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Sphere Being Conferences in 2015, ET Tech, Ancient Space Programs, STO vs STS Explained | Part 2 Michael Salla Q and A with Insider GoodETxSG Corey

The following is part 2 of a Q and A between Dr. Michael Salla and insider GoodETxSG, Corey. Click here for part 1 and my commentary.

In this post Corey refers to the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians prediction, so to speak, for what will happen once major disclosure occurs, and the so called event, takes place. They suggest that humanity will undergo some karmic corrections and the best way to for prepare is to work on becoming more service to others as well as raising our consciousness vibration. I would like to share some insights I have about this advice, as my previous commentary seemed to be elucidating for some. 

What Is STO and STS?

I think becoming more STO is directly related to gaining complete knowledge, what has been called objective morality, which will naturally raise the average vibration level over time. Morality is not explicitly described in the Law of One, but can essentially be rendered down to a very simple idea; don't steal. This is an apophatic definition, meaning it stated in the negative for ease of comprehension.

The thing that is not being stolen here is free will choice of another, which is underscored greatly in the Law of One Material, as Ra is constantly making an effort not to abrogate the free will of the questioners. In the post Black & White Magic: How do you Manifest your Desires? - Understanding the 2 Modes of Manifestation we discussed the methods by which we manifest our desires, the means, determines if it is STO or STS, whether it honors free will or abrogates it. And in this sense all the things we normally think of as bad: stealing, deception, murder, rape, etc. rob another of their free will right to choose.

If we desire something that affects another, or includes another, their free will must be honored, and allowed to operate. A choice is made with the conscious mind after we have acquired knowledge about the thing we are deciding; an informed choice. For example, a four year old child could not make an informed choice about which college to go to if their mother asked them, they just simply can't understand the full ramifications of what that question means in their present state of growth. 

Slide 19  from The Orders of Life, Consciousness Evolution and Personality Emergence Presentation.

If the mother is acting in a STO modality, she will slowly offer knowledge and experience to the child in an effort to inform them about the consequences of the choice, encouraging the child to choose freely based on their own personal desires and understandings. An STO modality will also acknowledge that the child does not have complete understanding and not force the child to choose. If she was STS, she may have her own intention for having her child go to Stanford or Yale, and may not ask the child at all. Or she may use some elaborate ruse or deception to get what she wants. 

STO and STS In Terms of Contracts

All this can be best understood within the framework of a contract. A contract is not some invention of man, it is inherent in the manner free will beings co-create or interact with each other; one of the key foundations of Natural Law. As such, any time 2 or more beings affect each other, there is a contractual relationship in place. We discussed this deeply in the post Magic and Ritual Decoded | The Science of Ritual Magic in Theory and Practice. There are 4 elements of a contract which one can use to determine if their methods or means are honorable, objectively moral or STO. Here the four elements below are describing an STO modality, honoring the free will of another. 
Intention to Create - a desire or intention held in the mind of the initiating personality, generating a plan of action: the means, based on their knowledge level.

Offer or Negotiation - the desire and intention are disclosed completely to all beings affected, ensuring each being has a chance to understand the full effects of the co-creation. This is the meeting of the minds phase, where the means are analyzed and changed, if needed, to ensure free will is honored by all affected. At the end of this phase all the minds are 'on the same page.' This is also called the negotiation phase.

Acceptance - All those who are needed to co-create the desired intention and negotiated method of action from the initiator, render their agreement or consent explicitly. "I agree to co-create" is an example of explicit consent, the key concept being free will choice operates with the highest possible degree of knowledge about what the choice to accept will mean. 

Consideration or Generation - The end result of the co-creative working is the intended desire or goal actualized or generated. If the goal was to have a family dinner, the eating of the dinner would indicate the goal is complete. 
The consistent theme of STO modalities is transparency, or full disclosure, ensuring that if someone is going to be affected by the working, they agree clearly. If a group of friends want to practice music in a public space, they would disclose this intention to anyone there and ensure they agreed. If even one person indicates they do not, they would negotiate, and even abandon the goal to practice in a public space if someone did not agree. 

STS modalities are the opposite end of the pole. Here the 'ends justify the means', and the initiating personality will accept implied consent or acquiescence as evidence agreement is in place. Here, the group of friends would just start practicing, and if no one got up to say "hey please do not play here" their inaction is implied consent; if they didn't want us to play, they would have said something. An illusionist is an excellent example of a STS modality. Their goal is to deceive the observers into believing something that is not true, and in order to accomplish this, those who are deceived must misinterpret the goal and method of the illusionist. The illusionist must use misdirection and deception. All the beings affected are not on the same page, there is a disharmony with respect to the minds of each in the co-creative working, and is therefore dishonorable and STS. This is the primary modality used by the cabal, offering what appears to be one thing, but is actually another. 

The key principle here is how well the intended goal, plan of action and resulting effects are understood or reflected in the minds of all those affected. This is a process of truth revealing, proliferation or sharing. Sharing the truth with another could mean changing one's self if the stated goal is not desirable, and as such both are transformed. STS modalities must maintain the goal, the ends justify the means, and as such avoid any personality transformation as a result of sharing the truth; transparency or full disclosure.

Effects of STO Modality On Personality Growth

What is interesting to notice is the effects of either modality on the developing personality. Avoiding the truth leads to personality stagnation whereas embracing the truth leads to personality expansion and evolution. Avoiding the truth requires defense mechanisms against reality itself, and as such lowers the vibrational consciousness from high comprehension and bliss states, to fight or flight modes. 

Dan Winters work provides biometric data which confirms this. Brain Wave measurements have been taken for beings who are attempting to lie or hold back the truth, this creates a coherence pattern with a hexagonal geometry, revealing a closed off and protective state of being. Hexagonal geometries are energy systems which do not allow the flow of information from in or out of the system. The same is true for closed mindedness. It is like building walls in consciousness to protect one's self from the truth. Any time you felt like you need to hold back the truth, this usually creates an anxiety, an experience of protectiveness; the fight or flight response. 

Conversely, when we share our truth, this creates a consciousness geometry in a pentagonal form, and is expressive of the golden mean ratio. This is an interconnected configuration of consciousness, and data flows in and out continuously. Sharing something deeply personal about ourselves, especially something that we once felt needed to be secret can feel good. Personally, I can attest to this. I spent many years trying to hide my bisexuality from the world, and in any situation which led to potential sharing, felt the flight or flight response of lower vibrational emotional states. But when I finally mustered the courage to share, a huge wave of relief was experienced, and it approached the bliss state. Doing the work to change how we define our thoughts and beliefs, to make them sharable raises our vibrations when we experience something that draws those thoughts to the surface. Corey's process of sharing his experiences, in my view, reveals this alchemical or transformative process at work. 

STO Makes It Sharable

As a result, making something sharable, as Dan often says, is an STO modality. The Law of One describes 4th density as the polarization of each modality for an entire planet. STO 4th density spheres are characterized by complete transparency, deception is not possible. In other words the only way a being can exist in that climate is to have a personality which has become totally sharable, and does not feel the personal need to protect it self with secrecy. How we choose to define our reality, our thoughts, and why we do things, the means, determines if it is sharable or not. 

I personally work on becoming more STO by observing how I react in different situations; have I defined this thought or perspective as unshareable and must I keep it secret to protect myself? Living on Earth invariably creates a belief system which feels the need to keep secrets to some degree, and in some cases with good reason. If we are too transparent, other people may not understand us properly, and with this inaccurate knowledge potentially act, causing us harm. Telling a neonazi that you are gay, may mean putting ourselves in danger. How do we reconcile this?

Conscious Rational Choices vs Unconscious Instinctual Choices

First, I would say that the process of making something sharable is an internal process which does not necessarily mean one needs to tell the world everything. The key indicator is how you feel about the information. You may do something which you feel is bad or unacceptable, and as such try to hide it within yourself. But by doing the work of understanding why, gaining self knowledge, you can move out of instinctual protectiveness, into rational non-disclosure. The difference is not semantic.

For example, one of the reasons we wear clothing is to hide our naked bodies from others, an aspect of ourselves. How we define this desire within our thoughts and beliefs determines if it is sharable and therefore STO. If we are instinctually trying to shield our bodies from the world, because we view them as ugly or disgusting, this is an instinctual definition of protectiveness, an STS modality, which causes separation. Conversely, if we love our bodies and accept them fully, we choose not to reveal our nakedness because to do so, would affect another, and if we do not gain explicit consent (using the contractual concept above) we would be acting in STS. The latter modality is a rational or logical conclusion, coming about as a result of gaining knowledge and developing a conscious awareness of another; the so called truth seeker's path. Now we choose not to be naked because we want to honor the free will of another vs trying to protect ourselves. But the point is we have many reasons for doing the things we do, we also wear cloths to stay warm.

Slide 7 from The Orders of Life, Consciousness Evolution and Personality Emergence Presentation.

The vibrational quality of consciousness when we define a thought or belief as sharable, literally raises it to a high vibration. Pentagonal geometries are implossive, and data transmission literally compresses recursively beyond the speed of light. Making something sharable orients the consciousness to receive data as well as send it, to seek the truth as well as honor it, and is therefore an STO modality of personality growth.  

The point is, our internal process of expanding knowledge, acting consciously and rationally opposed to unconsciously and instinctually, is the key to becoming more STO. The outward behavior may not change, but the internal quality of our beingness has changed. To drive the point in even further, STO does not mean we must act differently always, but it could result in changes in external behavior as knowledge increases. 

Evolution from Unconscious to Conscious

One last point on STO growth processes. Human growth is characterized by increasing levels of consciousness and awareness. Initially we come into life at an unconscious state, making choices and decisions based on emotional states and the knowledge we have available at that time. These choices become automatic and settle into the unconscious mind. Human nature is programmable, much like a computer, but not exactly like a computer. 

On the path of truth, to know thyself, we are constantly being provided experiences which compel us to question older decisions and programing. As knowledge and awareness increase (more of the truth is reflected within), this may call into question older decision making processes. As children we may choose to drink soda because it tastes good, but as adults we realize doing so harms the body and ourselves, and with this knowledge we may choose to act differently. In this sense, one seeking to be more STO is willing to question their prior conclusions and biases to ensure they resonate with the present knowledge level. And an absolute belief that one way is the only way, reveals a personality that is not willing to explore the truth fully. 

Since absolute belief requires absolute knowledge, it is inherently self deceptive, and an example of personality stagnation. Our knowledge grows with experience, as such the best we can hope for is relative degrees of conclusiveness, always leaving our minds open for more information; constantly seeking the truth. Holding one's belief in the realm of relative certainty also allows us to share our truths openly and change them more easily without feeling the need to protect them. All my perspectives herein described are done in that way, and I always seek the commentary of others so as to expand my own knowledge. I try to maintain a willingness to let go of something I believe to be right if more information about it is revealed to me; but can hardly claim to be perfect in this sense. 

In my personal experience of trying to become more STO, I am constantly observing automatic reactions resulting from past decisions, and if I do not take the time to gain awareness and reprocess this choice with a logical rational understanding, I may be acting dishonorably and in an STS modality. The process is far more in depth than I initially thought after reading the law of one, and I am constantly reminded of the phrase:
"My advice to you, whoever you may be.

Oh! You who desire to explore the mysteries of nature.

If you do not discover within yourself what you seek,

neither will you find it without.

If you ignore the excellencies of your own house,

how can you aspire to find excellencies elsewhere?

Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures.  
Oh! Man, know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods." 
- (Inscription at the entrance of the Temple of Delphi in Greece) 
For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here.

There are 2 other articles covering Corey's information, which are linked below.

- Justin


In the second part of his responses to a series of questions sent on April 12 about his alleged covert service with up to five secret space programs originating from recent human history, Corey/GoodETxSG reveals more information about continuing human-extraterrestrial alliance meetings. He gives more details about various ancient human space programs that continue to exist and are active in ongoing meetings with Earth’s current space programs and visiting extraterrestrial civilizations, He also gives more details about the private citizens, in addition to himself and secret space program personnel, that have met with extraterrestrial representatives in various secret locations.
In his responses, Corey explains that at the first meeting held sometime in March 2015, approximately 70 private individuals attended from around the world representing different ethnicities. Corey believes that the one thing they held in common was that they were “star seeds” – individuals who in prior incarnations had been part of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. None had served with any of the secret space programs. At the last meeting held prior to April 12, he said that just over 35 or so of the same type of people that attended the first meeting were present. Importantly, he said that he saw a woman at a local tax office who was one of the participants from the original meeting. When she recognized Corey, she quickly left suggesting that she had been warned-off from talking about her off-world experience by an unknown national security agency enforcing secrecy.
Corey explains that ancient human civilizations followed a similar development model to our own insofar as advanced technologies were not widely dispersed. This allowed for the development of secret space programs that actively conducted off-world missions without the knowledge of most of the population. He says that the Abydos Temple glyphs are an example of a secret space program with advanced technologies run by a priestly caste. Corey said that our current civilization, is probably the one which has made more available knowledge of advanced technologies. He reveals that ancient human space programs that continue to operate, have a more highly developed spiritual philosophy based on principles found in the Law of One material.
What I found particularly significant in Corey’s responses was his experience with a Mayan Secret Space program. They had assisted him in clearing the trauma associated with some of his memories, and also worked with the Blue Avian extraterrestrials. As I announced on Coast to Coast Radio on April 13,  I had been approached by a representative of a Mayan Secret Space program in March 2010, who revealed aspects of their training, operations and philosophy; and wanted to recruit me into their service. I had never revealed this information publicly before since no other whistleblower or contactee I was aware of had spoken about a secret Mayan space program or extraterrestrials originating from the Mayan civilization. When I read Corey’s email responses I was amazed with the level of information he had about the Mayan space program. It was powerful corroboration for me that Corey’s testimony is genuine.
To read Part 1. Click here.

Q. To date [April 12, 2015] you say that there have been four sets of SSP conferences/meetings that you have attended. The first included 70 private civilians taken to the meeting on the far side of the moon. Did any of these attend the latter three SSP conferences/meetings?
No. There was an entirely different group of the same type of people that attended one other conference. There has only been one other conference at the “LOC” since the previous one mentioned. The others were at more “Spartan” locations. This last “SSP Alliance/Sphere Being Alliance” conference was at the “LOC” and there was a smaller group of people a little more than half the size of the previous “Groups of 70” that you are referencing.
Q. What do you know about the composition of these other 70 private civilians in terms of ethnicity, religion, professional status, etc.?
In the first meeting at the “LOC”, There were Men and Women and a wide age group. They were from all over the planet and obviously from various time zones from the “Attire” they were wearing. There were from diverse ethnic groups that also represented the population of the planet.
Q. Were any of them similar to you in terms of having earlier served with the SSPs?
No. These people were obviously “Gob-Smacked” at their experience and were thrilled to be there. They were your “Average” looking people from the planet. I have not been given any direct intelligence on this but I am certain they are “Star Seeds”.
Q. Was anything said to the 70 private civilians about what they could or couldn’t share to the general public?



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