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22 Cases for ET Genetic Manipulation of Humanity At Conference, Psychic Abilities of Corey and David Wilcock | Insider Corey GoodETxSG

Update May 19th 2015 - Tomas was kind enough to elucidate me on what "IE" most likely means; Intuitive Empath.

These updates came from Corey's Facebook page Sphere Being Alliance.

This update covers:
  • Corey GoodETxSG meets with over 60 beings at a recent Human-like Federation conference, including 22 races of beings which claim to have affected the human genome with valuable"Contributions to Humanity" over thousands of years.
  • Each group claimed to have a positive influence on humanity from their unique point of view.
  • The "IE's" did not detect any danger or deception.
  • Corey gave a full report to David Wilcock who is transcribing it for the E-Book.
  • Also a psychic reading of Corey and David Wilcock's recent disclosure data.
The are a few points I found interesting in this update. Firstly the narrative of multiple ET races influencing humanity is not new. Kurt von Donegan work focuses heavily on this and is featured in the early 90's documentary The Legend of Atlantis, a 5 part mini series with a great deal of information it matching Corey's narrative.

Corey specifically linked to an article we found on which we thought to be yet another data point supporting the notion humanity being a hybrid race from many different other species; Humans Have 145 'Alien' Genes: Some DNA is NOT From Our Ancestors. Also see Alien Blood Type | Does Rh Negative Blood Type Equal Hybrid Heritage?

Dan Winter's work discusses this with breath taking detail in his epic series Science and Consciousness Series, wherein he describes the science of life and ascension we talked of in the post Science Of Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME - Alive? with Dan Winter.

Lloyd Pye also has a very informative and objective discussion providing conclusive evidence that the origins of humanity on earth have nearly no supportive evidence; Evolution of Humans | Everything You Know Is Wrong (about Human Origins) - Lloyd Pye.

Also, Spirit Science shares a great deal of information about Earth's deep past which is reflected almost completely in a channeling from Arch Angel Metetron; Atlantean Technology and History | A Very Detialed Story of the Fall of Atlantis and the Atlantean use of Crystals.

I have been researching alternative histories for several years, and probably reviewed hundreds at this point. Almost all of them have general similarities while, the specific details regarding names, dates and places vary. Given that the truth is one, I think all of them could be reflections of history in their own way passed through what ever source provided them.

Corey's commentary echoes this idea, kind of like a cosmic telephone game where a statement is distorted as it passes from one person to another. All of this lends further credence to what Corey offers in his data.

I am anticipating the Ebook about the specific details of these presentations - who these races are, what their goals were, and how did they achieve them? The answers to those questions are essential for discerning their honor and adherence to the principles of natural law described in the Law of One series. By their deeds we shall know them.

I study Natural Law and by extension Trust Law, Equity Law (Contract Law) and Statutory Code. In the Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla's GoodETxSG Q and A, the concept of 'the tree of law' is offered, essentially saying that all beings and things are of the creator, when embodiment come together to do anything there is always a trust and contractual relationship at work. This is essentially the science of how two free will beings interact with each other, and once that perspective is taken up, allows a honor or dishonor determination to be made. 

Related Practical Knowledge for the Awakening | Free Will, Contractual Reality and Honor

The Cabal employs deception, manipulation and coercion, abrogating free will. As such these interactions are in Breach of Trust, which means any contract which comes about through them is dishonorable and non-binding. For example any race which interfere's with humanity and does not honor its free will to choose so,and is breaching trust, therefore is not as evolved as a race which honor's free will. 

Ra from the Law of one series is an excellent example of a being that honor's free will to a very high degree. This is one of the concepts I became aware of, helping me to discern the nature of who I am interacting with, if they are honorable or dishonorable. This is very, useful in everyday life to a great degree. If these ET' races claim to have helped humanity, that may have been their intent, meaning they may not be overtly trying to deceive anyone if the end result as disharmonious. The "IE's" (Intuitive Empath) apparently stated as much during the Conference.

Their 'reading' of the groups is very much like a lie detector test, measuring the anxiety level of someone which usually indicates if they believe that what they are sharing is untrue.This merely confirms the person's knowledge level with respect to their unique experience, not whether the item in question is objectively true or not. For example, if you ask the average Joe if they think the government is run by a dark cabal, they will answer no, and the lie detector will indicate a 'truthful' response, but clearly there is a Cabal. 

This is what I call an Honor Discernment Process and will undoubtedly be part process for adjudicating the Cabal after disclosure. I intend on revealing more of this information in future posts.

As for the second item, which is a Psychic reading about Corey and David, I think everyone is using their intuitive abilities at all times, but the quality of the information made available can vary depending on the accuracy of knowledge developed within. This is where the concept of negative and positive knowledge helps explain why intuitive data can seem to diverge so much. 

Intuition is similar to observation, meaning how well we can recognize the things we are seeing determines what they mean, and in turn how well we can use the information to benefit us. If we improperly learn a language, for example, we might mistake words with the wrong ideas, hindering our ability to communicate with others. Intuition is the inner eye observing the time-space region of ourselves, and is much more plastic and fluid then the seemingly rigid material region of space-time observed with our fleshly eyes. 

As such, if our consciousness is grounded largely in the physical, our Psychic abilities will be hindered and the intuitive data will seem like 'random mind chatter.' In my own experience, I have noticed an increasing ability to predict events or receive premonitions as my knowledge expands and as I do the work of reconciling it within. Sometimes while watching TV shows, I get a flash of the ending in my mind, which is happening with more and more regularity of late. Not to mention the countless other ways we all receive data by synchronicity (synchronization from the time-space region to the conscious mind via intuition processes).

This further underscores the analysis offered in the post Secret Space Program, ET's, Time Travel, Off World Civilizations, Memory Wiping | Part 1 Michael Salla Q and A with Insider GoodETxSG Corey. Essentially the more accurately and completely one's knowledge reflects reality as a whole, the stronger their personality and capacity for psi abilities and intuition. 

Corey has discussed his involvement in various programs using those types of abilities in the past, and David Wilcock has an extensive catalog of research discussing his intuitive data and methods. What I think is important to note is that these skills are not magically imparted to us, but a result of personal work and dedication, summarily described as being a truth seeker and following it where ever it leads. 

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

- Justin

Comment by Corey on Sphere Beings Alliance on Facebook:
This article seemed a good way to bring up a topic I hadn't posted on quite yet. In the last Human-Like Federation Conference (Less than a week after the Draco "White Royal" Federation Meeting/Betrayal of the Cabal/Illuminati) after a short presentation I was asked to deliver there was then a follow up of each of the over 60 Beings Present (Usually Never More Than 40 Beings Present). Among these were those involved in the 22 Scientifically Documented Presentations delivered decades prior claiming to have created/engineered Earth Humans genetically. Each of the beings present gave a short presentation of what they considered their "Contributions To Humanity" over the thousands of years they had been managing human affairs. This was the exact same setting that I had attended in an Intuitive Empath Support Role when I was younger and did not understand what was going on. Being an actual "Delegate" this time I understood everything going on and said. It was interesting that each group seemed to make a case that they had been a positive influence on the creation and management of humanity. Of course this was their point of view and the "IE's" present in support of us detected no danger or deception. It was a much more pleasant meeting than the one days before. I gave the full report to DW who recorded it and is transcribing it into the E-Book.


Q. Hi Lynn! First of all, thanks for your wonderful work! I was wondering if you could make a reading on GoodETxSG. This guy is an "insider" who had begun working with David Wilcock this year, but some friends of mine did a research on him and he seems to be releasing some intel on some forums for 2+ years. Now is leaking some info here: He has also created another website here:

A. [I did go to these websites and spent a few minutes "feeling" his energy before tuning into this reading.] As I connect to him, his messages for the most part resonate with me. I get that he has knowledge due to life experience, and also knowledge due to his spiritual connection with the "oneness." The words clairvoyance (he just sees things like a waking daydream) and claircognizance (he knows things) combined with his life experiences with ET life provides him with a lot of insight.

I see he relays his messages, but not with a purpose to instill fear, but rather spread truth and help people to realize truth leads to empowerment. With a level of increased consciousness, we can rise and at that moment join with a higher ET force. There is also the underlying message that there are ETs out there to help us, we just have to be open to their help and be willing to work with them is they are willing to put forth their effort. For us to regain earth we have to be willing to work toward freeing ourselves too, and freedom cannot be bestowed upon us. (Then I get that you can set up a country with democracy, but if the people don't want it and aren't willing to fight or put forth effort to maintain it, a true democracy will not be realized- Freedom from control of the cabal works the same way)

I see we are headed toward freedom from the cabal, but in order for us to accomplish that goal we must raise the overall consciousness and be worthy and accepting of these positive ET forces. I also get that we have a lot of work to do, but it is achievable. The cabal is scared and clinging on to what they can- spreading fear and trying to keep the vibrations lowered. But, the truth is we are slowly rejecting these lower vibrations (I see the power that be in a real panic and at points of desperation- I hear that false items are in place trying to keep us in this illusion. The illusion is that they are in control, but in reality we are, but we put false intimidation upon ourselves.) and the shift is happening now...

The split...

To further expand upon this, I see two splits happening with this shift. I have been asked about something referred to by many people as the "Event." I see as consciousness rises, and people evolve they will graduate into a higher dimension during their next incarnation. There is a divide in dimensions in which those that have elevated themselves will be able to experience life in a 4D or 5D experience during their next physical incarnation. They may choose to come back in the 3D world, but they are open to learning additional life lessons and grow through experience in a higher dimension. Until now the majority of people have been blocked from advancing by getting caught up in incarnation cycles, but by regaining our power, many opportunities open up- and the cycle can be broken.

Those that aren't capable or chose to reside in the lower vibrations will be stuck in the 3D loop. They won't be able to advance until they are capable of maintaining a consistent frequency.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light-


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