Monday, March 23, 2015

Full Disclosure Honorable Paul T Hellyer | Debt Slavery, Project Paperclip, 9/11 'Dustification', Majestic12, and more.

Former Canadian Minister of National Defense, Paul T Hellyer, gives a sweeping disclosure of many deeply hidden truths in this world. There is a breathtaking amount of data to support what he shares, and is echoed by many researchers. 

He describes the NWO "endgame" and how they planned, and are planning to bring their plans into fruition. But this can only occur if each of us sits back, consents by our inaction, and does nothing. By sharing this information with others, we empower them to be informed - if they so choose - and we create the consciousness of awareness, needed to counter the rampant ignorance which helps bring about their nefarious intentions. 
- Justin

Published on Mar 18, 2015


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