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Northern & Southern California hit by Earthquakes at DORMANT VOLCANOES | Dormant (Ancient) Volcanoes Near LAS VEGAS NEVADA Hit By Multiple Earthquakes

More Earth changes sweeping the planet, this time in the North American continent. 

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- Justin

Source - Dutchsinse

Over the past 24 hours there have been a series of earthquakes which developed directly at (or very close to) multiple dormant volcanoes in California, and Nevada.

black butte may 27 2015
Above: Screenshot of a Butte Volcano located close to the recent earthquake epicenter in Northern California.

Northern California has now seen seismic activity very close to Mount Lassen volcano, with a M3.0 earthquake striking next to a chain of smaller nearby volcanic buttes.

The screenshots below show the volcanoes nearby this current earthquake epicenter.  Places with names like “Black Butte” and “Tuscan Buttes” within just a few miles where the earthquake struck.
dormant volcanoes west coast may 26 2015
Further South in California, just across the border in Baja Mexico (Gulf of California), another series of dormant buttes showed seismic activity in the same few hours time.
Just like the volcanoes in Northern California, these smaller buttes are part of a greater volcanic complex.  In this case, in Mexico, we see the giant dome of a very old “super-volcano” located in Baja Mexico.
dormant volcanoes mexico may 26 2015
As with other large volcanic complexes, in Baja Mexico there are smaller nearby cones, and buttes which show signs of recent eruption in the past several hundred years.
As the aforementioned earthquakes were striking the dormant volcanoes in California, we saw a new swarm of earthquakes develop at dormant volcanic buttes located near Las Vegas, Nevada.
This Las Vegas movement began earlier this week with a noteworthy swarm of earthquakes, the largest of which was a 5.4 magnitude (4.8M revised) event North of Lake Mead which struck directly at an ancient volcanic butte.
As you can see in the screenshots below, the presence of small volcanic buttes near the recent Las Vegas Nevada earthquake epicenter indicates this seismic unrest is related to greater movement in the region, and is a sign of something to watch as a gauge for larger earthquake unrest to possibly come in the near term.
dormant butte nevada earthquake may 26 2015a
may 26 2015 earthquake may 26 2015
nevada earthquake dormant buttes may 26 2015

Source - Dutchsinse

Today (May 26, 2015) , another noteworthy earthquake swarm has struck this unnamed Volcanic complex.
nevada earthquake dormant volcanic butte may 26 2015
Screenshots from nearby the earthquake epicenter reveal several long dormant volcanic buttes at this location.

The black basalt, and multi-colored black / red igneous rocks atop these small buttes indicate an eruptive past (most likely thousands of years ago).

nevada earthquake dormant buttes may 26 2015
Above: Dormant volcanic buttes reside near the Las Vegas Nevada earthquake epicenter location – Multiple noteworthy earthquakes over 1 weeks time (Last week of May 2015). Black basalt , red / grey / black igneous rock, and even small eroded lava flows exist near this location.

The location of the larger 5.4M earthquake appears to be two ancient undersea volcanoes less than a mile away.
These dormant volcanic buttes can still be seen with a crest, and layered flow across the landscape.  These two larger ancient volcanic buttes may have formed at a time when water was still present over much of Nevada.

dormant butte nevada earthquake may 26 2015
Above: Two ancient volcanic buttes reside at the epicenter of the 5.4 (4.8M revised) Las Vegas Nevada earthquake from May 22, 2015. Given away by a crested peak of the butte with layered lava flows revealed by erosion. Most likely an ancient undersea volcanic flow which is now showing signs of activity.

The younger smaller (darker black) buttes must have formed over the past few thousand years, as their coloring, and shapes have not eroded as much as the larger ancient undersea buttes where the 5.4M struck.
Two screenshots below show two nearby obvious lava flows from the tops of small volcanic buttes which surround the area now experiencing earthquakes in Nevada.
dormant butte nevada earthquake may 26 2015a
may 26 2015 earthquake may 26 2015
None of these ancient volcanoes have any volcanic designation from the USGS (from what I can find doing research), thus these “unnamed” ancient volcanoes should now be named “the dutch buttes” in honor of their discoverer.  (just joking).
In all seriousness, these dormant volcanoes are showing movement after several other dormant volcanoes saw activity along the West coast over the past week (including Mount Hood, Glacier Peak, Mammoth Mountain, Mono Lake, + Salton Sea).
Overall, these Nevada dormant volcanic earthquakes are a sign of greater pressure still building in the region of the Southwest United States.
Three different 3.0M+ earthquakes have struck in the past hour since originally posting this website post (currently 940pm CDT May 26, 2015)

M3.4 – 34km S of Caliente, Nevada

LOCATION37.307°N 114.498°W
DEPTH16.1 km
MINIMUM DISTANCE49.98 km (0.45°)
FE REGIONNevada (41)

LOCATION/UNCERTAINTY37.360°N 114.596°W± 2.0 km
MINIMUM DISTANCE40.63 km (0.36°)
FE REGIONNevada (41)



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