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USA, Inc. Committed Massive Identity Theft | Trust Law Understood - Open Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew — from Anna von Reitz

Another detailed accounting of Trust creation and how express trusts have been created in our name for various purposes. The Trust concept has been obfuscated from the comprehension of the public for decades, working to the advantage of our would-be masters. It is paramount that we gain knowledge of these things so as to assert our true status as free beings.

What is a Trust?

A trust is an honorable agreement between 2 or more parties to ensure something is maintained or kept in good order. When you want to ensure something is taken care of, you entrust it to someone. A great example of this is babysitting, leaving your child with someone who is going to be honest within the guidelines you set for them. If the babysitter does something you specifically told them not to, they have breached the trust established between you. Keeping this simple example in mind, let's discuss some of the relationships and terminology. 

What the governments have done is created a trust for you, with all sorts of guidelines and processes, yet FAILED to notify you that it exists. As a result this trust is inherently dishonorable, a non-binding agreement within Equity or Contract law. It's like the babysitter kidnapping your child, and selling it into slavery claiming you agreed to it because you never said otherwise. 

The key concept behind a trust is honesty and requires explicit communication; hence the term trust. If there is dishonesty at any level, there is no trust agreement, and therefore any obligation or promise made under this false agreement is void. This is why full disclosure is essential and why implied or tacit consent is inherently a breach of trust. Any contractual agreement in which one party knowingly and intentionally withholds information is a breach of trust and voids the contract. Your failure to tell your babysitter not to sell your child into slavery is considered tacit consent, but within Trust Law is breach of trust due to nondisclosure. 

A fiduciary is someone who accepts a duty to the truth, and honors the trust for a beneficiary. The baby sitter is the fiduciary trustee. You are the beneficiary and grantor as the parent and benefit by having your child taken care of while you are away. Again any failure to disclose the facts to you, the grantor and beneficiary, is a breach of trust, a failure of the fiduciary to honor the truth and disclosure it explicitly. Simply stated: dishonesty is the definition of breach of trust. 

Clearly if you became aware of the actions of your baby sitter you would dispel any presumed consent via your inaction. And an explicit statement of the fraud proves your competence and asserts your superior position of executor of that trust. Why? Because it acknowledges THE TRUTH. A trust is based on the truth, as such anyone who honors the truth has a superior position within Trust Law, and an action of dishonesty proves their incompetence as a trusted party. They are no longer trustworthy due to their dishonorably actions.

Logical Consequences of Free Will: Law, Trusts, Contracts and Legal Codes

Law as we know it on Earth is a series of logical consequences to accepted premises. Natural Law is premised on the fact we have free will and unalienable rights endowed by the creator, bound within 7 dynamic principles: Mentalism (awareness), Correspondence (honesty), Vibration (communication), Polarity (honor or dishonor), Rhythm (observation and communication), Causality (observed facts, requiring full disclosure) and Gender (duty to the truth). This creates a logical consequence of TRUST, that free will beings agree to do things together once knowledge of another's desire is recognized. The mechanism requires: awareness and a pathway for consent to be given; a negotiation via communication. A Contract is a consequence of the trust established between two beings, which facilitates generation or cooperation of an intended goal. Legal Codes and Statutes are a consequence of a contractual agreement, to follow rules of conduct set forth during negotiation. Legal Codes are the means for execution, after a trust relationship has been established and a contractual goal is agreed to. 

Natural Law (Free Will) > Trust Law (Free Will expressed as a knowing, willing and intentional expression of agreement between 2 or more parties) > Contract or Equity Law (Establishes a goal for generation or an 'end' which both parties agree to via the trust established between them) > Legal Codes and Statutes (the means for achieving the end, established during negotiation phase of the contract).

As a result of this 'tree of law,' full disclosure is the linchpin to all governmental power. And it is presumed we have knowledge of the facts. As a result, notifying anyone of their breach of trust, their failure as fiduciary to notify us of the facts explicitly, nullifies any Contractual or Statutory obligations held over us. Because these obligations are under an agreement, when the agreement is dishonest from the start, it voids any presumed obligation. The theme of gaining knowledge of the fraud and acting on it by issuing an explicit statement is essential for correcting the situation.

Note about State Citizens and UCC from my understanding: Judge Anna's letter uses the term State Citizen which is in reference to the trust agreement of the original colonies, and refers to their de jure agreement of incorporation as a state or nation unto itself. The reality that each person is their own sovereign entity is recognized within this terminology, and she is not implying that a fictional entity known as "JOHN DOE" is also a citizen as so described by Judge Anna. 

The UCC system has a hidden adhesion contract side to it, meaning that if one uses it, the presumption of agreement is implied. However, due to the superior nature of Trust Law, which is the framework for the UCC system, a reservation of one's rights places the burden of proof on another party to claim otherwise. One could claim a reservation of rights in any manner they see fit which dispels any implied agreement of abdication, inclusive of the adhesion contracts within the system. 

I know that these concepts can be difficult to sort through, but if we follow the logical consequences of Natural Law, it provides a very real and even scientific basis to understanding these realities.

For our thoughts on the Pope and whether or not he doing his duty to the people see the post Debt Forgiveness? | Pope Francis' Holy Year of Mercy could be a truly great jubilee.

For other essential data from Judge Anna click here
- Justin

SourceCo-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Do you agree with Anna’s ‘take’ on this? Does she really have the Jesuits/Vatican figure out? Anna is just another human being, searching as are we all. Will you bow in deference to her amazing knowledge? Will you question her, as is your right?
I, for one, question her ideas about the Vatican being here to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Having said that, is the rest of her information useless? I think not! Every citizen needs to take time to read — and STUDY — this entire post!
Start using your god-given brains and consider these words. While they are the words of a brilliant human being, are we to bow down to them — without questioning them? Whatever your take, Anna’s words certainly provide us food for thought. I for one, feel the need to ask her who gave the Pope this temporal power over us and why? I don’t have that answer, but I am sure there are those who do. Maybe Anna will answer it for us  — and maybe not.
Remember the lesson, so well illustrated here: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The situation is so complex, one person, even someone as brilliant and gifted as Anna von Reitz may not have the entire answer  — and yet maybe she does!
If you begin serious study of these last posts, your mind will be actively involved for hours, and you will have no time to be buffeted about by disinfo. Remember that I’m saying in the most pointed way that I can: In your knowledge is your power and peace of mind. It is a gift you give to yourself!
. . ~J
Posted on by arnierosnerSOURCEThanks to J.

Open Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew — from Anna von Reitz

As I write this morning my heart is filled with sadness. With the best intentions in the world, Jean Audrey is blaming the Roman Catholic Church — our only substantial ally in this fight — for the sins of the Crown Temple.
The Crown Temple has infiltrated and misrepresented the Church in the exact same way that the United States of America (Minor) has infiltrated and misrepresented The United States of America (Major).
As long as we are deceived into fighting those who are actually our friends and into blaming those who are trying to help us and to fulfill their duties as Trustees, we cannot make progress. These attacks against both the Roman Catholic Church and The United States of America (Major) carried out via sophisticated identity theft must cease.
We must all wise up and get a grip on the nature and extent of this problem or we cannot beat it. We cannot win if we don’t clearly know who our real enemies are — and stop beating up on our friends.
The Church has never made any secret of its goal to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and to have one global and peaceful world government that functions under the simple Law of Love. Just as surely, the Crown Temple has sought to establish one world government that functions under the chaotic Law of Freewill — what its worshipers take to be “Nature” — survival of the fittest and so on.
Meanwhile, as this information about past history is coming to light and being royally misinterpreted, others including myself have moved forward with the necessary business of cementing together all our prior commercial claims into the final UCC-1 Commercial Affidavit published in behalf of the States of America and the living inhabitants thereof. An Open Letter to Secretary of the Treasury Lew concerning that filing is attached.
It is highly recommended that patriots throughout this country dig deep into their pockets to publish this letter in local papers and into their email accounts to make sure that this particular letter goes viral.
The Office of the Secretary of the Treasury has functioned as the actual Trustee on the land since 1933, and is the office responsible for protecting and preserving the assets of The United States Trust (1789). Secretary Lew, not Barack H. Obama, is responsible for either plundering or preserving the national trust. Make sure everyone knows it.
For the purposes at hand, I have assumed another office, that of Alaska State Civil Advocate—in other words, a private attorney acting in the service of the actual organic State.
As you will see if you look up the UCC filing cited, our commercial affidavit serves to “extract” all the fifty states and all the living inhabitants thereof back in-to their original jurisdiction. This claim interferes with attempts to move the ESTATES of Americans into control of the UNITED NATIONS Corporation.
You will all notice that the corporations involved are now addressing bills and other communications to you in the name of “JOHN Q. PUBLIC” instead of “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”. This is because the assets of the fictional Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts have been moved to UN jurisdiction.

This is, in other words, a battle of the Truth against a set of Lies.
Properly, your assets are your assets and they always have been. These false claims brought against you in international venues of the law are the result of fraudulent misrepresentation by an entity — the United States of America, Inc. — and people — the Roosevelt Administration — that the American People had every right and reason to trust. You are all victims of gross breach of trust and fiduciary malfeasance on the part of a governmental services corporation which claimed to “represent” your legitimate government and which then instead acted in breach of trust to plunder the assets of the national trust — The United States Trust (1789).
This mammoth fraud is a fiduciary trust fraud in equity. It has no statute of limitation and makes all claims based upon it null and void — including any claims fronted by the UN.
Please assist in any way you can to spread a solid knowledge of what has gone on in the past. It is only by accurately understanding the past that we are prepared to face the future.
August 4, 2014
Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of the Treasury
Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20220
Dear Secretary Lew:
In 1933 your office was placed in control of the Post Office and thereby became responsible as the Trustee upon the land jurisdiction of the Several States United. It is our understanding that your predecessors in office deliberately abandoned the office of The United States Postmaster (Civil) in an effort to avoid the fiduciary duties owed The United States Trust (1789).
We are here to inform you that the fiduciary duties are not so easily overcome. Those who use the assets of The Trust “as” successors unavoidably inherit the debts and duties along with the assets, the responsibilities along with the authorities.
Pope Francis acting in his temporal office has given the FEDERAL RESERVE dba THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and the IMF dba the UNITED STATES (INC.) three years in which to bring their organizations into compliance with their governmental services contracts or else face liquidation and the distribution of all their assets to their creditors. It may come as a surprise to you, but the Pope retains the right to do this as the Trustee of the Global Estate Trust and Arbiter of the Law.
Numerous tasks and directives are required from your office.
We must specifically request that you address the status of American State Citizens and their ESTATE trusts which were improperly entangled in the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. by the Roosevelt Administration. There can be no similar effort to redefine or entangle these assets in any bankruptcy of Puerto Rico or Puerto Rican Municipal franchise corporations.
We note that there has been a concerted effort to again “redefine” the American State Citizen ESTATE trusts as transmitting utilities operated by the UN. This is most clearly shown in a name change from the form “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” to the form “JOHN Q. ADAMS” which is not even a legal and specific named entity. We must object to any such arrangement, name change, transfer of assets, or continuing presumption.
These Puerto Rican ESTATES named after living American State Citizens were created under conditions of probate fraud resulting in personage and the practice of barratry against unarmed and non-combatant civilian allies of the Crown, all accomplished under conditions of fraud, semantic deceit, and non-disclosure. There is no avoidance of the past history of criminality surrounding the creation, deployment, and abuse of these legal fictions as a means of plundering the assets of The United States Trust (1789) which is owed full fiduciary duty and accountability by your office.
Similarly, doppelganger ESTATE trusts were named after the individual organic American States and employed to establish fraudulent control and claim upon the resources of the geographically defined States of America.
This deplorable and criminal game of mistaken identities was undertaken as a means to secure claims in international maritime venues against the land-held assets of the American States and the American People. A great deal of public debt was hypothecated against these assets under these conditions of fraud to finance the Allied war effort in WWII.
After the War, the perpetrators used the continuing Cold War as an excuse to continue their presumptions against the real property assets of the American States and the American People.
As of July 1, 2013, the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. ended and all debts of this private, for-profit, mostly foreign owned governmental services corporation were settled and discharged. Even if we were to presume that the actions taken to entangle the American States and the American State Citizens as “sureties” backing the bankruptcy of the United States of America Incorporated were proper — which we do not accept except for theoretical discussion — there is no further excuse for such presumption.
The Roosevelt Administration created millions of foreign situs trusts merely named after individual living Americans. This was done secretively and without granted authority and without the knowledge or consent of the victims. These trusts were created and used as a purposefully deceptive means of alleging an ownership interest in assets belonging to the American States and private property belonging to American State Citizens.
It is and was a sophisticated form of identity theft engaged in by a governmental services corporation against people who reasonably believed that corporation to either actually be, or to lawfully and in good faith represent, their lawful government. This was reasonable to assume based upon the corporation’s own publications including the Constitution of the United States of America and The Pledge of Allegiance. The subsequent semantic deceit and misrepresentation of the interests of the American States and American State Citizens by the Roosevelt Administration was therefore and still is a fraud in equity against a trust relationship. Those who engaged in it knew that the American People trusted their government implicitly and they made full and criminal advantage of that fact.
A fictitious “State of Ohio” known as the State of Ohio was used to surreptitiously replace the actual state properly named The State of Ohio.
Living men properly using names styled in all small letters as-in: “john quincy adams” or “john-quincy:adams” or “John Quincy of the House Adams” were instead arbitrarily redefined as foreign situs trusts doing business as “John Quincy Adams”.
These fictitious states and “Americans made of paper” are what the Roosevelt Administration pledged as sureties backing the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated, but via criminal deceit aimed at identity theft, these legal fictions were presumed by the banks and members of the Bar Associations to represent actual American States and actual American State Citizens.
These original legal fiction entities were declared “dead, presumed missing at sea” — and all assets merely presumed to be contained therein were rolled over into Roman Inferior ESTATE trusts doing business under names styled–for example — as “STATE OF TENNESSEE” or “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS”, etc.
Thus another layer was added to the basic fraud.
These individual ESTATES were removed to Puerto Rico “for safe keeping” by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico acting as the US Bankruptcy Trustee, and administered under the foreign maritime jurisdiction of the “United States of America (Minor)” — a “union” of “American states” more commonly thought of as Federal Territories and Possessions including DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia.
Both the American State trusts and the ESTATE trusts presumed to contain the private property assets of the living American State Citizens have been plundered for eight decades.
The living men and women have meanwhile been variously mischaracterized as executors of their own ESTATES and as volunteer federal employees including withholding agents, warrant officers in the Merchant Marine Service, postal union employees, federal contract officers, operators of factories producing federally controlled substances — rum in Barbados, guns in Puerto Rico, fireworks in American Samoa, and so on — all blatantly fictitious.
Corporate administrative tribunals masquerading as judicial courts across America and all their officers have perniciously and knowingly practiced both personage and barratry against the innocent non-combatant American States and American State Citizens. The shame of this on them individually and to their profession as a whole is incalculable and irreparable.
These are war crimes, Mr. Secretary, which have resulted in the enslavement of three generations of Americans who are owed nothing but good faith service from you and the organizations you represent.
There is and can be no excuse for any continuance of this circumstance. The ESTATES owed to the individual organic States and to the individual living American State Citizens must be returned to them free and clear of debt or encumbrance, and there must be a total cessation of any further acts of fraud, impositions of peonage, personage, barratry, misrepresentation of judicial powers or presumptions made against the inhabitants of the land.
Since Pope Francis’s determination granting three years of grace, one whole year has elapsed. In that time, the three international banking cartels involved have made no good faith effort to clear the accounts.
One cartel bought million dollar life insurance policies on every American man, woman, and child and simply planned to kill off their creditors and collect the life insurance. They were only dissuaded when the insurance companies got wind of it and the Americans placed huge commercial counterclaims against them.
The second group, which you represent, has offered another round of the same old scam, only this time the American ESTATE trusts would be redefined again as transmitting utilities belonging to the UNITED NATIONS Corporation operating under names styled like this: “JOHN Q. ADAMS”.
The Puerto Rican Municipal Corporation that supposedly owns all the American ESTATE trusts is attempting to go bankrupt and drag the ESTATES through another interminable bankruptcy “reorganization” process with the new transmitting utilities as sureties. Along with this, is yet another fiat debt-credit system with “new and improved” I.O.U.s called “US TREASURY NOTES” instead of “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES”.
Mr. Secretary — an I.O.U is an I.O.U. is an I.O.U. Repeat as often as necessary until the dishonesty of what you are proposing sinks deeply into your cranial recesses. All this represents is continuation of the same old fraud against the American States and American State Citizens.
The third group of banks has even more recently proposed to give up one-tenth of its gold hoard in hopes of (1) undermining the BRICS banking initiative by releasing 7 years’ worth of the world’s consumption of gold into the market and tanking gold values for a decade, and (2) “giving” every man, woman, and child $100,000.00 worth of gold — only it wouldn’t be a gift. It would be yet another unilateral maritime contract. The perpetrators would claim that the $100,000.00 in gold was the equitable consideration accepted by the victims in exchange for their ESTATES—allowing them to receive assets worth millions for a trivial sum of metal that would be quickly devalued in the same interaction.
They were called on that proposal, too.
Mr. Secretary — when the Truth comes, what is False must pass away.
You will kindly release the ESTATE trusts that are owed to each living American State Citizen and each of the fifty (50) States of the Union without further delay, pretense, presumption, or excuse. The ESTATE assets together with the profit and interest accrued over the past seventy (70) years are owed free and clear of any debt or encumbrance to the entitlement holders and beneficiaries. If the Americans fail to invest wisely for themselves that is not your concern. They never appointed you or Barack H. Obama to be their Trustees in this matter. Their property was commandeered under conditions of fraud, breach of trust, and semantic deceit. The only rightful action for you is to return their property to them and to their actual States.
Mr. Obama’s recent statements to the effect that — ‘common people are too stupid to manage their own affairs’ and his assumption that Americans must bow down to an all-powerful government Nanny State stand fully rebutted. Any attempt to seize or continue to control the assets owed to the American States and the American State Citizens cannot be interpreted as anything but a criminal act.
If there is any genuine concern about the welfare of poor or uneducated Americans or trepidation about their ability to manage their own assets, Mr. Secretary — you are in a position of trust and competent to issue sensible guidelines and suggestions. The UNITED STATES, INC. could offer many, many appealing investment opportunities, but it cannot expect to retain control of the assets of the American States and the American State Citizens.
Our land is our land. We created the “federal government” as a separate and uniquely maritime and international jurisdiction for a reason. That reason remains.
Mr. Obama should be reminded that we stupid Americans created the federal government and the state governments and the entire infrastructure he depends upon. We paid for it, too. We are the source of his position and paycheck and everything else provided for his support, safety, and comfort. We are the workers who turn on the lights, put the food on his table, and who give his office all power and meaning that it possesses. The creation — the government — is not greater than the creator — the American People.
UCC-1 Financing Statements in favor of the States of America and individual American State Citizens have been filed. The filing process began last year via extraction of individual ESTATE trusts and has merely culminated as of July 31, 2014. What is owed to one is owed to all. Those agencies which received the credit side of the so-called “National Debt” have been recognized as DEBTORS and all the STATES have been directly extracted back in-to the united States of America with-prejudice together with the ESTATES of all living inhabitants. A certified copy of the final filing from UCC Central File/Recording District 500: 2014-787015-2 is-attached.
These presentments are directed to your attention individually and personally. We require your assistance and request that you willingly and promptly release all assets of the American States and the American State Citizens back to their natural and original jurisdiction and that you assist and expedite all efforts to completely restore a normal peacetime government to America.
This country has been kept at war since the Civil War and many of the most egregious wrongs plaguing us today derive from that time. Now as then, we struggle with issues of human enslavement, graft, government corruption, monetary instability, inequality, and prejudice. We must remember history and put it all behind us, instead of reliving it.
After the Civil War black Americans were supposed to be free. Yet they were never given recognition of their Natural and Unalienable Rights, never allowed to enjoy the status of American State Citizens. Instead, they were given a second-rate status as “US citizens” and “civil rights” that could be altered, changed, or denied by the whims of Congress. Despite all the promises and declarations, despite the abolition of private slave ownership, the perfidious federal government claimed to own the freed slaves as chattel backing U.S. Government debt.
Today, by a stealthy and shameful process, the federal government still enslaves Americans of all colors and kinds and claims them as chattel backing U.S. Government debt, by seeking undisclosed adhesion contracts and pretending that American State Citizens are “US citizens” instead. Year by year, the same government further erodes the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When the last American State Citizens are gone, the perpetrators of this most venal fraud of all will have no standard against which to measure “equality” and everyone will be equally enslaved.
The time has come for all Americans to be truly free, and for public slave ownership to be abolished as decisively as private slave ownership. Ironically, a black man sits in the Oval Office with the power to resolve these issues once and for all — yet he does not address the issue. Instead of destroying slavery, he promotes it. Instead of setting us all free, he seeks to forge stronger chains and greater power for the faceless, nameless, inhuman corporate government slave master.
Are we Americans the only ones who are stupid, or does Mr. Obama fail to get the point?
Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Civil Advocate





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