Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Russia Officially Joins $50bn China-led Infrastructure Bank - and comments by Justin

A reader asked my opinion on the BRICS and AIIB developments of this year, and I want to share those thoughts briefly. 

First we have the rhetoric by those within the awakening community, that the BRICS and AIIB initiatives are proof that the cabal is loosing power, and that these new institutions will be honorable and good for humanity. While that maybe true, when I personally researched the banking policies and documentation available, these institutions appear to be run as for profit models to compete with the IMF and World bank. Here is an excerpt from the post Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 14 – The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers

I'll admit when I first heard of the BRICS bank from David Wilcock it seemed like a sure thing, but I hadn't actually researched what it was beyond a few vague articles. I had the same amount of certainty to say BRICS is an honorable system as to say it is still under control of the Banking Elite. And for me, I needed more than just faith, because faith in the wrong things can cost us dearly.

With this in mind, I feel it is good to digest as much data as possible for considering the premise that BRICS is here to defeat the Cabal. You may not know how exactly the new banking system works - I certainly didn't - but I do know how the present system works: Interest. Interest is a central point of control, it allows the banks to siphon off energy out of a nation. Mathematically, if the interest is not spent back into the system every year, then the whole population experiences a scarcity. This is very well demonstrated in the Documentary by Bill Still The Secret of Oz

Here are some questions I had, that with a little research I was able to answer:

Is there an interest rate? - Yes there is an interest rate. BRICS banks, which are called New Development Banks NDB, will be on par with the IBRD rate (the standard in the Global Markets). This was explained in the following RT article:
"For the NDB to build its initial credibility, it will have to maintain high standards of lending and ensure minimal defaulters. The two most important questions are how to create strong and efficient domestic financial structures that could work in tandem with the regional institution and extend high quality loans to improve its credit rating.And if it has to earn profits on the loans – which it should for future expansion – NDB will also have to charge an interest rate. 
While smaller developing countries could borrow from the NDB without facing austere conditions, presenting a viable domestic environment for investment – most of which are plagued by inefficient governance and the poor ability of repayment even with a concessional interest rate – will be a challenge." ...
"As Vikram Nehru, Senior Associate, Asia Program, Bakrie Chair in Southeast Asian Studies, Carnegie Asia Program says, “The New Development Bank will have to borrow from capital markets to leverage its equity and will therefore need to charge an interest rate that will be close to the IBRD interest rate. [these rates from 3% to 60%] This means that the NDB's clients are most likely to be creditworthy developing countries. In the initial period, it is very likely that the NDB will lend only to the BRICS themselves [how does this help stop the cabal?], but gradually more developing country members could be added as potential borrowers. The upshot is that low income developing countries are very unlikely to gain access to NDB resources, at least not for the foreseeable future and under its current proposed design.” - RT
If the BRICS bank is designed to compete with the IMF with a basket of currencies and resources opposed to fiat FRN's, it is still being implemented as a profit driven model, and none of the most impoverished nations will gain access by the statements above; "not for the foreseeable future."

Taking the most optimistic perspective, that we - don't know all the plans and there are good people working to make things happen for humanity - this could be the game changer many have spoke of. But in my view, the primary cause of the worlds current state is ignorance combined with blind faith in authorities and guru's of all sorts. If we are to become immune to the plague of Cabal control, we must learn to see the deception and illusion ourselves, not just take another's word for it. This comes about as a result of building personal knowledge, becoming an expert in our own right. Then even if the BRICS bank ends up being another Cabal scam, we won't be duped again. For ourselves, and our children's sake, we must take up the hard work of understanding things personally, else we may fall victim to our own blind faith. 

AIIB is a similar institution as BRICS, so the same logic applies. I think all data has a place in our awakening process so long as it is understood fully (including so called disinfo), and becoming independent and truly free. In this sense even if these are more of the same program of slavery, we can learn the truth, and collectively set ourselves free by un-consenting, and developing our own systems of exchange. 
- Justin

Source - RT News

On Tuesday Russia officially becomes a founder of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). It means Russian companies can take part in infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific region, and could attract foreign investment into Russia.
Russia applied for membership as a founding member of the AIIB 2 weeks ago, along with another 52 countries. The founding members have the right to establish the rules guiding the bank’s activities. China reportedly had rejected requests from North Korea and Taiwan to join the AIIB. The final list of the bank’s founding members will be announced on April 15.
"Russia as a country belonging to the target region of the bank's operations, and is meant to play an important role in investment decisions and also attract investment funds from the bank in the interest of improving the infrastructure of Siberia and the Russian Far East. We expect that the bank will become an effective tool for strengthening transcontinental links and will contribute to Eurasian integration,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said, according to RIA Novosti.
Allies & rivals
Meanwhile, the United States and Japan have decided not to join the AIIB. Japan which is China’s main regional rival has been hesitating due to its relations with Washington and the AIIB's potential rivalry with the Asian Development Bank. Earlier this month, Washington reportedly questioned Japan following the rumors of its possible participation but Tokyo has denied everything.
The AIIB is seen by many experts as an alternative to Western-led financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Washington has been pressuring its allies against joining the bank and raising concerns whether the China-led bank will “meet international standards of governance and transparency.” However, leading European economies, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland applied to join earlier last month. The application deadline for membership was March 31.
Financial securities expert Francis Lun suggests that even though America is very close to its European allies, “the major European countries are really showing their independence.”
“The response to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was overwhelming. It really showed the dissatisfaction of various countries to a dominating America,” Lun told RT.
The IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in March that the IMF and the World Bank would be "delighted"to cooperate with the AIIB. Beijing has repeatedly said that AIIB will be a complement to the existing international financial institutions.
The Asian Bank for infrastructure investment (AIIB) was established in 2014 by China. The bank will finance infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific Region; its headquarters will be in Beijing. The initial subscribed capital of AIIB will be $50 billion and is planned to be increased to $100 billion.




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