Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ancient Tech or Time Travel? | Screwing with the Past Another 300 Million Year Old Out Of Place Artefact?

There are a great deal of archaeological anomalies which the mainstream scientific community has failed to bring to light. This of course is do to a program of obfuscation by our would-be masters, the goal of which is to promulgate a false history (his story) in which humanity is nothing but a cosmic accident in a cruel and chaotic universe.

Once one considers all of the data available, a much different picture develops. The concept of time on earth has also been greatly manipulated, whereby we are led to believe it is a linear progression from point a to point b, a constant flow of 1 dimensional time. Reciprocal Systems Theory, which is the most accurate physical theory I have personally come across, describes time differently. That there are 2 regions or sectors to the universe, one where we live called space time and another etheric or beyond material sector called time space.

When material is vibrated beyond the speed of light it crosses this barrier into time space, and can traverse the 3 dimensions of time with ease. We have described this concept several times on this blog as it relates to mind

David Wilcock also described in his book The Source Field Investigations, a strange phenomenon of living frogs encased in lime stone. Here is an example of what I have come to understand as a living organism moving its body into the time space sector. While to us our atoms and body appear to be solid and unmoving, the particles (or more accurately stated motions) of these atoms is near to the speed of light. Living systems are coherent enough to cause energy from the local environment to entrain onto an organism, pushing its material beyond the speed of light into time-space. When this occurs the body appears to be 'hard as stone' and can remain dormant for thousands if not millions of years. 

Additionally there are countless channeled and insider works which suggest that time is much more fluid and dynamic then we have been led to believe. The following article could be one example of technology from another time, re-entering space time and solidifying into a solid piece of rock. Much like the infamous philadelphia experiment. 

Unfortunately the amount of data available to confirm this hypothesis is elusive, but there is more evidence to suggest the aforementioned is accurate vs the accepted theory of unidirectional time and impossibility of traveling through it. 

The scientific community of course refuses to consider the likelihood of the object being technological and claims it is nothing more than a sea creature known as a Stalked Crinoid. If this is the case why have they made it so difficult to determine the material makeup of the object in question. Would it not be easier to simply do the material analysis and put wild claims to rest? I think anyone with an inquisitive nature can see the duplicity of this argument, and when one compares the object in question to the fossilized remains of the Stalked Crinoid, there are major discrepancies. 

Those who are brave enough to think for themselves and contemplate the data will find it far more likely that this is one more example of paradigm shattering technology, leading us to question the accepted myths of our origins. Those who are still hooked on the beliefs of modern society will blow this off as conspiracy theory. Thankfully the truth cares not for the opinions of men, laying dormant for us to develop the eyes to see. 

- Justin

Source - Nexus Illuminati

   The 300 million year old screw that has researchers scratching their heads




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