Monday, May 11, 2015

'Data Dump' and David Wilcock's Vetted Data Almost Ready, No Longer Using One Truth Forum for Q and A | Insider Corey GoodETxSG

It appears that updates from Corey via the One Truth Forum will be coming to a close. He does intend on doing further updates via the websites listed below. 

There will be a major 'data dump' in a free ebook on his website to be published very soon, along with the release with David Wilcock. 

I will continue to post information that Corey puts out on his new site.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

- Justin

Source - The ONE Truth

[May 11th 2015 02:30 Comment #578]

I am requesting that this main thread be closed. 

I will be updating my web site, my Blog & my Facebook Site on "WHERE" I will to continue the process of Question and Answers as well as all further Releases of Data. 

The environment here has recently become one that is impossible to have a continued productive conversation. We have just now gotten over some speed bumps and roadblocks to presenting the larger and most interesting (And Jaw Dropping/Controversial) information from the past SSP Experiences and the Recent and Ongoing SSP Alliance, Sphere Alliance and Various Federation Conferences.

I have been working with David Wilcock over the last few days as well putting together a rather large combined data dump of most of the information he has collected over the months of vetting me.

This information will be presented in quite a large release the in a FREE "E-Book" type format. I am not sure if this will be apart of the part 2 of his current article or a completely separate release on his

I appreciate all of the supporters that have come to TOT in recent months (From KP's & Other Blogs) and apologize that I have not been able to get to your questions in recent weeks (I promise I WILL get to them ALL at the new Q&A Location). There have been quite a few distractions in the background on a number of levels that I am hoping to eliminate. I also hope to setup an "Email/Newsletter" on my website very soon that people can join to receive regular updates.

As I stated this all has been the beginning of the information release process that has been held back by a couple of issues. Those are all about to be cleared up and the information is about to flow like never before. 

Moderators, Please close this Thread ASAP per the OP request as was done with my other Thread.

Thank you,


What is “The Message”? Full Info Here: 
Focus on becoming more “Service To Others”, on being more “Loving”, “On raising your Vibrational & Consciousness” & learn to “Forgive Yourself & Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” & “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). 

Thank you, Corey/GoodETxSG


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