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3 Soft ET Disclosure Articles | Roswell UFO Alien Photos, DNA Building Blocks Created By Exploding Stars & Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has Lakes

Here are 3 articles published by the media which could be preparing the public for eventual disclosure. The intention of the writers or publishers may not be overtly to do that, but it is having that effect on consciousness. 

The first article allegedly contains images of the ET's recovered from the crash at Roswell in 1947. What I found interesting is that the ET looks very much like Steven Greer's ET in the Sirius Movie.

6-inch Mummified ET featured in the film Sirius

The second article discusses how the precursory compounds needed to create the DNA molecule, used by all known life, can be produced in highly energetic stellar 'deaths.' Given the research done in energetic entrainment in living organisms, which is observed on Earth as all life harmonizing around the Schumann resonance frequency, this article provides yet another data point affirming the narrative offered by many works, most notably the Law of One series. David Wilcock is a well known spokesman for a Source Field or organizing consciousness that makes all life; as above so below from the hermetic philosophies. 

This also harmonizes with the concepts discussed in the post: Is This A Sign of Increased Energy Affecting The Earth? Essentially our type of Star, in one theory of Reciprocal Systems research, begins as a binary star system, a white dwarf and gas giant, in which one star explodes and 'shatters' its companion star into fragments. This explosion is energetic enough to produce the conditions demonstrated in the second article, with the fragments becoming the planetary cores.

The material ejected from this explosion reforms again to produce a hotter more dense star with large planets rotating in discrete orbits. Due to the high energy of the explosion, the matter is pushed into time-space, which orients the planetary orbits into an organized system. This is well demonstrated by the planetary distances, which align to fit the fibonacci series or the golden mean ratio. 

Related A remarkable discovery: All Solar system periods fit the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio. Why Phi?

Finally it was recently discovered that Enceladus, one of the moons around Saturn, has deep salty lakes containing compounds which form the basis of life. 

All of this suggests life is far more abundant in the Universe than we have been lead to believe. This is a major paradigm shift in the scientific community, which is no small task, and suggests that humanity is indeed being prepared for disclosure of ET life at some level. Whether it be in the way many have claimed or not remains to be seen. 

- Justin

Source - Examiner

Both slides of extraterrestrial biological entity after medical autopsy. Screenshot from live stream of Tercer Milenio event on May 5, Mexico City. (Tercer Milenio/Public domain)

Photos Released of Alien Body Found At Roswell UFO Crash

On May 5, two photographic slides were publicly released at an exclusive live-streamed event in Mexico City’s National Auditorium showing an alleged extraterrestrial body retrieved from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. The photos were taken on a Kodachrome film by Bernard A. Ray, a former oil exploration geologist, and stored in his attic for over 50 years before being found in 1998 after his death. The Mexico City event was organized by Tercer Milenio, a highly popular Mexican television program and attracted world attention with advance notice by Britain’s Express and Mirror newspapers on Monday.

The two slides have been examined over a three year period by a number of photographic experts, forensic pathologists, and UFO researchers whose testimonies were presented at the Mexico City event. Among the researchers were veteran Roswell UFO crash researchers, Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, who presented their reasons for why the slides (forensically dated to the 1947-1949 period) fit with the chronology of events at the time and are genuine,

Among the filmed videos of witnesses presented was a former US Army serviceman who was present during the Roswell UFO crash incident. He claims to have witnessed alien bodies retrieved from the Roswell crash, and said that the two photos were “very close” and “very very much what I saw.”

The first slide [see photo gallery] shows what appears to be an alien body lying horizontally on a glass shelf in a display of some kind.. The being is approximately 4 feet tall, with a small mouth, large eyes, enlarged skull, with thin arms, legs, and torso. Its internal organs have been removed suggesting the photo was taken after an autopsy.

The Mexico City event featured the analysis of several medical and photographic experts. Among them was Dr Richard Doble, a former Canadian academic and forensic pathology consultant with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who said that the being at first glance appears like a deformed human. At closer examination, however, he pointed out that the being is clearly not a human being since it has only four pairs of ribs rather than the 12 in a normal human being. He also said that the bone structure of the feet and hands are also very different to a human, along with a number of other significant anatomical differences.

The filmed testimony of Dr Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut, was also shown. After viewing the two photos he said they are consistent with what he has been told about the extraterrestrials found at the Roswell UFO crash by first hand witnesses who had confidentially told him what they had seen.

Exhaustive investigations by other photographic and medical experts have concluded that the photos are genuine. The experts list presented at the Mexico City event include Dr David Rudiak, an expert in photgraphic analysis, Dr Donald Burleson, a specialist in computer enhancement; Ray Downing, materials expert from the Studio MacBeth, New York; Col Jeffrey Thau associated with the Pentagon’s Photo Interpretation Department, and Prof Rod Slemmons, a former Director of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography,

Though the autopsied being in the photos is some form of humanoid, it is clearly not a homo sapien. The being’s association with a crashed UFO vehicle suggests that is not a previously unknown humanoid from earth, but an extraterrestrial biological entity.

According to Jaime Maussan, the Mexico City event organizer, the two Roswell alien photo slides are a game changer. Their release marks the first time that hard evidence has been found concerning the Roswell UFO crash and been released to the general public. The photos may finally be smoking gun evidence that an interplanetary spaceship crashed in July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, and U.S. military officials have orchestrated a high level national security cover-up ever since.

[Update 5/6/15 - the humanoid alien being is lying on a glass shelf not a hospital gurney as first reported. Also inserted addition (in parentheses) that the slides were dated to the 1947-1949 period]

Source - RT News

​‘Cosmic barbeque’: Dying stars could give birth to DNA, study claims

American scientists have discovered that cosmic hotspots near dying stars are prime locations for forming molecular precursors to DNA. They claim life originated not just in space but also near the incredibly hot dying stars.

In the process of the research, carried out by the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the scientists recreated the conditions around carbon-rich dying stars in laboratory conditions.

The scientists managed to find out how certain molecular building blocks of DNA are formed, a statement on the Berkeley Laboratory’s website says.

“This is the first time anyone's looked at a hot reaction like this,” said Musahid Ahmed, a scientist in the Chemical Sciences Division at Berkeley Laboratory. He also explained that earlier, for decades, astronomers who had been looking for signatures of DNA precursors in space focused mostly on the space between stars called the interstellar medium, paying almost no attention to stellar environments.

However, circumstellar space has been theorized to be the prime locations for forming molecular rings containing nitrogen, which is a precursor of DNA. These theories encouraged the scientists to conduct the experiment.

Ahmed and his colleagues used an Advanced Light Source device, also called a hot nozzle, and used it to simulate the pressures and temperatures near carbon-rich stars. They injected a gas made of a nitrogen-containing single ringed carbon molecule and two short carbon-hydrogen molecules called acetylene into the device to see which molecules would be formed.

Specifically, they have been looking for nitrogen-containing double carbon ring molecules, key components of nucleobases that give rise to DNA.

The scientists found out that at the temperature of 700 Kelvin (425°C, or 800°F) the gas transformed into one containing molecules called quinoline and isoquinoline, with two carbon rings, which are considered to be the next step up in terms of complexity.

Ahmed dubbed it a “cosmic barbeque.”

“It is not easy for carbon atoms to form carbonic rings that contain nitrogen,” he said. “But this new work demonstrates the possibility of a hot gas phase reaction.”

He added: “There's an energy barrier for this reaction to take place, and you can exceed that barrier near a star or in our experimental setup.”

He also mentioned that the temperature, which would be expected near hot stars, and which was recreated during the experiment, provides the necessary environment for DNA’s molecular precursors to form by allowing to the barrier to be cleared for such a reaction.

“This suggests that we can start looking for these molecules around stars now,” he added.

The scientists also made several assumptions concerning the further process of forming DNA in space by saying that quinoline and isoquinoline formed in the circumstellar hot environment is then ejected to the interstellar medium by the stellar wind.

“Once ejected in space, in cold molecular clouds, these molecules can then condense on cold interstellar nanoparticles, where they can be processed and functionalized. These processes might lead to more complex, bio-relevant molecules such as nucleobases of crucial importance to DNA and RNA formation,” said Ralf Kaiser, co-author of the study.

The study was published in the Astrophysical Journal in April.

According to the scientists, the study could have significant implications for the research of the origin of life on Earth.

The newly-discovered subsurface ocean on Saturn’s icy moon of Enceladus is similar in makeup to some of the life-bearing salt lakes on Earth, a new US study suggested.

Astrobiologists believe this small moon is the best place to search for alien life in the Solar System.

The 505-kilometer-wide satellite is geologically active, with powerful geysers blasting through its ice shell.
Those geysers contain water which researchers suggest comes from an ocean located beneath the moon’s icy surface.

A new paper entitled ‘The pH of Enceladus,’ published on Wednesday in the journal ‪Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, looks into the chemical reactions that occur as Enceladus' ocean water comes into contact with its rocky mantle.

The authors based their research on data gathered by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which has been orbiting Saturn since 2004.

They used mass-spectrometry measurements of the gases and ice grains in Enceladus’ plume to develop a model that estimates the saltiness and pH of the water in the moon’s inner ocean.

According to the US team’s findings, the ocean on Enceladus is likely salty and has a basic pH of 11 or 12, neutral pH being 7.

The same pH levels are found in ammonia-based glass-cleaning solutions, but some organisms on Earth are still capable of living in such conditions.

The high concentration of sodium chloride (NaCl) makes Enceladus’ ocean resemble terrestrial ‘soda lakes,’ such as ‪Mono Lake in California.

It’s good news for the those hunting alien life as a the fauna of Mono Lake includes brine shrimp and many different microbes.

The team’s model suggests that the ocean’s high pH is explained by serpentization, a process where metallic rocks from Enceladus' upper surface are transformed into minerals due to contact with water.

Serpentization also leads to the production of molecular hydrogen (H2), which is a potential source of chemical energy for any life form in the ocean’s water, the paper said. ‪

"Molecular hydrogen can both drive the formation of organic compounds like amino acids that may lead to the origin of life, and serve as food for microbial life such as methane-producing organisms,"the study’s lead-author Christopher Glein, from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, said in a statement.

Glein described serpentinization as a link between geological processes and biological processes on the moon.

"The discovery of serpentinization makes Enceladus an even more promising candidate for a separate genesis of life," he stressed.

The hidden ocean was discovered on Enceladus earlier this year by Italian scientists from Sapienza University in Rome, who also analyzed Cassini data.

They said that active hydrothermal vents are likely to exist on Enceladus’ seafloor, providing conditions similar to those that gave rise to some of the first life forms on Earth.


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