Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Philippines Media Covers UFO Sighting Recorded By Many Witnesses

A UFO witnessed and recorded by many people made the mainstream news in Pampanga, Philippines. Corey GoodETxSG, a secret space program insider, was asked to reveal information to the public by the Sphere Being Alliance, a group of advanced ET's allied with the Solar Warden Program. The Cabal was given a deadline to disclose the truth to humanity, and the Cabal is scrambling to spin the story in their favor. Corey has also emphasized that they are intending on using a very well orchestrated disinformation campaign. 

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If accurate, this could mean we see many UFO's being spotted around the world for various reasons. They could be actual ET craft or they could be advanced SSP craft from one of the many programs. 

I think in either case the more UFO's that are seen, the more easily humanity will be able to accept a major disclosure event. This sighting of note because it is being reported by the media, much like the NBC 7 San Diego UFO from last week

I'll ask Corey to take a look at this one, and see if it resembles anything he is familiar with. 

- Justin

Source - Ascension With Mother Earth

A number of high-profile UFO sightings have been making headline news in the Central Luzon region. Described as 'dancing lights', the aerial anomalies were reported and filmed by several different witnesses in the province of Pampanga last Sunday night. Since then a number of videos have emerged on YouTube showing the phenomenon from a variety of different angles. While the recordings appear to show multiple lights in the sky reports indicate that they belonged to two distinct objects. Witness Paolo Gallardo claimed that the lights had stayed in the vicinity for around five minutes. A local TV news report, which features several different witness recordings of the objects, can be viewed below. Notable clips occur at 00:19, 01:00 and 01:36 on the video.

Pampanga UFOs

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