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Corey Asked to Avoid Conflict with 'Monitored Societies, Advanced Civilizations and Off Worlders (COBRA), Recovering From Surgery | Corey GoodETxSG

Update May 25th 2015 - There have been many responses to Corey's statement about COBRA, and in my view, some of them are based on misinterpretation of what was actually said. 

See this post for some clarification Corey DID NOT Bad Mouth COBRA, Cabal Suffering Heavy Losses Due to Infighting, Earth Changes Are Nothing To Fear, Forgiveness and Compassion Are Key | Corey GoodETxSG.

We recently posted COBRA's update (May 21st 2015 - Make This Viral: Free the Colonies | Global Meditation on May 30th 2015) and Corey shared it with the below comment in response to the question of conflict between the SSP Sphere Alliance Narrative and COBRA's Inner Earth Agartha Light Forces Narrative. 

Several commentators shared their perspectives in on Part 1 of the Dr.Salla Cory analysis from the 21st here, which I discussed in the pre able for COBRA's post (linked above).

Corey shared that post on his facebook page and stated that his commanding officer advised him to avoid open conflict with any 'monitored societies, advanced civilizations and various off worlders.' All of these societies are being quarantined until after the Event, It seems the primary focus of the Alliance is to educate and prepare humanity for what is to come, not fuel the fire of 'truther' bickering about what narrative is more correct then another. 

I do not know exactly why this was stated, but considering how polarized the public tends to get, rallying behind their favorite 'truther,' engaging in an open debate about the 'nuts and bolts' would just further the division within the population itself. Since this fight for freedom, truth and justice is a battle for the good of ALL, any conflict about such trivialities would not be beneficial for the long term goals. 

I suspect that after disclosure it will be much easier for the public to make sense of all the various 'truthers' perspectives and narratives, some will undoubtedly be revealed as 'disinfo' agents. Whether or not COBRA is a disinfo agent I can not confirm, nore am I suggesting as much.

I think that from an outsiders perspective it is very easy to latch on to spokesman and their narratives, usually because the awakening experience can be so traumatic. Often we believe the lies offered by modern society only to come to many 'harsh truths' which creates a deep emotional need to be comforted, then we find a truther who is sharing a story which makes us feel good, and we want to protect that. 

COBRA is a good example of someone who offers harsh truth, but a positive perspective, and in the main I feel the data he shares is fairly accurate when it comes to the aspects of raising our vibration and self mastery. BUT we can not trade the dogma of our past lives for the dogma of a truther, even the most well intentioned. In this sense, the Universe abhors dogma, as it is trying to get us to gain self mastery and begin walking the path of truth, not having blind faith in a savior. 

We are programmed from birth to form a belief, and defend it to the death, with political races, sports teams and even fashion becoming our flags of truth. Part of the truth seekers path is to realize that the truth is reflected everywhere, and everyone, even the Cabal, is working within their beliefs and knowledge, which are representations of what IS. 

The Blue Avians and the Law of One are constantly emphasizing forgiveness, and I think this concept can be applied to the dualism of interpretation within the awakening community itself. Several movements or truthers fizzled out and their former following completely abandon's anything which was once discussed by the, but rarely can things be so easily dismissed as 100% bogus. It is a normal reaction due to the conditioning we receive growing up on earth, and in my observation, even the most awakened person tends to slip into this unconscious re-activeness from time to time, myself included. 

Corey is also doing well after his Surgery and doing his best to continue the work despite pain and the use of only one arm. Personally when I see that level of dedication to do the great work, it is always inspiring. 

See the analysis of Dr. Salla and Corey's recent Q and A from May 20th, part 1 here. I will be working on Part 2 and should have it posted soon.

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- Justin

Surgery went well, the surgeon was very surprised at the amount of healing in the last week. Thank you for all of your healings vibes. I am in pain and using one arm/hand... but doing better than expected.


Corey's Comment from sharing the COBRA Post:

Has a line drawn in the sand over the SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance "NARRATIVE"? Things are getting interesting in the conflict and there may be a taking of a divisive tone by design. This is it's self is a sign of things to come. A major reason the Lt. Col. in the SSP Alliance I report to has requested that I avoid fraternization or conflict with groups who are in contact with monitored societies, advanced civilizations and various off worlders. This is an extremely delicate time (Issues) and there is no time for any divide and conquer operations among/against the "Awake and Aware" community.. Discernment now more than ever is key. These bases are going to be isolated and maintained up until the Event according to plan...They will then be handed over to humanity. No intervention is being permitted per the Sphere Alliance after the Mars Attacks/Atrocities that cost many of the slave labor their lives. The various SSP's will remain in tact until the Event per Tear-Eir and my last face to face conversation.


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