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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 1/5… “Time Frames” and “Saviors”

KP has been doing an excellent job covering GoodETxSG's updates on the Forum. Here is his latest. For other material on this see David Wilcock Introduces his Secret Space Program "Insider": GoodETxSG.

For a good summary of GoodETxSG's work see this post Summary and Data Analysis of GoodETxSG.

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Source - Kauilapele's Blog

I’m posting a few (5) selected postings of GoodETxSG from the TOT* forum. These may not be in chronological order, but will be posted as “Inner Guidance” suggests. I’ll post one per day, or perhaps every other day.
The first one concerns “Time Frames” and “Saviors”. It is post #460 of the forum.
Currently GoodETxSG and David Wilcock are working together to release important disclosure data to “the public”. To support their efforts, feel free to make a donation at DW’s donation page. Further links are at the end of this (and each and every GoodETxSG) post.
Please note that, in order to make posting these “workable”, I will not be posting all of the colors GoodETxSG uses, except for the red (WP often “messes up” the font colors I’ve put multiple colors together, for some reason). To see the colors as GoodETxSG posted them, go to the relevant forum post link.
[*Note: TOT = The One Truth]
Question/Comment: Originally Posted by Sambience
Greetings GoodETxSG,
Thank you so much for your work and for sharing so much of your experience. (Thanks DW, too!) My own process of discerning is a time-hungry one, but all that you’ve related that I’ve read is ringing true for me thus far. I like that the main actionable piece right now is to work on self-improvement – becoming more Service To Others oriented, et. al. I don’t mean to belittle that important takeaway, but I can’t help but wonder/ask if you have any sense of a time-line that you can share?… You’ve already offered that more detailed info will be made available in the next couple of weeks, but have you any idea (even in broad terms) when the “Rough Times” and Astro-Geological Changes may become acute enough that any lay person would be aware of them? Clearly, what is being reported by David and Ben constitute major changes, so I don’t mean to suggest nothing tangible is happening…. But what I’m getting at is this: my limited understanding of The Law of One material, as well as some of the Q’uo material suggest to me that our societal transition from 3rd Density to 4th Density is one that will take roughly 300 – 500 years. Do you feel this is the sort of time-frame the Sphere Alliance is alluding to, or are more dramatic events in the offing for 2015? or say the next 3 years? Or it possibly something even more imminent? Should those of us intent on helping include disaster preparations in their self-improvement work?… Thanks in advance for whatever thoughts you may be able to share in this regard.

GoodETxSG response:
Time frames are set to be broken (They are usually a “Trap”)… In the programs there were multiple groups that had a window of 2018 – 2023 as “The Window” of the “Events” to begin…
That has all gone out the window as things have already began to occur and it seems that the fabric of time itself has sped up. “Time” is a very 3D concept that we are preoccupied with and are immersed in.
Things are happening much faster than any had predicted or calculated using their “Temporal Technologies” and they are all in a Panic because they had planned on being on their Off World/Out of Sol System Safe Havens well before the beginnings of any of this began…

Those who provide time frames in this elastic and fluid environment are begging to be humiliated IMHO. I will not be providing any “Time Windows” but see things moving faster than I ever expected or dreamed they would…
There have been plenty of people who listened to people in ‘Programs” that “Fed” them dates and time windows who in every case ended up looking foolish… I think in more cases than not this was intentional. Some grew and learned from these mistakes… Others did not.
YOU! Each of us have to take responsibility for our won freedom. There are those fighting the big forces for freedom… But if we do not get off the couch and partake in our own awakening and freedom it will not occur.
Those who snicker and misquote me and these recent messages on purpose on other sites only pain a plain picture of themselves…
There has never been a message of giving up your sovereignty or waiting to be rescued by “Other” forces… There are many types of battles going on yes… These battles are going on at many levels and “Planes” and there is a place in this “Battle for our minds and freedom for each of us…
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GoodETxSG TOT* Forum thread
David Wilcock:
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[*Note: TOT = The One Truth]



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