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Off World Groups Have Abducted Whole Villages, Corey's Energy Drain from Negative ET Meeting | Insider GoodETxSG Corey

Enerchi from Ascension With Mother Earth was kind enough to post this update. The grieving process Corey discusses I have observed at a microcosmic level within each of us as we awaken, and sometimes hinders our progress if we can not heal

I think what makes it painful comes from not gaining the whole picture, and once done, can lead to a transcendence of the once negative emotional response into a positive one. For example, initially learning about the Cabal can be very scary, but as the search for truth continues, and our knowledge expands, we can reach a level where we realize personal empowerment. That we are actually capable of unifying together and ending the rule of our would-be masters. In this sense the truth will set us free, if we go all the way.

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- Justin

Source - Ascension With Mother Earth

MAJOR UPDATE: Might as well add it here...
(I had my own encounters last night. It was a grand meeting at the old location I used to attend meetings at as a support role/"IE" and then another one with the SSP Alliance Leadership from last time where One Blue Avian was present. I have completely lost my voice. I got back and couldn't even think about going back to bed so I am also completely exhausted. This was after the dreadedmeeting with the negative "Non-Human" group a couple of days ago. I already gave DW and my Wife of course the briefing on that meeting and weird encounter... After all of the debriefs and I get them written up they will be posted minus some information...)

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Quote Originally Posted by ronin View Post
i feel we are all old enough to know what we are dealing with.
just look at the world around us.
all i will say it is not very nice and this is not how it is suppose to be.....
I'm sorry, (Not to sound combative but this subject has a very emotional effect on me...)

I relived those details in fairly graphic detail with DW in our hours of personal conversations. It is very difficult stuff to think or talk about in detail.

If you have read Dr. Salla's latest article where I covered some of this then you can pretty easily extrapilate many of the details. All of this will be coming out in the not to distant future to everyone's dismay.

If you want all of the "Gory Details" shared here and now, I am sorry... It is just not going to happen at this point. This is not "SciFi" for me it was what I lived through. 

I do see the world around us, and most people cannot even agree on what is going on in that world around us that we know of. This is very sick and complex stuff. When the time does come for humanity to find out the MANY CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed by "Our Elite" Leaders it is going to be a massive shock and many will go through all the stages of remorse... (It has already been tested out on small test groups...).

It is going to be difficult for some people who have taken part in these programs against their will to know what will be "Done With Them"... It's a very difficult and complicated situation that we will all be facing soon enough IMHO.


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Quote Originally Posted by ronin View Post
question please goodet.

are their any other planets that are human habital and have people been relocated to these planets.
their are stories of whole villages going missing in the past,without any clue where the residents have gone.
theory is mass abduction for re colonising a planet!

I have gone into great detail about this with DW but did not want to discuss it on the video's because of the "Fear Porn" factor...

Yes, there are plenty of inhabited planets and moons all through out the Galaxy... and YES Entire Villages have gone missing. I didn't know many people knew about that.

There have been "Off World Groups" that have done a lot of "Grab and Dashes" with individuals, small groups and even entire "Small Villages" (Mostly to never be seen again.)... To be taken off to be used for many "purposes"...

The ICC-SSP is also involved (As are many other groups including Secret Earth Government Syndicates) in the "Human Trafficking" Trade (To be used as commodities for bartering with other "Races")...

It is a crime against humanity and will be answered for someday... Those who are rescued from these situations or from other beings who have been slaves are not able to be returned to Earth fo Security and Psychological Reasons. There are many "Recovery Colonies" I guess you could say in other Solar Systems where they are being treated well and are healing.

Interesting question indeed... One I have stayed away from as much as possible.


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