle where we could hear the sound of a lot of voices and movement on the other side.

We heard what sounded like a gavel bang 3 times and it became quiet. There was then one voice either making some announcements or introductions, the doors were opened and we were then brought into the large cathedral like room. It looked like an extremely old church setting and all of the benches were nearly full with people in various styles of suits who were obviously from many different nations of the world. As far as we could tell everyone present was completely Earth human. There were too many people present to count and there was just two of us. We were brought up on the platform at the front and walked up into a balcony that overlooked the rest of the people and the platform (Stage with a podium). There were microphones with flip switches in front of each of our seats.

This meeting had appeared to have been going on for some time before we arrived. There were several people that stood up at the podium that spoke in other languages that I did not understand. Gonzales understood the person from Spain and some of what the Italian person was saying. It appears they were finishing up what they were doing before we arrived. After the last person had spoken there was a person that then stood at the podium and said something that may have been in Latin and then struck the podium 3 times with the large gavel. He left the podium and then a person that we both recognized came to the podium and began to address Gonzales and myself. They stated that an agreement had been struck with some of the elements of the Earth Alliance and that they hoped the same could be done with the “Cosmic Alliance” (I had not heard this term used before). They said because of recent events that a rift had developed between them and their former off world leaders and the deceptive ancient human groups that many of them had considered gods.

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They stated that they had been forced through generations of mind control and threats to do all of the things that they had done. They further stated that they would prefer to work with the Alliances in setting up a new financial system that was fair to all of humanity and to begin a controlled disclosure that would not expose certain crimes and incidents that would incriminate them in their life time. They stated that they believed that this information would also contain too much negative details in a short time for the average person to deal with. They stated that because of people's religious beliefs and the paradigm that had been created by those currently in control that a sudden release of this information would lead to riots and suicides on a mass scale. Taking all of that in consideration they proposed that a plan be agreed on that allowed the release of certain information and technologies while withholding the majority of information for a 50 year time period.

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At this point Gonzales and I were just sitting and listening to them speak. Then the person speaking directed his attention to me and said my full name. He said that out of a “Good Faith Act” that they had left me and my family alone. They said that they keep tabs of where and what we are doing at all times and if they wished to harm us they could have chosen to do so at any point.

At this point I became extremely upset and leaned forward and held down the button on the microphone and angrily said “That sounds like a veiled threat to me!” I was very upset and starting to shake when Gonzales put his hand on my shoulder.

The person at the podium seemed pleased and stated that they could have harmed me or Gonzales in his established cover life if they had wanted and they had chosen not to. I looked at Gonzales and from his expression I then realized that they were trying to get a response out of us. Gonzales is much more diplomatic than I am and seemed to handle things in a more stoic way than I had. Seeing this caused me to calm down and regain my composure.

The person at the podium then asked that there be no more Alliance Disclosures through myself or the people I am talking to including David Wilcock until after an agreed upon date in late November of 2015. They said that a well-known public servant would be sacrificed in the operation to implement their plan for an incremental disclosure.

At this point the person at the podium stated that they thought it would be wise if we would end this meeting and meet again at a later date after a cooling off period and we had a chance to bring this proposal to our superiors. They thanked us for attending and he ended the meeting with another latin-type phrase and striking of the gavel. We were then escorted back to the same room where we had arrived. Gonzales stated to me that they were obviously attempting to buy more time and that there was something bigger going on than we knew about. He was about to say something else when 2 orbs came through the wall and started zipping around the room and them repeated the process of picking us up. Moments later I appeared on one of the spheres again where “Raw-Tear-Eir” was waiting. Through the wall of the sphere I could see the spheres in the distance reacting to a new wave of the cosmic tsunami waves that were coming in.

I had a short communication with “Tear-Eir” where as usual I began to report what happened and he interrupted me by raising his hand. He then communicated that much of what we call "Full Disclosure" is not in any one group's hands. As more of this info is reported by "US" that the more it awakens people and enters their mass consciousness. That the awakening population and their mass consciousness/co-creative abilities will determine when or how soon some of these events occur. He further communicated that we should keep up what we are doing and keep the information flowing at a high rate through trusted sources. As this information spreads among the awakened and awakening the quicker we will cause the timeline of disclosure to happen with the power of the mass consciousness that we still do not fully understand. I was then taken back to my room where the clock showed I had been gone for 3 minutes. I tried to sleep for a couple of hours and then got up and gave David Wilcock a report in Skype and then made a small post on Facebook letting people know that this meeting had occurred.

The meeting with the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) on one off their Mars colonies is still being negotiated. I will announce the details of that meeting once they are given to me and I am told what I can announce and when I can announce it.

Thank you,


[The Cabal seemed to be provoking Corey, tempting him to create karma which would allow these representatives more time to prepare. This could have been another attempt to hold back disclosure. I think Corey's response is fairly reasonable for anyone who discovered they were being threatened, and his quick response of regaining calm and poise is a modality of forgiveness. The 'moral high ground' is something we each would do well to adhere to, so as to prevent further karmic upheavals, and this simultaneously raises our vibration and offers forgiveness and compassion to others; which is the very thing that will speed up event's for the big event everyone is looking forward to. 

I also think it's fascinating to know one can actually observe the spheres attenuating energy in real time. I can only imagine how magnificent this must have looked. 

We offer a fairly detailed explanation for how the shift in consciousness affects the disclosure timeline and other events below. To summarize, the ultimate goal of disclosure is to provide a venue for a maximum opportunity for growth and catalyst for all. Remember evolution is not compulsory, free will MUST be honored. I suspect that the Sphere Beings are highly tuned into the knowledge level and emotional effects of consciousness at large, which will determine a probability of any given being willingness to evolve and grow. As such their task is grand, to ensure not only humanity on the ground has a chance for growth, but everyone involved, including ET races, breakaway civilizations and more. The primary focus is to create the best conditions for this choice to be made for everyone, an alchemical modality, and not to force anyone or 'wave a bigger' stick as many have assumed. They are not forcing their agenda inasmuch as co-creatively working with us at a deep soul level, and for the Creator by proxy. 

The Cabal presumed with their request to delay full disclosure, that humanity is not capable enough to 'handle the truth' but also that they have the power to effect events still. This subtle presumption is one of their psychological techniques for steering consciousness in their favor. I suspect they knew it would not be agreed to, but were more so trying to maintain the idea in the attendee's minds that they are ultimately the ones responsible for disclosure and change. 

As Corey clarifies below, this group does not have as much influence as they to lead others to believe. But an illusionist must keep up appearances, and this reveals how desperate the situation really is for them. They will make concession after concession, always trying to hold back something they can use in the favor. I suspect the Sphere beings are aware of all this, and allow them to play their hand, so we here on the ground and those in the SSP Alliance like Corey, can learn and discern for themselves. 

The whole exchange is a breathtaking revelation of how wise these beings really are, for their moves on the board are many leeps a head of even the SSP and the Cabal groups.]

Facebook Update:

Update: Meeting with "Opposition Groups" occurred overnight. It was a meeting of "Suits" mainly from this "Committee of 200" where they were attempting to negotiate a cessation in disclosures by the Alliance until late November 2015. This meeting occurred on Earth in what appeared to be a European Cathedral or Old Church. I will be typing up an update on our website and post the link here in a couple hours.


Corey's Response to a stop of disclosure question:

Sphere Being Alliance No, there will be no cessation in disclosures. This will be fully covered int the larger update that will be released shortly.


Facebook Update:

The Cosmic Energetic Tsunami Waves continue to Ebb and Flow through our Sol System causing measurable effects on both our environment and human behavior. It has become so obvious of when these surges are occurring that you do not need anyone to report them to you any longer. You just have to observe your surroundings.

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Comments and Questions from Facebook Update:

Sphere Being Alliance After Full Disclosure they will be coming to YOU with questions. The table will turn one day soon.

[I think the suggestion here is that our experiences and perspectives are greatly valued 'up there' and while we are trained to think our lives are mundane and meaningless, they are certainly not. As we often remark on this blog, from a spiritual perspective ALL experience and points of view have value, nothing is ever wasted and in fact all things eventually develop into a uniquely perfect expression. 

The Urantia Book describes that worlds which have fallen into rebellion and darkness are some of the most valuable places for soul growth and emergent attainment of personality ultimatacy; the last term refers to the culmination or highest possible achievement. This simply means that the swing from light to darkness allows for things to develop that would never happen on more harmonious spheres, and while seeking for darkness is probably not a goal we should strive for, this perspective is something we can find solace in. We are growing in a garden that is challenging and pushes us to our limits, revealing skills, perspectives and attributes that would normally lay dormant within. 

Note about the Urantia Book: I mention this work to provide a point of discussion, not to proffer it as some codex of absolute truth. It is an incredibly dense and powerful book in relation to the items discussed, but nothing can be blindly accepted, the Urantia Book especially. Out of all the works I have reviewed, I have yet to find one which reaches so far into the philosophy of spirituality and how everything unifies together. To this day, when I am yearning for contemplating things in a grand perspective I'll review sections of the book. But one should not feel they must read it. This is just my personal experience with it, and I think each of us has our own unique thing they use to push the limits of our consciousness. The Law of One is also one of the works that does this for me.

Imagine living on a world where there was no strife, chaos or hardship, Where free will was respected and honored inherently, and life was so harmonious one needed to push there on limits by choice to achieve growth. These harmonious worlds, according to the Urantia book and Dolores Cannon's work, are far more abundant in the Universe. It is suggested that words of darkness are less then 1% of the total and the beings who emerge from them are some of the most loyal to creation and uniquely gifted with experience. Living on a world such as ours, of prolific deception, piracy and tyranny creates an enormous potential for growth, and if we are brave enough to accept the conditions as they are, and work with them to become change agents, the level of attainment we can gain is mind blogging. 

Let me clarify that the growth of living on a world such as ours is unique and we are rare gems in the Universe, That does not also mean suffering, slavery and hardship is required. The creator's plan for the Universe, the Absolute plan, is so perfect, so wise, so loving - that truly nothing is wasted, and everything eventually provides for a perfect venue of growth. This perspective is a grand world view, and it can be used to help transcend any limiting idea of temporal suffering; negative emotions or experiences. In other words, anytime we find ourselves falling into depression and sadness, feeling dis-empowered like nothing is turning out the way we want, keep this perspective in mind, literally infuse it with the meaning "all things serve for my growth and empowerment".

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In my personal process of transformation and negativity transmutation, I attempt to infuse my experiences with these grand ideas and perspectives. When I see my friends or family consuming poison, and suffering by their own hand, I remember this perspective. I hold it close to my heart like a talisman and if I can do it for long it enough, these seemingly bad and disappointing experiences transform, literally leaving me in a rapture like moment - with tears of joy running down my face. The more I take this approach, and find this core of spiritual hope within, the more all the seeming chaos and pain around me is transformed. And even more then that, I feel such a powerful sense of connection to Source and emergence sense of gratitude, that has heretofore never been found in the normal every day experiences of my life. Even know as I write these words, I am amazed that such an experience can be achieved simply by my choice to reconcile the spiritual and holistic into the material and limited. And I am left in awe of the creator and the grand design of creation, one of the deeper mysteries of being.

I suspect that on worlds with no hardship, these skills are more difficult to attain. One of the many things I can't wait to discover and explore in a post disclosure world, is how other cultures and societies achieve soul growth in their own unique way.] 

Further Comment about Corey:

Indeed so grateful to Corey for putting his neck on the line. Who would do that? Braveheart, warrior soul

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance TY, I am no one anymore special than you. Everyone's neck is on the line, they just do not realize it. We each make a difference in this struggle one person at a time when we make changes in our selves to be a positive natured loving being all of the time. Forgiveness is the key to it all. We must forgive those closest to us who have wronged us and forgive ourselves for our screw ups in life. We cannot move forward until we reach that point. 

[This idea of forgiveness we have touched on before. I want to further add that the technique of transformation I was describing above is a result of the forgiveness mechanism. 

Forgiveness is not just saying the words, for those are just symbols of a deep inner experience and reconciliation. We know we have entered into the consciousness of forgiveness because it feels like a release of tension; an opening of our hearts and minds. 

Conversely defensiveness feels constricting. If we think someone is 'being so stupid', this is a charge of judgement and rejection. But if we can honor their chosen path, and let go of the hate, we will open up energetically and this will be felt palpably as relaxation. 

We receive our fair share of 'hateful' comments and close-minded reactions on Facebook and the blog. These can feel like a personal attack at times, and my initial protective reaction is to dismiss these people as 'stupid' - while this can provide some level of tranquility, it is a choice of separation and duality consciousness. 

After I realize that I have let myself slip into this lowered state of consciousness, I take a moment to step back and breath, simply observe what is happening. After this moment of stillness, I feel ready to initiate forgiveness, which is an action. I say to myself "its ok Justin, your reaction is understandable, and I am forgiven for feeling attacked, but truly nothing can really hurt you, and this is a chance to gain skills of compassion." After a few moments of holding this perspective in mind, I can feel the release, the stopping of the defensive inertia. Now I am ready forgive the person who commented, and again hold this notion that their path will ultimately lead back to source, and I can honor it joyfully. The goal for me is to share my truth compassionately and openly, without looking for acceptance. To not hold back, but also not be aggressive. 

There are so many automatic judgments and defensive reactions that we develop living on here, we can grow profoundly by gaining awareness of ourselves. This is the first step in the process of self mastery, for how can we master something we have no knowledge of? Eventually I think we will look back at these times, when division was common place, and wonder how we could not have seen the wisdom of forgiveness and compassion. 

Let me be clear and say, forgiveness is NOT complacency. Our duty to service others means honoring ourselves as well. When violence and manipulation are pandemic, as they are on Earth, we can forgive another, but also speak our truth and take defensive actions freely. If others who seek to commit violence against us react defensively and get angry, upset or try and blame us for 'offending them' that is their choice, but the truth is they created the experience of offense from within. So long as we were not malicious or intentionally rude, the middle path was chosen - and of course we can take their reaction as an offer to gain more wisdom and skill in sharing of ourselves with love. I suspect this path of bravely defending ourselves while being compassionate will be more and more common place as we deal with our fellows who are still dwelling in self imposed darkness.]

Question about how Corey travels to the Conferences, and if it can be captured:

Corey, are you free to set up a camera in your bedroom to record your disappearing? Would be some serious evidence in favour of your testimony.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Sure, but it will not convince anyone of anything. I have been told that nothing I present cannot be done in "After Effects" or other Soft Ware. Seeing pictures/video is not believing. They can be manipulated. You cannot even believe what you see on live TV News anymore. You can only truly trust your own personal experiences when coupled with discernment. The problem right now is not getting proof. It is preparing yourself for when you are under an avalanche of proof that is extremely troubling and disturbing in nature. This is what I am trying to prepare people for as well as providing the BA Message to also have people focus on self evolution of mind and spirit. We will not be able to tolerate the information we receive or the change in the background energy/resonance if we do not prepare ourselves in these ways.

Additional Comments pushing for 'proof':

Still, it would draw many people to the Alliance message for very little work on your side, ie record video or set up a livestream with your smartphone, the stream gets recorded online and then you make the file public if something shows up. I wouldn't consider this to be proof but evidence. Also, most Photoshop leaves some known traces on the imposed objects like on their boarders etc. so another opportunity to exercise discernment

Please consider doing this. I for one would highly appreciate this and would view this as an act of sincerity and service to others from you. TY.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I am not going to be manipulated into putting a "Live Feed" video camera into my bedroom. That is just bizarre. I stand by what I have said previously about what can and cannot be done with modern video editing software and how skeptics will respond no matter what is seen/shown. I have had these circular debates on forums before and they lead nowhere. If this alone effects your discernment then so be it. True discernment is more than bending someone to producing video/photo's that will get more visitors to their site. This is not about "Site Hits". I have made this clear. If at some point the SSP wants to start appearing in front of live tv camera's like they already have live NASA ISS feeds then that is up to them. Even these live NASA ISS feeds have been heavily debated is circular debates in forums. I am sorry, but I do not know how to make it any more plane than this. This is my last statement on this subject.

Clarification Comment from someone about what Corey's Mission is:

Corey's mission is not to expose all beings who are a part of the alliance. His mission is to consciously enlighten others in the preparation for disclosure, which in turn will bring evidence for all to witness. Corey is also under strict instruction, and must not disobey his directives. He may be the delegate, but he is not in charge. He's a messenger. A messenger with whom deserves respect.

Corey's Final Response:

Sphere Being Alliance TY both, I do not think disrespect was intended. I have just been through the ringer on "Internet Forums" with the topic of bringing photographic proof etc... It is true I am just a messenger and only a single cog in a larger machine of what will someday soon be a full disclosure event. There are many others that have a part including each and every one of us as I have communicated in other posts. TY All

[There are so many people looking for proof outside of themselves, but considering how much 'proof' already exists out there, as Corey says, its not a matter of more evidence, its a matter of personal discernment and willingness. His second response is more direct and to the point, yet still compassionate, which is the middle path technique I was addressing earlier.

As an example, think of how much more information is available now, in comparison to 20 years ago. Back then, it would take years to go and find people, documents and files just to develop a small inkling of what is available at our finger tips today. Despite this, there are still a huge number of people refusing to consider even the idea of ET life. This demonstrates that Free Will is one of the most powerful aspects of our beingness, and that 'proof' - that some how forces the truth onto others, is an illusion. Corey's work is about preparation of MIND and in turn the activation of spiritual potentials within, not about holding up evidence for us to blindly accept.  

The process of preparation need not be about devouring vast quantities of data either; although that is beneficial as well. When we contemplate and use our imagination to develop many possible meanings, this is where the true work of preparation begins. 

Next time you watch a movie or TV show, as an exercise, allow yourself to consider many meanings. Do your best to make it as compelling and thought provoking as possible, using your imagination to infuse the characters and story with as much of your personal experience as you can; empathize with them, wonder about who they are, and why they do what they do - always looking for another meaning once one is found. In doing so we explore meanings, honing our skills of intuitive exploration. The goal is not to find one meaning, but to find as many as possible. This trains us to be fluid and dynamic, to not fight new information but embrace it and allow it to transform us. This is one of the best ways to prepare for disclosure and our work on the ground I think.

In my process of discernment and 'preparation' I contemplate a topic by comparing it against other ideas, perspectives and information. On Earth, we are trained to develop quick judgments and rigid beliefs, stopping the process of exploration when we found a single answer that feels right. For example, many people see the Illuminati Triangle and think "yep that's the Cabal mind controlling people, those evil bastards" - And once we have ascribed this meaning to what we are observing, we leave it at that. Instead, consider many possibilities, the goal of this is to expand consciousness in as many directions as possible, like the fun of having a day dream. The place we arrive at isn't as important as the process and path of getting there. 

In my personal process I use TV shows, Movies and Books because my mind is still enough to absorb the raw data, but free enough to imagine a great deal at the same time. In addition, these types of works usually come pre-programmed with an easy meaning, that this or that character is the "bad guy" and the "good guy" is trying to stop them. But then I ask "what if the bad guy is really doing something else? Or, what is the scene saying about life on earth right now?" The point is to explore, be free and imagine, and in doing so we develop the skills to adapt to change and prepare for the overwhelming 'proof' Corey talks of. Just one of many processes of preparation. 

At the moment, it is very easy for people to remain relatively ignorant, to develop a belief and let that guide their point of view. But once disclosure occurs, and proof about many things is common place, the adjustment will be very intense, like pulling a band-aide off quickly. Many people who are totally unaware will reach for anyone who has experience with these things. 

I suspect those in the awakening community will become rocks of stability for many people; while at the same time we go through an enormous shift in consciousness of our own. In this sense, if we are aware of the truth, even at a small level, the Universe is probably preparing us for something big. And our work of developing the skills of discernment and personal growth, the process of riding the waves of change will be invaluable for ourselves and others. I think in a post disclosure world, the common place shallowness and distractions of our present age will be replaced with deep moments of reflection and heart felt embraces. 

Today we engage others and say "how are you?" and rarely do we get an honest answer, but soon the normal bland interactions we are used to will be eclipsed by deep conversations, reflective explorations and soul gratifying discoveries of who we are, and how special others are to us. Just in my process of imagining this post disclosure world, in preparation for writing this, I am so excited and touched to offer help to others and receive it in kind. I suspect we will as a people be more united then we can possibly imagine.]

Question about Face to Face meeting or out of body experience with the Sphere Beings:

Question. Is this a physical teleportation or an out of body experience?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance These are ALL Physical Face to Face encounters/meetings with both the SSP Alliance, the Sphere Being Alliance (Blue Avians) and the other ET Federation Conferences. The Orb comes into my room and is the size of about a golf ball. it zig zags around until I stand up and indicate I am ready. It then stops about 18 inches from my chest and expands rapidly and I am then inside the orb "Weightless". It then leaves at a super rate of speed and I arrive at my destination within moments. This process will occur again in the early morning hours tomorrow morning when I am scheduled to appear as a delegate at the Human Like ET Super Federation Conference. Afterward I will be brought to one of the Spheres to meet with Tear-Eir and then will be transported in the same manner back home where almost no time will have transpired locally. 

TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

[I find it very interesting that this is the mode of travel chosen by beings Corey describes as the most advanced in the whole history of contact, a type of super fast movement instead of teleportation. Given the 'jump room' technology that we have developed, it makes me wonder why they choose this method. 

The Urantia Book describes that when beings want to travel about they actually do so using hyper speeds, and not teleportation - Corey's response reminded me of these descriptions. 

I wonder if  it is easier on him physically to travel in this way, and that is the reason why, or perhaps there is some other purpose for not teleporting completely. As we described in the post David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear Food" & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015, teleportation or body disintegration and then reassembly is no small task and the beings mental image is big factor for if it is successful. 

As one question is answered, 5 more are thought of.]

Another Question about the travel experience:

Does this produce any Physical Phenomena (e.g. shooting star) in the sky when it occurs?

Corey's Response: 

Sphere Being Alliance I am told its a flash and blur of light when I am seen zipping through the sky. When I am picked up in my home we zip straight through the wall.

Question about the Moon:
What is so special on the moon, that there are so many embassies -?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance The moon is an ancient "Device" or space station that was built by the "Ancient Builder Race". It is hollow after hundreds of feet of debris that have collected on it. It is also the perfect place for these various "ET's" to observe their "Grand Experiment" on Earth.

Additional comments from Corey about the Moon:

Sphere Being Alliance There are no tree's, Running Water on the surface or atmosphere on the far side of the moon. The story about the Grey's harvesting souls from the moon is an Illuminati fantasy put forth some time ago. The moon is a mysterious place to humanity and the root of many ancient and now current era myths and belief systems. These will one day all fall the way side after a Full Disclosure occurs..

[The Ancient Builder Race, if the above article about the space ark is accurate, probably uses natural phenomenon for their creations. Imagine a society that is so harmonized with the Universe and Nature, it doesn't create technology in the way we think, it actually uses natural things to achieve their purposes; making it indistinguishable from nature itself. 

Much like a permaculturalist uses indigenous plants to grow food, making it appear very 'natural' the moon is not some hollowed out metallic shell (like the Death Star in the Star Wars movies), but a space body that is made of the same type of material as the planets. The above link details that the moon could be a stellar core fragment which is hollow because of how material condenses from time-space into space-time. Please review this post for a very detailed explanation.]

Comment about Tolic's idea that the Spheres are the Annunaki:

[person quoting Corey:] "the perfect place for these various "ET's" to observe their "Grand Experiment" on Earth" like Vegas odds I bet on all the stupid Cabal wars and fighting! If we have a Pole Shift coming soon Cory, I can help with the Guest list for the #Rescue #Ships? just saying! (Tolec said they have one http://www.AndromedaCouncil DOT com/ ship that holds `1.7 billion!) I already #UPDATED my #Linkedin #duties! ha! ha! Just to keep the Cabal Good Ol Boys in check! https://www.linkedin.com/in/pbchollywood

Corey's Response about Tolec and The Andromeda Council:

Sphere Being Alliance I don't know what to say about that or how to reconcile several of the things I am being told. 

I am told he has repeatedly said that the Blue Avians were the "Annunaki" and come from "Nibiru" too... None of that is anywhere near correct. The giant spheres from the Sphere Alliance are not "Ships" or "Vessels" at all. There is no one inside of them. These spheres have been here since at least the 1990's (If not the early 1980's) and only more recently went into an "operational phase" once the energetic tsunami waves reached a certain point. When in these conferences no group has identified itself as the Andromeda Council or Pleiades Council/Federation. This may be how they identify themselves with with Earth Human Contactees but its not how they do so in the Super Federation Conferences. 

TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

[I think this is yet another point of possible division in the awakening community. And I'll offer again that we have far more in common, and to focus on what divides us is unproductive. Instead of trying stick with one story to believe unquestionably, I think its better for us to listen to all perspectives when possible, and develop our own processes for discernment, changing our conclusions as our knowledge base increases.

As for the nature of the Spheres, and the perplexing reason for why they are not inhabited, we offered some thoughts on this in the post Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI "Alien Reproduction Vehicle"/ARV - Nazi Die Glocke - "Gold from Mercury Problem". Here is an excerpt from that post:

"So what about the Sphere's that are all around the solar system, supposedly here because of the Blue Avians or Sphere Beings? Wouldn't this be 'technology?'

The Spheres are most likely a highly evolved form of this consciousness technology, like the creation or Universe itself (like DNA), and are part of their purposeful plan to down-step the energy streaming in. Corey states: 

"When they are not here interacting with us they are either back at their home density or are around us in a phased out (Different Frequency) state that makes them invisible to us. They observe and interact with us at will and then travel back to their home Density by just a “Thought”.

This means that instead of having their beingness primarily resident in a physical density (1st to 5th density) they freely choose to create a body or image so as to interact with the lower densities and the physical Universe for a very specific purpose. Once that purpose is completed, they 'dissolve' back into their higher vibrational state, or home density.

A good analogy for this would be our use of scuba gear, boats or submarines to interact with the aquatic regions of the planet. When we have completed what ever task we needed to do, we return 'back to the place from whence we came.' From the perspective of aquatic life, it would seem like we disappear from their world, and they could confuse our boats or submarines with our place of residence, when we in fact leave the aquatic realm altogether. Hopefully this makes things more clear.

The home density is super material, beyond time and space. They can go back to the lower realms, like we can crawl on our hands and knees, but that doesn't mean they NEED to do so to survive. The lower realms are where identity, or the 'root of our beingness' requires a physical vehicle, a body, to survive. They have transcended such limitations, and from our perspective this seems paradoxical. Just like the Creator itself, who is nowhere, yet everywhere, in the void, yet in all things, who 'holds all the worlds in the palm of his hand, and sees the end from the beginning,' in a never beginning never ending universe."]


Facebook Photo Update:

Sphere Being Alliance
Liberation Mundi = The Liberation of the World
This "motto" is worn on actual SSP Alliance Military Patches...
[The image itself is an Artist Rendition]

Comment from Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance These guys do great work. I'm not sure if they want to be associated with it or not because of the content of the info on my site. But they and the other graphic artist that have done work are very talented. I feel very lucky to have access to such STO people with these talents to donate. I am impressed with what can be done with Computer Graphics this day and age.
Comment on Photo and general question:

Oooh! Would proudly wear that on my uniform. I also noticed the symbol on top, can't remember the name but it's been used in space programs and aeronautics related stuff. Good to see we're taking back the symbolisms the dark have been using.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Its a "Chevron".


Facebook Update (June 7th):

Update: The "Human-Like ET Super Federation Council Meeting" was as interesting as it always is. I will be doing a write up and posting it to my website. Once completed I will post the link here and on Twitter. I am also going to be answering 20 more questions from Dr. Salla about the recent "10 days of Off World Conferences".

One of the Opposition Conference Proposals is for SSP and Sphere Alliance Delegations to meet at an ICC Colony/Facility on Mars so they can prove that these people are "Not Slave Labor" and there out of their own free will. We know otherwise and one of the Alliance Council Members made a comment that this sounded like a stunt N. Korea would pull. I do not know for certain if this 4th Conference request will be accepted. We are said to have the meeting at this facility/colony and be given tours and have full access to the residents. This is an extremely interesting and somewhat bizarre offer. It seems to be one of a group dealing from weakness or attempting yet another deception for future use when "Full Disclosure" occurs. I honestly am not sure what to fully make of this invitation. 

There were various ET Groups that wanted to evacuate their ET Embassies below the surface of the Earth (And its Oceans). Some of these facilities had sent distress calls and reported quite a bit of destruction and loss of life because of attacks and infighting of various groups. 

The "Earth Delegation" representatives were on the hotseat quite literally. Somehow this "Committee of 200" arranged to be on the Delegation Rotation once again. Since the betrayal of the Draco White Royals I imagine they are doing what they can to stay on top of the intelligence pyramid of the Earths Elite. 

The Sphere Alliance proposed humanitarian aid to these embassies which came to a shock to both sides and the SSP Alliance Delegate (Who was not given their own seat) and their IE Support Personnel were visibly upset by the offer. The petition by the ET's to evacuate their embassies and personnel was denied but the offer of humanitarian aid was offered in its place. These beings will be placed in "Protective Custody" by the Alliance and their needs will be met to a certain point.

The rest of the information about this Conference and the information I am authorized to release from the SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conference will be in the report/article that I will complete and post on our website. As stated I will post a link to that article here and Twitter once posted. I will also post a link to Dr. Salla's new article on this material (I have a feeling he will update his questions to me after this update). 

Thank you,

[The ET's that wanted amnesty (an official pardon for wrong doing, essentially part of the Cabal attempting to avoid their karmic lessons, trying to 'hide' in the underground/sea bases) ended up discovering their facilities were destroyed due to infighting. I can't help but think of the karmic corrections Corey discussed before, and how no one can truly escape the growth offered in experience. The greater one's choice to ignore this growth and harm others, the more intense the correction will most likely be. 

The Committee of "200" Corey mentions is a reduction of the original Committee of 300, which saw its numbers decline as a result of the Cabal pyramid of power loosing cohesion. David Wilcock summarized the narrative for this here. Given the Cabal's power over humanity is illusory or a giant magic trick, they have to 'keep up appearances' for the mind controlled masses on the ground. Now more then ever our powers of discernment and self activation are needed, and will help free our minds. This has always been the biggest factors for the general state of dis-empowerment on Earth.

"By their deeds we shall know them" is the phrase coming to mind when considering why the SSP Alliance would offer aide to the dark ET factions who lost bases and personal. The measure of morality in a society is how well treated its enemies are. Many people think we should 'show no mercy' to the Cabal and those who have harmed us, a type of eye for an eye justice. But more highly evolved beings recognize ALL LIFE has a right to be honored and compassionately taken care of. We can stop violence while at the same time offering healing, for healing is the modality of true reconciliation, so that the past traumas can be unified and no new revenge ideals need be taken up by those who feel aggrieved. Even the Cabal deserve compassion and forgiveness, for they are part of us as we are a part of them. That does not mean we should do nothing in the face of tyranny however, and the Sphere Beings seem to be a reflection of this high ideal; the Sacred Masculine Principle of Self Defense married with the Sacred Feminine Principle of Non-aggression.]

Comment on the above update:

I'll make a guess why the alliance IE's were upset. While the rest of the world is mucking around in outdated tech, these guys get some aid while hiding in their bunkers. I dunno up to how much is because natural law needs to play out but damn, they must be between a rock and a hard place to get aid from the sphere alliance.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance You hit the nail right on the head my friend. The Earth/SSP Alliance is not at all happy about having to offer "Humanitarian Aid" to groups that have been inhumane to many people of Earth. But you are correct that this is "Natural Law" and concepts that we do not understand with our current knowledge of how the cosmos works.

[I hinted at the general mechanics above, that ultimately we are all one, and trying to wreak vengeance on someone who hurt us is like trying to punish your toe if it gets stubbed. The Law of One, which is a work offering Natural Law understanding, constantly emphasizes that we are not separate at all, that we are literally ONE. This is echoed in other works describing soul groups and incarnation, stating some are literally 1 soul divided into many bodies from some purpose of experiential growth. If true, possibly one of these mechanisms is to take a soul who has violated another's free will, and divide them into 2 bodies in the next incarnation. Now these 2 bodies can experience different points of view on a karmic lesson that originated when they were a unified being. 

I suspect many more 'strange' things will be revealed like this, and that everything is always laid against the foundations of Natural or Spiritual Law; the plan of creation for progressive consciousness expansion and growth. For more on this see our series on Moral Culpability and Soul Growth:

Moral Culpability Defined, Analyzing Contractual Relationships and Renegotiation

Moral Culpability in Life, Negotiation and Intelligence Defined]

Question for Corey about 'how real this is':

Dear Corey, is this all really really REAL? Sorry...please do not mistake me...it all looks and sounds so good and wonderful. I just cannot wait long for the Full Disclosure to happen. I truly want, wish and pray that this planet is finally liberated from the grip of the dark forces soon and humanity wakes up and begins ascending higher and higher. Thank you Corey for all that you are doing. Lots of love..

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, It is real. But we all have a MAJOR ROLE to play in the liberation of the world. Our mass consciousness has the co-creative powers to bring for this change sooner than later. If we work on ourselves and raise our consciousness/vibrations we as individuals can speed things up. It is actually the "Mass Awakening" that is causing all of this to even be possible right now. WE are the key to removing the control system. We just have to stop waiting for a rescue by another group and take part in the change ourselves. This is an extremely important part of the equation.

[This is a process of mental synchronization (from the higher to the lower, the spiritual to the material), where we free our minds from within. As Corey says, literally everything that is happening in this grand story is about us, and that is not an egocentric point of view or discounting other life such as animals or plants. 

Humanity is meant to be caretakers in a sense, and since we have lost sight of our duty to honor and respect life, this slow process of evolution is a learning process; Mental Evolution. That does not mean emotions or feelings are not important, quite the contrary. We discussed this process of energetic shift in the post Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla's GoodETxSG Q and A from May 12th 2015, And Data From DIA Insider | Insider Corey GoodETxSG. Here is an excerpt:

The energetic 'web' that the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians are using to defuse the energy has been referred to by other researchers and is used to help ensure the maximum number of people or beings are able to receive the offer of evolution. Daniel from consciousness hugs, who specializes in Reciprocal Systems theory has stated that the use of various substances (GMO's and Chemtrail's) and electromagnetic systems on Earth (Wifi, electrical frequencies used to power electronics, etc) have greatly hindered the energetic shift. This process of uplift is a synchronization, allegorically represented by metronomes synchronizing which I described with a fair degree of detail here.

The Law of One states that the shift from 3rd density to 4th density began in approximately 1936:
40.10 Questioner: What, assuming that we are, our vibration— I am assuming this vibration started increasing about between twenty and thirty years ago. Is this correct? 
Ra: I am Ra. The first harbingers of this were approximately forty-five of your years ago, [1981-45= 1936] the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, shall we say, through the quantum leap, as you would call it. [calculation courtesy of David Wilcock Source]
This suggests that the shift is much more gradual than many have previously stated, and that our mental pattern is the biggest factor for determining our evolution. Dan Winter has a device called the heart tuner which can measure the physiological effect of one's mental patterns on their body. Within the awakening population I have observed a great degree of confusion as to what the nature of mind is and it's role is in our personal evolution which I will try and explain here.

Synchronization Mind by Way of the Body and Spirit

Consider the three aspects of our beingness, mind body and spirit. The Body is a community of 2nd density life which has organized itself into a vehicle for 3rd density beings to indwell and evolve. The Spirit is the higher self aspect which is beyond space and time, a part of us that can be thought of as holographic, meaning it does not change. What aspect of ourselves has the greatest degree of influence, as a result of our choices? What part of us undergoes the greatest degree of change from birth to death? - It is our minds, which is simply the part of us that has awareness, and organizes the things observed into meanings. These meanings can reflect true spiritual values, but not automatically, we can choose to value what we want and explore them accordingly. In this sense there are 2 general classifications for values, egocentric values which limit our growth and spiritual values which enhance our growth. Karma can be thought of as the universal correcting mechanism for revealing our choice not to grow, and as such provides 'resistance' for us in our personal experiences.

Note about Mind, Heart and Emotion - The definition of mind which we are using, and is described in the Law of One as well as many spiritual works, is different than that of various teachers which describe the mind as only uncontrollable thoughts or mind chatter. It is very important to acknowledge how we define terms because it literally affects how our thoughts are organized, affecting evolution. Therefore, the definition of mind we are using is anything we become aware of, essentially it is consciousness in motion. Emotion is the energy charge, either negative or positive  for something we have become aware of, as it relates to our choices about it; either fear or love - acceptance or denial. 

The experience Disgust is an excellent example of this. Often as children we find vegetables disgusting, which is simply a choice to deny the experience we are having at a deep level. This choice is dynamic, meaning it is like a moving thing, and the next time we encounter the object which we defined as 'disgusting' it will reflect back to us our previous choices; the law of one describes this as inertia. Inertia is simply the tendency of things in motion to stay in motion until another force acts upon it. Using our disgusting vegetable example, when we accept the experience of eating the vegetable (loving choice), we allow ourselves to develop an appreciation of it and transmute the previous choice of non-growth; its no longer disgusting.

Therefore in this definition of mind, emotions are part of the mental aspect of consciousness and the heart is the part of us that is providing a compass or guide so that we can make a new choice. Much like when we feel pain from touching a hot plate, it allows us to make a new choice, to pull our hand away from the hot object. 

Evolution of Mind

Within hermetic philosophy and various other spiritual works, including the Law of One, it is stated that the Universe is a mental construct, we are 'dreamers in the dream of the ALL' or aspects of the creator in the "illusion". Since the physical laws of the Universe are a reflection of the spiritual we can understand this mechanism of personal evolution as a tension differential. For example, if we look at the way heat is transferred from one object to another, it is a synchronization process. A pot sitting atop a hot kitchen stove is at a certain temperature which is less than the heating coil or flame underneath it; a heat differential. Over a period of time the two systems of motion (the objects in the system) equalize to produce a final product; a pot which has the same temperature as the stove.

The Body and Spirit are the 2 things which facilitate the synchronization of mind. For clarity the heart is an aspect of mind as well, since everything is one or in unity, the new age belief that the mind must be abandoned for the heart is a misconception. The body does undergo changes, but this is a co-creative process, meaning we as individuals or personalities work with the body from the moment of conception, using it as a receiver for sensation and information, which is funneled through the central nervous system into the brain, and then through the pineal gland into the super-material region of mind. The spirit or higher self is fixed or unchanging, it exists beyond space and time and is in the region of eternity. 

Taking all this into account, in 3rd density, the body allows us to explore desires, sensations and experiences, flowing into the mind, organized into meanings. We experience life in the 'real world' governed by Natural Law which appears to be 'deterministic' - no matter how hard we try to force our will on to the world it won't change the laws of Nature. But we can understand the laws and work with them to achieve our desires. 

The reason why the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians are helping to diffuse this energy is because the minds of humanity as a whole are greatly out of sync with the energies being offered for evolution. The Cabal knows enough about this process to focus a great deal of energy on keeping us locked in static and fixed belief systems, hindering the synchronization of mind. They employ mass mind control at nearly every level, in addition to disrupting the body itself. Food is heavily manipulated to create disturbances in the body (disease) which makes us feel like victims. Defining our experience as such creates an inertia of non-growth; instead of recognizing that our bodies are sick from the foods consumed, we think it is random, and never seek to know the truth, which creates a limiting belief system and mental stagnation. 

Dan Winter again is an excellent resource for the physiological effects of living life on earth. See this video for a very detailed explanation of this. The lack of electromagnetic connection to the earth, wearing rubber shoes and dwelling in harmonically dissonant electrically insulated environments (the actual electricity running in the walls) has the effect of desynchronizing our bodies to the environment they are entrained (connected) to. In addition the geometry of buildings (90 degree angles) creates EM dissonance patterns which actually de-organize EM fields vs organizing them. This creates a separation consciousness within, which as we learned above, hinders the mind's ability to grow (synchronize), and in turn means a larger differential.

Related Science For Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? with Dan Winter

All these systems work to limit soul expression and discovery, locking us into a type of pandemic post traumatic stress syndrome, hindering the ability of DNA to become self-organized. DNA changes it shape as a result of emotional charge, which we previously defined as a totality expression or charge related to mental patterns. In other words, when we define most of our experience as 'bad' and create a victim mindset, this is experienced as so called 'negative emotions' which in turn create a DNA geometry of separation, and prevent the synchronization process offered by the 4th density energy streaming in. 

David Wilcock often mentions Padmasambhava and hundreds of cases of 'ascension' by Buddhist monks. Given the discussion above we now have a scientific basis to understand how their practice works. It is a mental alchemy or tuning to the universe itself using symbols, chants and meditation. Because human nature is programmable, our choices and definitions of experience literally affect our emotional signature, which affects the physical reality around us. Emotions have a biological component, and an energetic or electromagnetic component. The monks' process use a method of thought form transmutation, whereby they systematically reprogram their mental definitions to include more of reality as a whole within. Because the unconscious aspect of mind 'sees all', we can reorganize the programs to reflect more of reality as a whole, which is a synchronization process. Eventually there is a critical mass reached and with an act of will, they can complete the synchronization, ascending from this plane of existence. 

What this means is that the normal process of mental evolution has been greatly hindered by our choice to remain ignorant and accept the control offered by the Cabal. As a result, the energy streaming in must be attenuated (down stepped in intensity) for humanities level of mental evolution as a whole. If they did not assist us in this process, the energy would be so great most of humanity would essentially, go insane. When we experience high intensity sensations, and have no logical or rational process for making sense of them (knowledge), it creates a traumatic pattern within, which causes disassociation; a type of mental quarantine. 

An excellent example of this are psychedelic experiences. Those who can find a way to make sense of the experience will often be greatly empowered, and studies have shown the beneficial effects of these experiences. Conversely, those who cannot make sense of it, will be deeply traumatized and dissociated; Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd is a case study of this phenomenon.

Chemtrails are another part of this mental stagnation program pushed by the Cabal, as they literally disrupt the coherent energy streaming in from the Sun, which per the Law of One quote above, has been increasing in intensity since 1936.

In other words this is the perfect way for the Blue Avians, or the brothers and sisters of sorrow, who are morally culpable for what has happened on earth, to 'heal their karma' while also offering help to us in a service to others modality. This is a plan of great wisdom as it does not rob us of our own paths of personal evolution; a 'win win scenario'. In one comment on Dr. Salla's post on our blog, one person was wondering why they didn't come and help us sooner; a type of cosmic rescue. At a fundamental level the Cabal's power is maintained by our acquiescence, and as such if we fail to take the corrective action to stop the madness, we won't have grown as a result, and ascension would be impossible. 

The Blue Avians will provide a 'mercy dispensation', diffusing the energies while slowly increasing them, in addition to forcing the Cabal to disclose the truth, and create enough 'pain' in society (implosion of the financial system) to help break the inertia of past choice which much of humanity is presently stuck in.]

Question about how humanity's capacity to do this:

Corey, this sound great but the sleeping masses are unlikely to do this without an opportunity to make a conscious free will choice.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance It starts with each of us... Then it spreads to the masses. Be concerned with your self, focused on your self. The rest will happen as the masses slowly awaken.

[I think the perspective to keep in mind is that this evolution, this shift, has been building up for a long time, possibly thousands of years within the context of the Earth. Its hard to cast judgement on its effectiveness from a very limited perspective; a single life time or even age. The so called 'angelic realms' that govern our level of reality, work the Absolute Plan of creation over countless Eons, and while the process is slow, it is happening. And this is not happening to us, we are co-creatively bringing about this shift with the Universe at large.

The analogy I love to use for this is the Synchronization Metronomes, that slowly begin interaction and adjusting, eventually once the vibrational quality is coherent enough, a quantum leap occurs. We are almost at that point now I think.]

Comment regarding the fate of slave laborers on Mars, and the ICC's desire to 'show that its voluntary':

Yesterday I shared some of my concerns here about the invitation to Mars but later removed my comment as it sounded too much like the advice of an armchair coach.I'm reassured from the latest QA addition on your Web site that you guys will play it close to the vest. I still remain worried however about the fate of the slave labor on Mars that you witnessed. I fear they and the evidence of their existence could have been eliminated in preparation for this invitation… I very much hope that my suspicions are wrong on this.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance We are fairly certain there would be some sort of deception at work. That is why there are some heavy negotiations going on right now on how these would take place. Your instincts are the same as ours on this matter.

[The Cabal are extremely adept at getting people to accept slavery willingly. We need only look out into our world to see the sleeping masses in a near total state of stockholm syndrome, even though life is a constant rat race of earning money just to survive. Many people spend all their time and energy just to provide basic living needs for themselves and their loved ones. I have no doubt that on other 'slave labor worlds' (like Mars) the population is equally at some level of self imposed slavery. And since this isn't a genuine offer to reconcile and build trust, by the ICC, it would be recognized as such and denied on its false pretenses. Honorable dealings, in harmony with Natural Law, require Trust, and there is no trust with out full disclosure of intentions and purposes.

Question about the Committee of "200":

Corey, would any of the representatives of "The Committee of 200" be public figures, i.e. someone we would recognise in the (mainstream) media? Or were the reps further up the food chain?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance No, they are people who are several levels above the people that our "Public Servants" report to.

[The Committee of 300 was/is many levels above Prime ministers, Representatives and those levels of officialdom, I suspect this is what Corey means, although he could be referring to a different committee.]

Question about why aide was offered:

Sphere Being Alliance The SSP Alliance is not happy about the "Humanitarian Aid" being offered to some of these groups. It is however "Natural Law" and inline with what was stated in the "Law of One" series about these 6th+ Density beings and their values compared to our current values. These beings are being evacuated and kept in "Custody" and provided aid and comfort to a certain point. This has many in the SSP and Earth Alliance very upset. They wanted to sit and watch as these negative groups destroyed one another both in the Sol System and below the Earths surface and oceans.

[I think this is very revealing, and it shows that there is a big difference between the Secret Space Program Alliance (of humans and ET's) and the Sphere Beings themselves. The SSP alliance is not some christ-like group of angels, they are humans and are much closer to us then we may think in that they are fallible and have their own story of life within the 3rd density reality. Conversely, the Sphere Beings are the "angel's" or spiritual order of beings (still fallible to a degree) working out the Plan of Creation, and recognize the self healing modality we discussed above; echoed in the Law of One and Natural Law.]

Question about when the deadline for all this is:

What I REALLY what to know is the DEADLINE the Sphere Beings have set for disclosure if it is not done by the various ET alliances themselves!!!

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance There is on "Pin In The Calendar"... Anyone who puts out certain dates is asking for trouble. The timeline is fluid and moving still. The more the masses awaken and our mass consciousness focuses on this one event the sooner it will occur.

Question about preventing deaths:

Is the ET blocus causing more deaths than it prevents?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance It wasn't setup to prevent deaths. It was setup to prevent escape or reinforcements of the negative forces who have enslaved the Sol System and are being forced to stay here until a series of "Events" where they will be judged.

[I know many people view death and suffering as an absolutely bad thing, but since death is just a transition, and life is about soul growth, nothing truly dies or is wasted as suffering. What this does reveal is a mind trying to reconcile these grander ideas within a rigid belief system of death always being bad. Their further comment reveals much:]

Further Commentary about death:

Do you know the meaning of death for the "negative" forces, the slaves beings or the "blocus" forces in this story ? Did some of them have an after-life or immortality ? Is this proposed Event "justice" temporal for living ones only or eternal for both living and dead beings ?

[I think this person is trying to pin life and death as some absolute dividing line, where ones  you die, the afterlife is an immortal experience. But in my research the line is much more blurred then we think. The Dracos have extended their lives using immortality technology, but their soul growth is still operating, and when death of the body vehicle occurs, this soul yearns for experiences to enable further growth, I suspect, the ultimate choices made in between lives, could contrast with the choices made in the previous fleshly life, and the next incarnation will offer experience to provide for healing and growth.]




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