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Corey Met with Blue Avians in the Past 48 Hours, Karmic Shifts Immediate Due to High Energies | Insider Corey GoodETxSG

I found a comment from Corey on the Benjamin Fulford on May 11th, as well as an update on his blog.

This update covers:
  • Q and A has been moved to, in the FAQ section you can write a question in and submit it to Corey. To see that go here.
  • This will be a more controlled and civil environment.
  • This will also be the central hub for future updates, disclosures, and data.
  • Corey met with the Blue Avians in the past 48 hours, wherein it was shared David's article was/is a linchpin for some Cabal members to react uncontrollably, or unconsciously. 
  • While on one of the spheres, Corey looked out to the Earth and saw many smaller spheres 'ringing', doing their job to distribute the influxing energying from outside of the solar system. [Ambrosian Energetics?]
  • This energy is at a Tsunami level of intensity, affecting the sun and beings below a certain density level.
  • Those beings of service (Service to Others and Service to Self) will experience immediate karmic discharge. Those of a lower vibration will begin acting like 'mad hatters'.
  • The Cabal will be lashing out more than ever after their betrayal by their 'dark god's' the Dark fleet or Dracos.
  • The bulk of intel will be released soon via David Wilcock's updated article and Corey's Ebook, to be released very soon. 
Very interesting update, if you want to skip my commentary, the raw update is below the text in green. I was not privy to what caused Corey to move away from TOT, but i know from a logistical point of view answering questions can be a full time job and I am sure this venue will provide a more streamlined way to do that without hindering the rest of his life.

Late last year I started to do analyses of the Gaia Portal updates, which I actually enjoy a great deal. Many times there are concepts and ideas floating around which are woven together providing greater understanding when I go through the process of extrapolating meanings. Similar to what I do here for Corey's updates. In my short time doing these breakdowns a consistent theme of energetic entrainment has presented itself. 

Entrainment is the process of a large system harmonizing smaller systems to itself and visa versa, a fractal process of reflectivity. There are many examples to site for comprehension, the one I often refer to in the Gaia Portal Updates is metronomes synchronizing, this is a physical example which has the same mechanics as consciousness entraining processes. When we raise children our unique store of behaviors and knowledge is synchronized or entrained on to our children, a type of reflection. 

For consciousness, when information and data is allowed to enter us, a free will choice to be open to change and seek the truth, we are literally transformed. Our sense of self, and identity is a product of knowledge, of ourselves and how we relate to the world. On March 13th Gaia Portal issued an update discussing the Ambrosian Energetics. At the time I did not know anything about Corey or Davids ET history, but I have been researching other sources and all of it pointed to the energetic up stepping that Corey mentioned in his update today. Here is a portion of that analysis:
Possible Meanings -"Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field." - Ambrosia is a term referring to a very pleasing smell or taste. The it is also the food of the gods, within Greek and Roman mythology. There are a number of possible meanings which can derive from this statement. Mana from heaven, white powder or Monoatomic gold comes to mind, what apparently the Anunnaki Enki and Enlil came to mine from earth, creating the human race from the local evolving hominid population. This theory is very popular now a days, and is also discussed in Dan Winter's work, although his data is a basket of other researches - whether or not it is 100% accurate remains to be seen, but is helpful for this analysis. This relates to the statement, but it is not a direct meaning association.

Briefly, monatomic gold, the 'Spice Melange' as it is called in Frank Herbert's Dune Series, is an artificial ascension technology, for all intents and purposes. The white powder, when consumed, binds to DNA within the body, stabilizing it, and forcing a reorientation of the geometry to cause implosion or fire in the blood; as Dan Winter describes it. This extends life, gives one access to psi abilities (time-travel, claire-smelling, sight, hearing, etc.) but has the unfortunate effect of shattering the personality instead of unifying it. When enough monatomic gold is consumed, the "voices of your ancestors" come ringing in the ears, and one begins to lose their identity.

Artificial manipulation of the geometry of DNA is what the Anunnaki were after because they lost the ability to naturally activate the implosive mechanism. During a natural course of evolution, the 'bliss experience' creates an implosive geometry within the DNA, accelerating the consciousness to 'higher vibrations', or to use a scientific vernacular, beyond the speed of light into the time-space region, or etheric planes. This of course all works by Entrainment, and varies depending on the free will choice of each being; evolution is a choice for humanity not fate.

The fact that monoatomic gold apparently has this property, confirms the notion that human organism, and by extension all life, is designed to 'ascend' in continuing degree's of conscious evolution. As one chooses to search for truth, serve others, and honor thyself, they literally begin creating a body vehicle and mind structure capable of receiving more vibrational energy from within and with out. This is also reflected in Reciprocal Systems Theory, and Dewey Larson's work.

Getting back to the statement, this all suggests higher, more coherent vibrational energies, that literally activates DNA implosion, and the hardwired 'immortality' mechanism latent in each human. The true 'food of the gods' is not monoatomic gold, but bliss, a conscious choice to see the love in all experience and situations, the indication of mental and body harmony.
Essentially what this statement from the update was saying is that our bodies and minds are designed to be influenced by these coherent (organized) energies enveloping the Solar System, and are the same energies 'the god's' used for their purposes. Then several weeks later there was another update, and I described how these energies affect us from a Karmic point of view, this will hopefully make the connection clear. Here is an excerpt from that update:
Possible Meanings: "High density pulses of Inner Light are fully recognized by Hue-manity groups and this relays directly to hu-manity beings of all types." - In previous updates, there has been a building theme of energetic entrainment activating consciousness. We have touched on this many times in other updates as the energetics all work via the entrainment principle.
The fundamental 'substance' of the universe is consciousness: an undifferentiated singular and eternal state of I AM, the first or primal reality. This manifests in the illusion (where we are) as embodiments of consciouses at varying degrees of organization; life. Mineral life is one order, with plant and animal life at the next degree, humanoid life at a higher degree, and so on. Higher here, does not mean better, or that one level can enslave another, it simply refers to the vibrational frequency operating at each level. For more on this please see our presentation The Orders of Life, Consciousness Evolution and Personality Emergence
Because consciousness is omnipresent, information can be shared between 2 or more systems or bodies, if they are oriented properly or constructed properly. The best example of this is metronome synchronizing:

Within consciousness, free will determines the orientation; whether or not we choose to be open minded. Often, traumatic experiences create emotional chaos, which can close the mind if we choose not to experience them fully. Healing the heart literally opens the mind, and the doorway to higher levels of consciousness. Unlike many new age doctrines which try to replace the mind with the heart, in reality the two are part of a unified system. This is why the cabal and those who are 'resting on the laurels,' are holding back their own personal evolution, and all embodiments by proximity. 
As communication is allowed to flow between the metronomes, they synchronize with each other, unifying with the local environment. This example allegorically demonstrates how consciousness or information does the same for humanity, and all other life in the local environment. Because free will is more active in humanoid orders life, we must choose to evolve. 
Imagine you were walking across a bridge where everyone is walking in step, their stepping motion would sway the bridge, just like the metronomes, and it would be very difficult to walk across out of rhythm. Here is an example:

This perfectly describes what is happening on Earth right now and resonates strongly with Gaia Portal Updates. 
Taking all this into account, the statement "High density pulses of Inner Light are fully recognized by Hue-manity groups and this relays directly to hu-manity beings of all types" can be broken down as follows: 
The Ambrosian Energetics, in the update from March 13th, are being channeled into Humanity groups, with high density pulses of Inner Light. The higher orders of humanoid life, level 3 and above, are literally acting like the mass of people walking in step on the bridge. Here doing the 'will of creation' - opening our minds to the truth - is chosen by Humanity groups and is relaid (to receive or pass on) directly to hu-manity beings of all types. As each embodiment chooses to align with the will of creation (the higher level energetics relayed through Humanity groups), the 'volume' of the energy increases and is felt by all, in their own unique way. Those choosing not to grow, and are attempting to hold on to the past, are having a very difficult time doing so, just like those trying to walk out of step. Lastly, the universe itself is resonating strongly with a positive and truth aligned vibration. This means that it takes much more people to resonate with falseness then truth, in order to achieve the chaos offered by the cabal. Hence they spend a great deal of energy using mass mind control of all types to get as many people to walk in their step as possible. Thankfully creation and the will of the creator is a much larger vibration.
So with all this being said, as the higher energies that the Blue Avians are diffusing come in, they literally affect us in our choices [Could these be the Higher Beings mentioned in the Gaia Portal updates?]. Any choice which produces karma, we previously defined as a choice not to grow, will create more resistance, and now produce an immediate 'correction.' 

I have been experiencing this greatly since the start of this year. My emotional energy has increased a lot lately, and I can go from swings of extreme bliss to sadness if I am not careful with my choices. Sometimes I get into a heated debate and say something harshly, which I become aware of immediately and go through a phase of self contemplation (depression) so I can learn and grow. Usually they only way I can get out of the depression is if I make a major change in my thinking and set that into motion with a definitive intention. 

Lastly I found it interesting that the Blue Avians referred to both STO and STS modalities, experiencing corrections, which implies that their polarization is stronger than the 'mad hatters' who are not as polarized; have a lower vibration. Within Natural Law or the study of brain waves, when our vibration is high we have more awareness, and as a result more knowledge available to us to make choices. In this sense we will be more aware of the choices we make, and if they go against our chosen modality of polarization (STO or STS) they will be experienced as stronger resistance. If one is STO then their choice to withhold the truth from another will feel more wrong than it did before. 

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

- Justin
Source - GoodETxSG Secret Space Program

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Things have moved to a whole new level

With the upcoming release of Articles by Researchers I Respect and Trust enough to engage with, Video Interviews to be released FREE on YouTube (Along with a Free E-book), Discussion of a Disclosure Series on with David Wilcock, and planned "Skype" Interviews with Researchers as well as well-known Online Web Show Hosts creating a News Letter to keep people informed seemed to be an important and natural next step.

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Source - Benjamin Fulford

Sphere Being Alliance commented on an article.

In the last 48 HR’s I met w/The Blue Avians. 

Recent very interesting incidents in the SSP Alliance were discussed & it was communicated that DW’s article was an “Energetic Lynchpin” that has been a trigger in some of the cabal members to behave in a certain manner (They cannot control their behavior, are just being reactionary). 

As we were in one of the spheres close by & looked out over the Earth & Saw the many thousands of cloaked spheres (Through the screen/walls of the sphere we were on) that were buzzing/ringing like bells w/energy discharging between them, “Tear-Eir” stated that there had recently been Tsunami Waves of High Energy entering into the Sol System effecting the Sun & being below a certain density. For the last few weeks there has been waves upon waves of this energy that had been cascading over the spheres that are doing their job of diffusing the energy evenly throughout the Sol System. 

It was communicated that now more than ever “Those In Service” (Service To Self & Service To Others) will be experiencing immediate Karmic Discharge (Because of this energetic change). Those of lower vibration will begin to behave like “Mad Hatters” (Being negatively oriented & unable to adjust to the energetic changes) & The Cabal/Illuminati will be lashing out more than ever after the “Great Betrayal” by their “gods” (Royal White Reptilians) who are offering them up in exchange for the safe passage of all “Royals” from the Sol System’s “Outer Barrier”. 

The bulk of Intel is about to be released through both DW and in my reports. Stay tuned to DW’s Part 2 Article and http://www.SphereBeingAlliance.com – I am not doing Q&A’s or updates on “TOT”/The One Truth Forum anylonger. More info on my Facebook Site.


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