Thank you to all the TOT Members and KP Blog Members!!!

I am still beyond amazed at the response and honestly did not expect all of the help. There were some very generous donations of $100 or more that were amazing... And some very loving and meaningful "Numbers" like 3.33, 11.11, 33.33 etc as well as people that donated $1.

I know there are many who have sent emails saying they wish they could send $ but are in the same financial situation I am in at the moment. Their loving energy and kind words alone were extremely valuable. This show of love has been a very emotional experience for both my wife and myself.

For those who say there is no hope for humanity and there are very few "Service To Other" types of people out there... They are extremely misinformed!

Thank all of you again, This selfless assistance has now completely helped us with these technical HW expenses with some extra funds to put towards some SW ("Dragon Naturally Speaking" that will assist my work because of my typing limitations from recent Hand/Fore Arm & Shoulder Surgeries/Issues).


Now, I can get back to work and to provide some deeper disclosure details and focus on the "Message of Peace" from the Sphere Alliance... Stay tuned