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Bizarre UFO Or Rocket? Witnessed By Russian Villagers Along With Mysterious Gigantic Crater

A UFO was captured near Perm Russia, close Kazakhstan on March 11th, 2015. The media is saying it was a rocket, and many are choosing to believe it is an ET craft. What is it? 

In this post, we will present some data which provides a strong likelihood that the object captured on film is a rocket, but this is not an absolute conclusion.

The craft strongly resembles another UFO from 2011. For clarity, UFO does not mean Alien or ET craft, nor does it mean secret military or space program craft, it simply means Unidentified Flying Object. 

If you don't know what it is, it's unidentified.

Of course, after the object has been identified it is no longer a UFO. 

The craft resembles a plane laying down a 'chemtrail' with a persistent pattern in the sky, and at one point the trail seems to spread out in a highly organized pattern. This looks like the shape of a craft moving faster than the speed of sound, and the point where the trail changes its shape could be when it makes a sonic boom. 

The plane on the right side just broke the sound barrier, producing a large
pressure differential, condensing humidity in the air around small
particles called condensation nuclei.

Cloud's can be formed by a pressure differential, condensing the latent water vapor around small particles called condensation nuclei. Depending on the conditions of the air, this trail can persist for long periods of time. Most contrails (opposed to chemtrails) dissolve within a few moments because the differential in humidity between the newly formed cloud and the surrounding dry air equalizes, disbursing the cloud within a few moments; evaporating the water away from the condensation nuclei.

Chemtrails on the other hand leave a massive wake of  nuclei in the air producing a condensation reaction, blanketing the sky in a thin mist if there is enough humidity.

A rocket will cause this persistent trailing like a chemtrail, because exhaust from the engines leaves a large amount of condensation nuclei in the air. Once the rocket reaches a high enough velocity there is an effect where the contrail arcs away from the craft at perpendicular angles, produce a strange geometric shape. Here is an example:

The shape is caused by a change in air flow around the rocket after
a sufficient speed is reached, usually after moving past the
speed of sound.

Here is an example of the exhaust trail creating a large trail, after
it has moved past than the speed of sound. 

The craft filmed in Russia is moving towards the camera, making the rocket hard to detect, this makes it look like there is no rocket at all. Once the rocket moves at a high enough velocity and altitude, the booster rockets stop, and the trailing is considerably reduced, this is what happened in the Russian video. 

There was a similar sighting in 2011, with the same peculiar shape produced during flight:

As much as we would like to believe this is an amazing ET craft or Alien ship, it is most likely a human made craft. What its purpose is, and why it was seen close to Kazakhstan remains unclear.

I think this is a good example of how easily we can let ourselves believe something we want, due to bias. Seeing a real UFO can be a profound experience, but we should try and remain objective and open minded so we do not fool ourselves into believing something that is not accurate. It can be very uncomfortable to form a strong belief about something, only to find evidence it was not what we thought. This strong emotional experience can cause us to fall into a defensive consciousness, where the R-complex of the brain is highly active; the fight or flight response. But if we are brave enough to admit we were wrong and forgive ourselves so as to not develop a poor self-image, we can gain more knowledge in the process. The ability to transform our beliefs is essential to self-mastery.

The Crater found nearby most likely has no connection to the craft seen on March 11th. Of course, all of this is a conclusion based on the evidence available. If more data becomes available, then the resulting inference will change. 

- Justin

Source - Biz Life's

A strange UFO was recorded by witnesses in a village in the Perm region of Russia. Within a few days, a huge crater was found in the same area. Are they related? In Russia, you never know.

The video of the UFO was posted to the Internet on March 11, 2015, and the limited information accompanying it is in Russian, so the Google translations are somewhat garbled. It calls it a “fixed launch UFO” in Kizel in the Perm region, which is located in the east of the East European Plain of Russia on the western slope of the Middle Ural Mountains. The odd shape at the beginning, which changes as the video progresses, makes it difficult to determine what the object might be. Many are quick to call it a rocket launch, although Baikonur, the usual launch location for Russian rockets, is almost 1200 miles away in Kazakhstan. Perhaps it was from a secret location near Kizel … a launch of a secret mission or a new weapon? Or maybe it was something else.

Adding to the mystery of the UFO is the appearance a few days later of a crater in the village of Lunyevka, less than 20 km (12 miles) from Kizel. The crater – measuring at least 25 meters (82 feet) wide and 10 meters (33 feet) deep – appeared quickly and mysteriously in Lunyevka, causing part of a farm and a number of trees to disappear. Villagers fear the worst is yet to come as a much larger crater formed in the nearby town of Solikamsk last fall and the nearby city of Berezniki has been plagued by the occurrences of multiple massive craters since 2006. While local officials are quick to blame the coal and potash mines that once operated in this Perm region, these mines have been closed for well over 50 years. Residents of Lunyevka want better answers.

A strange UFO appears in an area that is slowing disappearing into mysterious craters. What’s happening in the Perm region and is this condition “perm-“anent?



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