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Secret Space Program, ET's, Time Travel, Off World Civilizations, Memory Wiping | Part 1 Michael Salla Q and A with Insider GoodETxSG Corey

The following is part 1 of a Q and A between Dr. Michael Salla and insider GoodETxSG, Corey. For part 2 and my further commentary on STO vs STS, click here

I found Corey's information about memory wiping particularly interesting and would like to share some insights.

Esoteric Knowledge And Memory Wiping

My own studies in the the nature of mind, suggests that as we develop more coherence in our thought patterns, they ground deeper within us, and require less mental energy to hold on to. Similar to the difference between memorization of a few facts, and deep personal knowledge. For example, the first language learned is often automatic in it's processes of recall and usage, so much so that most people think word meanings are inherent, opposed to learned, acquired or generated.

Corey shares that when mind wiping occurs, some people are able to recover memories over time. He himself has full recall, whereas others can only gain access to memories via hypnosis or regression techniques. Corey was told by his handlers in the SSP, this is due to some people having "esoteric knowledge" allowing their memories to be stored in the "energetic field." Apparently a chemical memory wipe will work for most people, but some will recover memories over time, especially during dream time states, when we access to our 'energetic bodies' in the aetheric plane or unconscious mind is strongest.

Correlated Research with Corey's Data

All of this, in my view, underscores the work of Dan Winter and Dewey B. Larson. Dan has been able to demonstrate that mental coherence patterns are directly related to our consciousness focusing abilities, memory being a primary example. The better one is able to focus their mind and replicate what is observed within, the more easily they can remember things. This can actually be measured with a device he invented called the Heart Tuner. 

Dewey B. Larson developed the Reciprocal Systems theory, and describes a physical universe divided into areas: Space-Time and Time-Space, with the speed of light as the boundary between them, so to speak. Motion below the speed of light operates in the material sector, and if energetically pushed beyond it, enters the cosmic sector. Briefly, space-time is the material sector, having 3 dimensions of space and one dimension of time. This is essentially the world we know in our everyday lives, where we act out desires and intentions in our bodies, within a continuous flow of time. 

The time-space or cosmic sector, has 3 dimensions of time and one dimension of space. This is the realm of mind, where we remember the past, observe the present and conceive of future possibilities. This aspect of our experience is within, and as such remains in one 'location' of space; hence 3 dimensions of time and one dimension of space. 

Unlike watching a film, which requires a complete play through from beginning to end in order to express the information contained in it, memories can be recalled instantaneously, with all of the data stored in them available to us, depending on how well we stored the memory. The unconscious mind remembers everything, while our ability to consciously recall data is dependent on our free will choices of understanding it, the contemplation and distillation process. 

The Mind Moves In 3 Dimensions of Time

When we desire something, we imagine it in our minds, and devise a of plan action within milliseconds, even though the physical motions require much more time to carry out. This all supports the notion that our minds are literally beyond space and time, in an "energetic field." This memory field, so to speak, is entrained, or receives information, from our senses and is deciphered as a synthesis of free will and the unconscious mind; our masculine and feminine aspects. When observation of something occurs, this data is received depending on where the attention is being placed, generating an image or memory pattern. As experience is gained, data is understood more completely, which creates a thought structure, or geometric pattern in time-space, that has been called an aetheric body, or mental body. 

This is a reflective process and works much like photography. A camera captures light reflecting off objects in a scene, and is reflected on to a photovoltaic plate, rendering an image in the likeness of the scene. The quality of the lense, and size of the plate, determine the images resolution, how accurate it is. The mind's lense is attention or focus, and the plate is the totality of acquired knowledge from past experience. This can be easily seen when considering language and memory. 

Words whether spoken or written are symbols for meaning, and are combined with other words to articulate ideas. During the learning process as children, we primarily gain word knowledge through association. Parents hold objects saying a word, slowly forming associations or images in the mind. At first these are isolated or surface level renderings, and as time goes on they begin to coalesce to form other ideas. Eventually allowing the child to speak the words, and observe what happens. Saying mommy creates the experience of mother moving towards the child, which is another association. At the end of the process, word meanings are recalled seamlessly, and as they are spoken, an image of the articulated idea is formed within the mind. This is the knowledge base, and it determines how well experience is reflected within. 

Creating The Mental Body

Given the fact the SSP program is a product of the Cabal, it is reasonable to assume that the term esoteric means occult knowledge, or stated more clearly, refers to a more complete knowledge of the universe then the average person. This does not mean someone has to be schooled in the occult, it simply means that their life experience and innate awareness level upon incarnation, along with their free will choices to 'make sense of the data,' allowed them to create a memory or mental body which is beyond the material, so to speak. This resonates strongly with Dan Winters work on immortality, and is the point I found so interesting.

More complete knowledge will lead to a greater abilities to see reality for what it is, and therefore reflect it within the mind more clearly; a high resolution image vs low resolution. It appears that as this process continues, someone will be capable of creating a mental body so complete, that even destroying the physical connections in the material body is not enough for them to reform after time. If I am correct in my thought process, this mental body can even transcend death, and would be remembered later as a past life. 

Coherence or Fractality "as above so below, as within so without"

Coherence is the key concept behind all this in my view. Coherence is the level of organization within any given thing. A symphony has more coherence than death metal, which Dr. Emoto was able to demonstrate with his water experiments. A fractal is a pattern which has a high degree of coherence, and holograms are fractal or self similar informational geometries. Self similarity or Fractality are principles described in Natural Law and Hermetic Principle by the phrase "as above so below as with so without." Holograms are so good at storing information, you can cut them in half, and still have a complete image of the data which was imprinted; albeit at a reduced resolution, and are examples of fractal informational devices.

The bliss experience is characterized by a high degree of awareness, or open mindedness, along with a conscious recognition that the experience is good, or desirable. This creates coherence patterns in the brain which allow information from the senses to entrain into the mind at a very high degree of clarity. This indicates that as we consciously choose to embrace life and experience it more fully, we are creating a mental body with greater levels of coherence and fractality.

Our ability to understand data accurately and make sense of it via contemplation, empowers us to not only live happier more productive lives, but also gain so called ascended abilities, much of what is discussed in the Law of One and by GoodETxSG.

For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here

There are 2 other articles covering Corey's information, which are linked below.
- Justin

Source - Exopolitics

Corey (aka GoodETxSG) recently has emerged as a new source of information on multiple secret space programs and breakaway civilizations from Earth. In an earlier article I summarized his public testimony revealed through two internet forums and public presentations by David Wilcock on the nature of these covert programs. In a later article released on April 7, I presented Corey’s responses to a series of questions I emailed him. His answers revealed a remarkable degree of complexity in terms of the number of participants, programs and extraterrestrial alliances related to five secret space programs run by various military, government and corporate entities from our contemporary time period alone.
I sent Corey a further list of questions on April 12 to clarify more aspects of complex dynamics he has outlined in his email responses to me, and questions he is responding to an internet forum called “The One Truth.” Corey kindly replied to my additional questions promptly with great detail and at some length. Consequently, the questions and Corey’s responses are divided into two parts.
In part one, I ask Corey about his recruitment, the conditions of his covert service in several secret space programs, and his return to civilian life. After the Q & A, I offer a comparative analysis between Corey’s testimony and the testimony of Randy Cramer (aka Capt Kaye) concerning their respective experiences with secret space programs, and whether or not they support the veracity of each other’s testimony.
Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.


Q. Which agency/program first identified you with Intuitive Empath abilities and began training you for eventual recruitment into a SSP?
I was identified as an “Intuitive Empath” extremely early on in the MILAB Programs. I was no older than 6 Years Old when I first heard this term used in relationship to myself. Quite a lot of Standardized Testing, Psychological Testing, Physical Testing, Psychic Testing and various types of “Scenario Testing” were used to identify my natural “Talents” and “Other Abilities” that could be “Enhanced”. I am sure it was at that early time that these “People” (Mostly Sociopaths) that ran these “Programs” began to see the patterns in our dossiers that would determine if we would be further trained to be “Drafted” into the “Secret Space Programs”, the “Secret Earth Government Syndicates/Groups, Specialized Military Forces or “Other Programs”. I do not know at what point I was identified as a candidate for the SSP Programs or the “Earth Delegate IE Support Roles”. It is clear that children with special abilities such as “Star Seeds” were actively sought out. They often used the “Standardized Testing” in the Public School Systems to help them identify these children.
 Q. What can you tell us about your formal training? When did it begin and how did your parents respond?
My parents do not seem to have known. They are a very secretive type of family anyway with one side of the family that refuses to answer any in-depth questions about our detailed family history or lineage for doing family lineage tracing. I have not discussed this with them as they are very strict conservative Christians (now in later life, not so much back then at all.). When the Videos with my Full Name and Location is released I fully expect quite a negative reaction. Let’s just say there will never be a “Normal” Family Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner again. I also fully expect there to be some sort of “Intervention” to occur where I think I have been invited over for lunch after Church and see my entire family with serious looks on their faces, the Pastor of our local Church and a Psychiatrist (This is no joke).
The training began with both “Night Time Pickups” from my home and also when I was about in Elementary School being taken from school in white vans and transported to the local Air Force Base (Carswell Air force Base at the time, Now Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth) or very often closed down shopping centers or large corporate types of buildings closer to where we lived. The school pickup’s were sporadic and would be from 2 days a week and quite often to sometimes there would be weeks with no “Field Trips” what so ever. There were normally the same 300 or so children, children of various ages present depending on where the training occurred or what type of training was occurring. At the end of every “Training Session” there was always a “Chemical Debriefing” where you were given a shot, you went over your training for that session and then went through a process to be “Blank-slated” and have “Screen Memories” implanted to replace the ones that were removed and to cover any missing time that would cause problems with the “Screen Memories” and your subconscious (which often occurred and played out in dreams).
Q. Please explain how you graduated from your IE training?
There was no “Graduation Ceremony”. There was just the training and then the work. Most of the “IE” training was “On The Job” or in “Simulations”. There was a lot of effort put into “Enhancing” already natural “IE” abilities, Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing Training with the use of “Chemicals” and “Technology”. When you were going through training you were not just being trained for one identified skill set. There was a lot of redundancy training, weapons and tactical training among other types of survival, communications and technical training.
There were also several types of technologies used for training. There was a “Virtual Reality” [VR] training that was so “REAL” that you could not tell the difference or that you were “In” or “Out” of a session (This technology was used for many other things as well). A lot of psychological profiling was also done in these “VR” environments where you would be ordered to “Kill” or do other “Unmentionable Things” to people or animals (to “See” how far you would go ethically). There was also combat training done in these “VR” environments. One of the tests towards the end was for you to be able to discern whether you were in a simulation or not. There was “in the field” training as well and the training locations were recreated in the “VR” environments. There were also “Data Download” technologies where years of training and “Book Learning” could be directly downloaded into your brain.
 Q. Please tell us the age you began your initial 20 year tour of duty, what year that was and anything you recall about the contract/non-disclosure agreement you signed?
 I was told up front that I would sign non-disclosure agreements and then serve 20 Years away from Earth, I would have no contact or information of what was occurring on the planet, that at the end of my tour I would be “Age Regressed” and “Blank-slated” and returned to the time when I left. I was told that for doing this very important mission that I would have a very easy life upon returning, and would have a job for life making over 6 figures with a great retirement package and would live out the rest of my life in happy ignorant bliss. None of the above was delivered on.
I technically served almost 21 Years as I was brought in at 16/1986 for a short term program assignment prior to being handed over to the facility on the LOC where I was then physically enhanced. I was somewhat short and looked very young and this was advantageous for them in this first program assignment because they wanted me to be underestimated. When I was 17 and assigned to the SSP I really began my time in. As previously stated I was assigned to a Research Vessel for a little over 6 Years before being transferred to some other projects that were at times “Dark” and difficult to do.
 Q. Please explain what happened at the end of your 20 year tour of duty in terms of age regression, time-regression and being reintroduced to Earth?
I hadn’t served on board a “Vessel” for some time but had been assigned to other SSP Projects. There was a ceremony with other SSP’s that I had never seen and then a very long debriefing under the influence of a chemical that was injected. They then did medical tests and “Labs” while I was read a lot of information from a standard form by a person that seemed to have it half memorized. They reminded me of an “Oath” and “Non-disclosure” as well as my duty to those I served with and the importance of the mission. I then was asked to sign some paperwork and was moved down a level to another medical area I had never seen. I was then sedated and restrained for the “Age Regression” process (It was very important that we remain perfectly motionless). I was then returned to my home where I was picked up “20 Years” earlier at almost the same time I left. I was extremely confused, exhausted and ran a fever and remember that I stayed home and in bed sick for a couple of days. I then returned to my “Normal” life of finishing up High School etc… I did have a growth spurt in the summer between my Junior and Senior Year that Blew My Class Mates that I grew up with AWAY! I not only caught up with but was now a bit taller than kids that were almost a head taller than me the year before. I was 6’1” when I graduated High School.
 Q. Please explain how age-regression technology works, and its relationship to time-regression technology?
 The “Age” regression occurred while under sedation and when we came out we were also at that point “Time regressed”. I was not conscious during this process and only remember going into the room and laying on the table where card board like panels were put up around me and I was heavily restrained (as I was being sedated) so I could not move at all as well as sedated during the process. We had to be kept perfectly still/motionless during the “Process”. That is all I recall.
 Q. You have described in the forums that the blank-slate, mind-wipe technology was not always successful, and did not work on you. What was the policy of the SSP in such cases? Would they still honor contracts, take additional precautions in returning people to Earth?
The “Blank-Slating” protocols and technologies have changed over the years to now using mainly technology. During my time they were primarily using “Chemically Induced” with Technology assisting the process as well as “Human intervention” using various types of developed hypnotically suggested “screen memories” and “Triggers” in case those screen memories began to slip. They found out early on that people that were trained heavily in the more “Esoteric” programs and who were certain “Personality Types” had a natural resistance to the process. They also finally figured out that NOT ALL MEMORIES were contained in the brain like a hard drive. They learned that many memories were contained in the “Energetic Field” (Soul) of a person and as they learned more about how people remembered “Past Lives” they realized this was a problem. When you had people that were trained in the “Esoteric” and had a strong connection to their “Higher Self” and didn’t ONLY identify with their “Ego” erasing memories and replacing them became problematic. The only thing they could do is “REAB” (Re-abduct) the individuals from time to time and blank-slate them again, when that proved “Fruitless” they just had to either “Terminate” the individuals or if they were of further use in the future keep them under close surveillance. When things became very obvious that the individuals had “Full” or “Partial Recall” they would usually bring them back in on some level to the “Projects”. EVERYONE was promised all kinds of things that none of the SSP Groups EVER intended on honoring. There were NO 100% College Tuitions, There were NO easy lives of 6 figure incomes and ridiculous retirement benefits… Nothing that was promised was delivered.
 Q. After your return to Earth after your 20 years’ service to relive 20 years now as a normal civilian, how much could you recall of the first time-line involving your SSP service? Some or all of the memories? Did the memories return first through dreams, intuitive flashes, or just a knowing that they were real? Did you take any special measures to activate/regain your memories, e.g., accepting them as genuine, etc.?

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