Friday, May 29, 2015

Synchronized Global Meditation For Peace (Every Sunday)

Group meditation can be a powerful tool for initiating the process of change within and without. It is not the only tool, and we should not place all our eggs in one basket in this sense. Our inner eye of mental inspection draws energy from the higher organizing planes of existence, settling in the mind as insights and expanded perception. 

Once this inner alchemy has taken place, we can now being the great work without, the moral action of being the change in the world; our spiritual duty to serve others. Our planet is stricken by piracy and illegitimate government, unwittingly accepted by the masses, and even upheld with a sense of ignorant pride. Meditation helps condition the collective consciousness with coherent energies tilling the fields for a more direct working, of speaking our truth and offering empowerment. 

The truth is be offered in time, but it is grounded in eternity. What this means is we need not think the battle must be won immediately, instead it must be waged at all moments with outward compassion while maintaining an inner resolve. Can we do it? Yes, in fact we are here for that purpose, our life has been preparing us, one challenge at a time, for this great work. 

Now is the time, here is the place, and we are the ones we have been waiting for!

- Justin

Source - The Mind Unleashed

Synchronized Global Meditation For Peace

Hey friends! NOW is the time for us to join together as one global family and create the world we want to live in. Each and every one of us can make a difference. As we come together for a weekly global synchronized meditation, we share the love in our hearts and help uplift the vibration for all.

The global meditations are held each Sunday for 30 minutes at 3 pm GMT. That is 8 am in Los Angeles, 10 am Buenos Aires, 11 am in Mexico City & New York, 4 pm in the UK, 5 pm in Central Europe & Africa, 7 pm Beirut & Jerusalem, 9 pm Pakistan, 10 pm in Nepal, 11 pm in Bankok, 12 pm Manila & Shanghai; 1 am Seoul & Tokyo, 2 am Sydney. If you cannot figure out your time, please ask us and we would be happy to assist you.

In collaboration with Spirit ScienceThe Master ShiftTao & Zen,Personable Media and Stillness in the Storm we invite you to join us in this revolutionary act.

If we want to live in a more loving world, we must be more loving people. For there is no other way to peace. The path to peace has been shared by many ancient philosophers, the key is inside each of us. When we are peaceful and loving, and share it through meditation, it assists all beings on our planet in becoming more happy, loving and peaceful.

The "Maharishi Effect," which occurs during synchronized meditation, has been studied in 33 countries, by over 250 independent research institutions and in over 600 studies. It has been shown to have positive effects on many social, political and economic areas in our world, including reduced acts of terrorism and crime.

Scientists believe this is due to a coherent resonance being created in the Unified Quantum Field by those meditating. How then does this spread to an entire group from one localized position? Think of a laser. It's coherent light is established by what is known in physics as the Field Effect.

The Field Effect's principle, according to The Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy is, "that it is not necessary to act individually on each individual constituent of a system, but that the system can be handled in one stroke at the collective level."

As physicist and speaker Gregg Braden has said, "Our beliefs have the power to change the flow of events in the universe-literally to interrupt and redirect time, matter and space, and then events that occur within them."

It is our intention that these global meditations will be for the highest good of all, in alignment with the Universal will that expresses through each of us. The time to come together is NOW, with this weekly global meditation to share the love we have in our hearts to all people, animals, plants, our planet, the universe, whatever higher power you believe in. Everyone is invited to join us.



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