Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sean Penn: "These are the people, Cheney and President Bush and others, who invented the Islamic State"

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ISIS: Psyop, CIA, Terrorists, Rebel, Religious Group?

Iraqi Army Shoots Down UK Planes Delivering Weapons to ISIL/ISIS

Source - American Kabuki

Sean Penn on Conan O'Brien
Sean Penn, Conan O'Brien

Thanks S. for pointing me to this. -AK

Sean Penn: "These are the people, Cheney and President Bush and others, who invented the Islamic State"

by christophe - March 24, 2015

Known for his sometimes controversial political views, actor Sean Penn did not disappoint when it passed on TV Wednesday night accusing former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George W. Bush of having conceived harmful policies that led to the creation of terrorist groups.

"These are the people, he and President Bush and others, who invented Daesh or Islamic state," said Penn on Wednesday in the television show Late Night With Conan O'Brien.  
"I  mean, they really are the ones who created it, so I wanted to start a scream. Thank you for that.  "

Penn also wondered aloud how Cheney, who has had serious health problems in the past, could still be alive when activists like Harvey Milk in San Francisco were killed by the murderous bullets.
"Dick  Cheney, is this kind of, you know, soured bacteria of humanity," said Penn. "It's  always a surprise to me to remember that through bionic technology and the whole nine yards, this guy is still  there."
Cheney has had five heart attacks since 1978 and underwent a heart transplant in 2012.



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