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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 21 and 22 - The New World Order Launch Ceremony and The Next Financial Crisis May Publicly Begin On June 4

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- Justin

Source - Redefining God

[Update 21 – 12 May 2015]
I stumbled upon this article at The Economic Collapse blog today, and then I came across this
…Essentially, it is a meeting to publicly launch the New World Order.

Looking to the left side of the page, the steps of the “Post 2015 process” are given, and the next step is the “Follow up and review” meeting which concludes on May 22. This is followed by a three-stage “Intergovernmental negotiations on the outcome document” process which begins on June 22

Speaking of 22s, recall from Update 9 that the Pope is scheduled to arrive in Washington D.C. on September 22, specifically in the evening. I wouldn’t be surprised if his plane landed at twilight, thus symbolizing the twilight of American global leadership. If that’s not enough symbolism for you, he will address the UN General Assembly in the morning (the “dawn of a new day”) of September 25, just 3 days later…

This symbolically mimics Jesus’ death and resurrection. The (American-led Interim) World Order will die on the cross on September 22, and the (UN-led New) World Order will be resurrected on the third day. My, how the “elite” love their silly little bullsh*t.
[Update 22 – 13 May 2015]
The next financial crisis may publicly begin on June 4
As you may have noticed in the news, Greece had to raid their IMF piggy bank in order to make their May 11 payment to the IMF. Here is a little snippet from Reuters
>>> With Athens trying to scrape together all public cash reserves to pay pensions and wages this month, the method used to make the IMF payment underlined the government’s predicament.
Greece drew on reserves from the IMF that are denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), a basket of international currencies, which a Greek central bank official said was done with the Fund’s approval. The account must be replenished within weeks. <<<
So not only must the Greeks replenish the piggy bank “within weeks,” they must also make dramatically higher payments to the IMF and the European institutions over the next two months. I found this schedule of Greek payments on Zero Hedge
…So here are the amounts of Greek external payments in millions of Euros:
May – 768
June – 1,573
July – 3,943
Greece had to scrape the bottom of their financial barrel to make this month’s 768 million euro payment, so how are they going to come up with twice as much between June 4 and June 18 and replenish their IMF account to boot? How will they manage to pay their crushing July payments? Barring the rumored advance payment on the Russian pipeline, they won’t. So the financial train wreck that will kick off the next phase of the economic crisis will likely occur in the June 4 – 18 timeframe.
With this in mind, let’s have a look at the Federal Reserve’s FOMC meeting schedule
It’s notable that the June and September meetings are “associated with a Summary of Economic Projections and a press conference by the Chair.” Since the public has been told that the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates will be “data dependent,” and since Yellen will want to give a speech when the increase occurs, these two meetings are the most likely times for the Fed to push the button. So how will this play in to what is happening in Europe right now?
Based on what I see now, my best guess is that Greece will default in June and thus kick off a wave of fallout events over the following months. The Greeks will then go to the BRICS Summit in early July to join the BRICS Bank and restart their economy with the drachma and BRICS loans. We’ve already seen the globalists plant the seed for this in the public mind. With all this in motion, the Fed will then trigger the New Lehman Moment with a September rate hike. This means the world will be in serious crisis right before the Pope and the UN meet on September 25. The “heroes” will be in place to “save the day.”
I would encourage you to have your emergency preparations in place by the end of May and to maintain a full readiness posture through September. Don’t be afraid, though. Remember, it’s all a show.
Much love to you.
- Ken



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