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Loud Booms in North Carolina Followed by Massive Fish Kill - March 16th 2015 | MSM blames boom on Transformer??

This is an interesting story. There were loud booms heard on March 16th 2015, which is being blamed on a Transformer explosion by Indystar (see full article below). This does not explain the massive fish die off seen a few days after the explosion.

This happened right as the Schumann Resonances shifted according to this recent measurement, whether or not they are connected remains to be seen. 

If anyone has any more data regarding this story please comment below or send us an email.
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Source - Mysterious Universe

Those mysterious booms that have been heard around the world with increasing frequency may have claimed some innocent victims. On March 16, 2015, loud booms were heard and felt by people living along the U.S. Atlantic coast from North Carolina north to Delaware. Less that 24 hours later, thousands of dead fish began washing up on the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Coincidence, catastrophe or conspiracy?

In North Carolina, the first boom occurred at 4:24 pm and the second at 6:24 pm. They were reported to local officials and to the U.S. Geological Survey, which detected no earthquake activity at either of those times. The USGS admitted it was at a loss to explain the booms and asked for any and all input on its website.

Areas reporting loud booms on March 16, 2015

While there was some offshore weather activity, any thunder would not be felt all the way to Delaware. There were no reports of any military aircraft activities and related sonic booms from the nearby Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity facility in Hertferd, North Carolina. No explanation, no responsibility, nothing to see here … everybody move along.

Until the fish started dying.

Dead fish on a beach in Corolla, NC

The day after the booms, there were reports of thousands of dead fish and a dead dolphin washing up on beaches in Corolla, NC, on the northern Outer Banks. The area of beach covered with dead fish eventually reached three miles in length.

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources, which monitors fish kill activity, reported that the fish were primarily menhaden. Also known as mossbunker, bunker and pogy, menhaden are oily fish caught primarily for animal feed and fish oil supplements. According to Division of Water Resources environmental specialist Jill Paxson, they are extremely sensitive to environmental changes like algae blooms cutting off oxygen or rapid fluxes in water temperature.

Or mysterious loud booms?

No one is saying anything. Meanwhile, the booms go unexplained and the dead fish keep washing up. Coincidence, catastrophe or conspiracy?

Source - Indystar

Work crews from Indianapolis Power & Light Co. plan to dig up and remove a 35-year-old transformer in front of a Starbucks Coffee shop on Massachusetts Avenue Downtown this week and examine why it malfunctioned Monday evening, causing a large boom that scared bystanders.

Witnesses told The Indianapolis Star they heard an explosion, saw smoke and even saw a large fireball around 8:45 p.m. in the popular bar and restaurant district.

The company said Tuesday the transformer was last inspected in October and seemed fine, aside from some light rust.

Now, workers will haul the old assembly out of the ground and take it back to the shop for a full inspection, said Mike Holtsclaw, IPL's director of substation transmission engineering.

"We've kicked off a root-cause analysis to try to figure out what happened and if we need to change our inspection procedure," he said.

The problem apparently occurred in a box in front of the transformer called the primary termination chamber. That's where cables from under the street enter the transformer and begin the process of reducing power from 13,000 volts to 120 volts.

Inside the box, the bare-copper conductors are attached to big lugs. To minimize the chance of combustion, the chamber is filled with 18 gallons of a special vegetable-based fluid. Still, an electric arc apparently jumped from the cables inside the box to a steel plate, Holtsclaw said. That likely heated up and expanded the fluid and built up pressure on the box, causing about a dozen stainless steel bolts to snap.

"I think the noise was probably the arc and the bolts snapping," Holtsclaw said. "You're in a concrete compartment underneath the sidewalk. It's going to reverberate and echo these noises."

People in the area would have heard a loud noise when the bolt detached, said Brandi Davis-Handy, director of communications at the power company.

She said they

also would have seen a film of vapor smoke, but she said there was not a fire.

INDIANAPOLIS STAR Transformer 'explosion' closes part of Mass Ave.

The company plans to remove the old transformer, which was installed in 1980. Transformers have a useful life of up to 70 years, Holtsclaw said, unless they become badly corroded or the fluid levels drop. The company will replace the old transformer with a new one, he said.

A portion of Massachusetts Avenue was closed Monday night as investigators with the power company, along with the police and fire departments, examined the scene.

"It was just one big puff of fire and smoke," Paul Dewes said Monday night. Dewes was sitting inside Starbucks when he saw the explosion erupt from the sidewalk in front of the window.

Last August, hundreds of people along a stretch of Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis were evacuated after

some of IPL's underground equipment exploded. The Indianapolis Fire Department initially described the incident as "a series of small transformer explosions," though the power company disputed that they were explosions.


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