Tuesday, April 14, 2015

David Wilcock Comments About Addiction on Benjamin Fulford's Notice to Readers - April 14th 2015 - and thoughts by Justin

FYI Ben's update this week was just published. He issued the following notice, and David Wilcock commented about addiction. 

This topic has been coming up a lot lately, and I just want to share my thoughts briefly. 

Speaking as a former heroin and cocaine addict, being sober for 11 years now, I have a deep personal experience when it comes to addiction. I have also studied psychology and the natural law concepts of what addiction is and why it happens. 

Dan Winter shared in his conference that addictive behavior is like a talisman for our internal expression and configuration, at we literally use something outside of ourselves to create an internal sense of calm, peace or bliss. He developed a biometric device, the Heart Tuner, to measure coherence patterns within brain waves, which provides scientific evidence for understanding what addiction is. 

First he measured the coherence patterns of people who were craving the thing they were addicted to, like coffee or cigarettes. The coherence patterns demonstrated a lack of harmonic diversity, and is experienced as wanting or desire, in a modality of distress. This coherence pattern was the same for other things we crave, or most importantly we define as something we need in order to be content, happy or at peace. What was profound, is that it wasn't just the normal things we consider to be addictive, it was food, people, even what kind of clothes we wear, and it revealed a powerful aspect to our reality. That we create our reality, the subjective experience by giving meaning to the objects observed within it, based on our level of activation or personality attainment. 

Dan later used the heart tuner to measure the coherence after their addiction was provided to them, and measured coherent diversity, which is a precursor to the bliss experience. What this demonstrates is that at a very deep unconscious level, we seek experiences that allow us to create a mental pattern of bliss. Addictions, in this sense, can be anything we use outside of ourselves (outside meaning beyond our personal control, not necessarily a physical thing) to create a consciousness space of bliss. 

In my view, this reveals a personality who has not yet mastered their consciousness, and as a result unconscious impulses and behaviors manifest as addictive tendencies. Within this definition, any emotional state which can not be transmuted by an act of will, and as such requires an external catalyst is an addiction. Whether it be food, a lover, facebook, news articles, channeled messages, anything that we need in order to create a space of calm and contentment within us, is revealing an addictive personality trait. 

But this is actually good news. What it means is that our soul is craving expression, and we can use this knowledge to change our thoughts and behaviors (using expansive techniques) to master our minds, bodies and souls. 

For myself, after leaving Massachusetts in 2004, I spent a year writing in journals, asking myself any and everything to gain more self knowledge. The end result of my self exploration, was gaining the ability to meditate and become aware of unconscious impulses, analyzing them consciously and rationally, allowing me to make a choice that created the contentment I normally would gain by using an external thing. 

This process continues to this day, and what I have become increasingly aware of as I continue to expand this awareness of myself, is that there are a great deal of unconscious impulses that if not made conscious can dominate my life. Essentially the work of gaining self mastery and knowledge never really stops, but as time goes on, we get better and better at it, and life begins to feel less deterministic and more empowering. This is the ascension modality David describes below, in my view.

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Finally, we have been taught in society to think addiction is a behavior, and that if the person stops drinking, or using drugs, they are no longer addicted. Given the above analysis, this is not true. What makes something an addiction, for you, is how you define it, and what it does for you. Sometimes going through that process of exploration is essential to moving beyond it. Food addiction is a great example of this, as we can not stop eating, but what the eating experience does for us changes, an alchemical transmutation of the mind. 

Therefore, AA can be helpful, but usually focuses on the outward behavior as an indicator of success. It is the internal state of consciousness, as David describes, the quality of our character, which is the true indicator of our progress of self mastery. And a such, the external behavior may appear to be the same, but the internal experience has changed, because we have grown within. 

This is one of the deeper realizations I had in my awaking experience, and it has helped me free myself from many dependencies in my life. I have not reached the mountain top by any means, but every day is a new adventure. I hope others can see that squashing your desires and impulses is not healing the addiction, it just makes it hidden, and unconscious. True healing requires knowledge and the empowerment that comes with it. If we are reaching for something, its because our soul is craving to be known by us, and that in my view, is a gift from the universe to 'know thyself.'

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

This week’s geopolitical news and analysis will appear on Tuesday, April 14th. This is in order to be able to include information this writer is expected to receive today. [this update is now published and can be found here]


Comment by dwilcock on April 14, 2015 @ 12:23 pm

- Anger and Rage
- Very Disappointed
- Instant Gratification
- Feed Me, See-More

Tomorrow then.

- David

Comment by archonsdefeat on April 14, 2015 @ 3:42 pm

I like David Wilcock. Honestly. I’ve even bought and read two of his books. (I liked the Source Field better than the Synchronicity Key.)….. But I really wish he would stop banging on about ‘I’ve been clean for 20+years, I don’t drink tea, smoke, drink beer blah blah.’ That implies that those of us who like the occasional tea, piece of chocolate, glass of wine are ‘dirty’. I find that very insulting.
If you want to alienate your potential audience, David, just carry on sitting on your high horse throwing shit bombs at us mere mortals.

Comment by dwilcock on April 14, 2015 @ 10:25 pm

I am sorry if my own addiction recovery has made it appear that no one else is “worthy” unless they have done the same. That is not my intention.

Ascension is about the quality of the character and the degree of positive, service-to-others behavior. Only the most advanced “rainbow body” type practice — trying to make it to 7D instead of 4D/5D — requires such intensive disciplines.

I do not alienate myself from people who drink alcohol or smoke weed. If I did I would have very few friends. I am not one of those people who talks about “the program” (AA) as if anyone not a part of that religion is the devil — but there are many who do. I did not need to go to meetings after doing a 90 and 90 anyway — I just migrated it over to dreams.

I do thank you for the feedback. My goal is definitely not to come across as being superior or to diminish others. Sobriety is very hard-earned and in some cases you have to keep convincing yourself that you should. So putting it in writing is part of what helps me stay clean. Nonetheless I will try to be more sensitive.

Thanks –


Comment by dwilcock on April 14, 2015 @ 10:31 pm

Oh… and I do eat raw chocolate. Granted, though, it is only sweetened with low glycemic stuff. The Ecuadorean heirloom beans you have to be really careful with. If I eat more than three pieces I start getting anxiety.





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