Friday, May 1, 2015

NBC San Diego Films Massive UFO Or Fleet Spotted Over City | Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego

Update - May 7th 2015 - Someone was kind enough to send this update from NBC providing a very good explanation of the UFO captured. 

There is a hill in Mexico overlooking the city about 15 miles from the US border. From the point of view of the photographer that night, there is was a well lit building complex and TV antennas, which appeared to be hovering above the city due to fog. The fog was obscuring the hill causing the illusion of floating lights.

Given this new data, the possibility that lights are a flying craft is very small, and the more likely explanation is that the alleged UFO is the antennas on the hill in Mexico.

Thankfully we are more interested in the truth then what we want to believe, and this underscores why when searching for it, we should not develop an absolute belief system. Instead a probability assessment with degrees of certainty can be used, always leaving room for other data to change the conclusions we previously arrived at.  More about that here.

Update May 2nd 2015 - Corey GoodETxSG was kind enough to post a response to my inquiry about the nature of this UFO sighting which can be found here.

Another UFO is being reported by the media, the article can be found here.

This is one of the more compelling UFO videos we have ever seen, which was reported by an NBC news channel in San Diego on April 30th. Unlike many UFO videos blown off as bogus because they are not reported on the news, this one is. A major red pill event in the making potentially.

Below is a video analysis from Ben Davidson and his team at Suspicious Observers, covering many of the offered explanations and their plausibility. The best 'debunking' I've heard thus far is that the lights are a reflection from inside a room, appearing on the sky because the camera is pointing out the window. But this doesn't have any supportive evidence, there are no other reflective areas, and upon image analysis there are on other reflections illuminated, which would usually be the case if it were lights on a window. And of course it was reported by a major news station, NBC, so presumably if it was just reflections their staff of camera people probably would have spotted it. 

Assuming this is a valid UFO, it looks like a 'heavy metal' class of ship, and could even be part of the Secret Space Program. David Wilcock recently shared data from insider Corey Good that there is an Alliance between one of the Secret Space Program factions, Solar Warden, and they are forcing the Cabal to disclose ET's and much more before the end of this year. There is a great deal of information in David's talk which lends credence to this notion. See the post David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surender, Sphere Beings, and Much More.

The UFO does not resemble the 'light craft' seen by Steven Greer's group earlier this year in Vero Beach Florida:

Two large light ships off the coast of Vero Beach FL.
Click here for related Article

If this is a light craft, this would be an example of a highly advanced energetic craft or super material, which can easily phase in and out of our reality. Many of these types of craft are used by very advanced civilizations according to some researchers. 

The UFO recorded by NBC looks more like a massive space ship, the kind we would see in movies, and it correlates well with the insider information revealed by Wilcock and Corey GoodETxSG. Essentially, there is an extremely advanced race of beings, billions of years old in their development, which allied with the Solar Warden program in 2012 as an effort to take down the Cabal on Earth. Their technology is superior to several other groups who also have highly advanced technology they developed as part of other ET alliances. This means that we have our own 'Star Trek' level technology which would easily be mistaken as alien. But if their intention is to prepare the public slowly, this could be one of the Secret Space Programs craft flying over the city. 

I am going to ask Corey to take a look at this footage and see if it resembles any of the craft he is familiar with. I'll update this post with new information as I receive it. 

For the original 27 second video shot by NBC go here.

- Justin

Updated at 8:37 AM PDT on Thursday, Apr 30, 2015

Did you see those mysterious lights southwest of San Diego on Tuesday night?

A viewer sent us several photos he took, capturing a string of multicolored lights in the sky above San Diego. The viewer, Larry Fox, said the lights that appeared to be red, blue and green kept flashing and changing colors from his vantage point in Del Cerro.

"It looked like a strobe light," he said.

Fox said he was out in his backyard when he saw the strange lights southwest of the Coronado Bridge. He didn't think it was a plane or even a drone because it was stationary.

"It was a series of flashing lights," he said. "If it was a plane, it would have moved."

A NBC 7 reporter and photographer also spotted the strange lights from San Ysidro as they were covering an unrelated story on Tuesday night.

A number of folks also called us here at NBC 7, reporting the same thing.

So did you see it? Leave us a comment below.



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