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An Incredible True Story of Artificial Clouds and Weather Modification

Out of all the conspiracy realities plaguing our planet, geoengineering or weather modification should be the most easily recognizable. The fact is, anyone with a pair of functioning eyes can look up at the sky and see it happening real time, no dogma or experts required.

Yet every year there are millions of pounds of chemicals dumped into the atmosphere, blanketing the entire sky with 'chem clouds' and most of the population is none the wiser; a testament to the Cabal's mass mind control and conditioning programs. The average person assumes that they are contrails, vapor clouds left by air planes with no nefarious intent behind them. But most contrails dissipate within second of their creation. The reason why is simple science.

Contrail vs Chem-trail

Take a deep breath and exhale on a window or mirror - what happens? A small condensation film appears covering the glass, and almost as soon as it forms, it begins to dissipate. The reason why is due to the differential between the humidity in the air and newly condensed water. This is how it works. As we breath air into our lungs it passes into the body, entering a warmer and more water dense or accessible environment. As a result, water evaporates into the air as it makes its way through the lungs. Upon exhaling, the air is warmer and more humid, which will condense into a thin film of moisture on the cool glass as we breath on it. But this moisture will quickly evaporate again due to the dry air around it. Contrails work the same way.

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The hot engine produces an exhaust of warm humid air, that quickly condenses into a condensation trail if the surrounding air is cold enough. But since the air is less humid, this newly formed cloud quickly evaporates. This is the key difference between a contrail and the so called 'chem-trails', which are actually a huge release of cloud condensation nuclei. Hygroscopic metallic aerosols are the chemical used to artificially create clouds, acting as a sponge or magnet for water vapor, absorbing it to form a cloud trail that persists. Because of the electromagnetic properties of these particles, they disburse over a wide area absorbing water vapor as they go, forming a thin veil of 'chem-cloud' as they expand. This will prevent rain from falling at different points on the planet, causing drought, or massive flooding. 

There any many ways this technology has been abused by the elite. The recent water shortage in California could be one such example. 

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Regardless of the conspiracy speculation, the fact is cloud seeding has a profound affect on weather patterns and undoubtedly changes the ecosystems of the planet. And this can affect economies of nations and local areas. Whole nations can be affected by changing the weather of the planet, but this is just one of the many thing they are used for.

Daniel from Conscious Hugs blog, a former Montauk Project asset, discusses how the use of certain chemicals in chem-trails has even been used to stifle the energetic shift of the planet.

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The bottom line is people all over the planet are witnessing this on a daily basis and have completely blinded themselves to it. Yet it remains one of the most easily accessible red pills available to the truth warriors of this world. By empowering one's self with key knowledge about these realities, we can then offer truth to the sleeping masses in a way that they can understand. Compassion is our ally here, as many people are emotionally traumatized and will usually reject anything they do not understand as a method to protect their ego. But the truth can not remain long hidden, and those who have they eyes to see are duty bond to reveal it to those who can not. We will use any and every tool available to open the minds of the sleeping masses, so long as honor of free will is maintained.

- Justin

Source - Humans Are Free

1. Aircraft produce about 10 trillion cubic feet of water vapor annually

It’s true that jet airplanes are larger, have more powerful engines and fly more frequently than ever… about 700 million passenger flights per year in the US alone.

For each gallon of jet fuel burned, aircraft produce a gallon of steam, because H2O is one of the two chemical byproducts resulting from the combustion of hydrocarbons. Current jet fuel use is about 60 billion gallons per year.

Scroll down for Documentary

At the sub-zero temperatures where contrails form, steam from the exhaust freezes and expands to about a hundred times its sea-level volume in the low air pressure of the stratosphere. 60 billion gallons of fuel = 60 billion gallons of water = approximately 10 trillion cubic feet of steam producing ice crystal clouds.1

But there’s more to artificial clouds than just water.

2. Weather modification programs affect contrail cloud formation

Weather modification means cloud seeding with silver iodide (AgI)— hygroscopic metallic aerosols that provide a dense field of cloud condensation nuclei (CCNs) to thicken clouds and induce precipitation. Condensation nuclei are the basis of cloud development.

When mixed with moisture, silver iodide promotes cloud formation by providing CCNs that jet exhaust moisture can bond with. 

The invisible cloud-seeding chemicals are dispersed in the atmosphere at around 20,000 feet, in front of incoming moisture fronts, enhancing contrails from jet air traffic and often spawning cloud cover prior to the storm’s arrival.

Silver iodide aerosols are invisible once dispersed, and the contrails from the planes burning the flares are minimal and usually disappear because these are small jets that are already at their cruising altitude; that is, using relatively little fuel.

However, when large aircraft ascend through the seeded fields of silver iodide at these higher altitudes, their contrails become instantly visible.

The extreme photosensitivity of the crystalline-shaped silver iodide aerosols combine with the highly-reflective ice crystals from the exhaust to form bright white contrail wakes behind the plane that tend to persist rather than disperse.

Documentary Film – Thousands of planned weather modification events occur every year in the U.S. and worldwide. 

They are not isolated, low-altitude events; they are prolific, ongoing high-altitude programs in an industry that has been growing since the 1960s.

This short film gives a glimpse into weather modification and the effect it’s having on our world.
“Even small changes in the abundance or location of clouds could change the climate more than the anticipated changes caused by greenhouse gases.” — NASA
By CS Globe



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