Sunday, April 12, 2015

Death Threats, AI Profits, Opposition Groups and Internet Trolls Can't Stop The Truth | Insider GoodETxSG Corey

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I also resonated strongly with what Corey shares, the truth must be spoken, and shine brightly in all the dark places. All those minds around us, our family, friends and fellows who have not opened yet to the truth, will fight to maintain their ignorance. Compassion and understanding can help us realize that they are not thinking clearly and are only lashing out as an unconscious defense mechanism, trying to protect their false and incomplete world views from the truth. I find that the best approach is to focus on the conceptual message, and not get dragged into a fighting match. These reactions are a result of emotional trauma, and as such, heal the heart to open the mind.
- Justin

Source - Kauilapele's Blog

GoodETxSG / Corey Information… “What’s he GOING through?”

Probably most of us who have “done the blogging thing” have encountered the “persistent negativizers”, sometimes known as “trolls”. It is a challenge that each deals with in their own way. When one becomes conscious that there are those “out there” who are often paid to troll, and cast doubts on anything “they” do not like seeing in the open, that brings a whole new awareness as to how to deal with “them”. I enjoyed this insight from GoodETxSG / Corey.

Forum post #852 (8th April 2015, 10:18)
[Q] Originally Posted by The One
Can i also point out that Corey is being bombarded by wacko’s back channel and via our email server,… I applauded you for going on mate it cant be easy and if this is not your cup of tea we have over 5000 threads on here to cater for all
[Corey] Thank you kind sir,
I know you have gotten a very clear glimpse of some of what has been occurring with the highly motivated and persistent “Trolls” and Yes, Some that fall directly into the classification of “Stalkers”.
I know that I have not received any special treatment from the staff here and that Your Forum and Staff do all you can to protect your members from this behavior.
I have to say it is very appreciated and those who criticise some “executive actions taken” without the full details should consider that there are many things that do go on in the background that are not just limited to the surface/public postings.
Some of this has been overwhelming in the scope of which these stalkers have attacked me and provided information (Both accurate and inaccurate in a very negligent manner and targeting my family/children) to some very unstable third parties.
This has resulted in death threats from other “Wacko’s” in addition to some of the “AI Prophets” and “Opposition Groups” who do not at all like the information that I have shared for some time and even more recently in blogs (And most in Dr. Salla’s latest article).
No one said this would be easy. I was warned about this unstable element and the problems they would present… I just did not fully grasp the scope or scale of some of the Wacko’s and their resolve.
If they thought this would slow me down or make me abandon my mandate/mission of revealing this extremely wide range of activities going on in our Secret Space Programs or back off of the “Sphere Being Alliance Message” these people will be sadly mistaken.
Thanks again Malc, This is a great Forum with 99% wonderful people (Who are highly intelligent and “awake”)… I see it growing and going far in the near future.



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