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AI Profits, 'Custodian Gods' Panicking, "Channellings are mostly Psyops" and Push Back | Insider GoodETxSG

Thanks again KP for the compilation. For the previous GoodETxSG updates click here

The part where he discusses channelings coming from an AI using direct thought projection technology was interesting. I've read a great deal of channelings over the years, it they do have a 'carbon copy' feel to them sometimes. 

Of course if put into the proper context all data has value.

We recently shared Ken's post about channelings from the 90's that never panned out, goes well with the below material. 

For a good summary of GoodETxSG's work see this post Summary and Data Analysis of GoodETxSG.

- Justin

SourceKauilapele's Blog

Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG… Selected TOT forum notes from January 2015…

Related somewhat to this prior post, I felt drawn to start looking through that forum and see what from postings from GoodETxSG struck my Higher Innards to share. This portion is from the month of January, 2015. Perhaps some will get some helpful information from this.
GoodETxSG blog
(note: there is one post per page; to view earlier posts, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the “Older posts” link)
GoodETxSG Forum
[To remind, “TOT” = The One Truth forum.]
[Note: I have posted this with the same colors and formatting used in the original.]
Not all of the Channeled Material is AI or Intel Agencies using “Voice of God” technology to mind control people. Some of the information from some of the early and first Channeled Material had some very accurate information.

This was then jumped on (Very Quickly) by deceptive forces (Both “ET AI/AI Prophets” and “Intel Agencies”) and has been used to “Muddy The Waters” every since.
I would say 99% of the more CURRENT information “Channeled” by “ET’s”, “Ascended Masters”, “Positive Soul Complexes” and Things depicting themselves as “Positive AI’s” are either from the “Negative ET AI Threat” using its wide spectrum of abilities to interface with Human Neurology remotely OR “AI Prophets” and separate “Intelligence Groups” using “The Voice Of God” technology that is on the shelf and used quite often (Very successfully!) for Psy-Ops (Disinfo) to cause people to “Hear Voices” or “Feel the Presence of a Being” and “Feel massive downloads of information” in a way that is described as being channeled.

These Psy-Op’s have been going on since the very late 90’s and I would say ANY “Channeled Material” after around the 2000/2003 time frame especially should be viewed very suspiciously (This is going to upset a lot of people who have adopted a lot of channeled data into their belief systems). It is everyone’s Free Will choice to believe or not. It is HIGHLY my opinion thatany channeled contact going on presently should be broken off and demand “Face to Face” contacts ONLY.
I am basing this on seeing so many programs where they have taken Mind Controlled subjects and them moved to a new phase of convincing them they are “Special” and are now in contact with dozens of ET’s and Positive AI’s and are “Downloading” information for Humanity for them… This is exactly what was reported over and over in the “Galactic Historical Records” of what people had fallen prey to and then became “AI Prophets” themselves…
I do see some valuable info in the Law of One Material, but after witnessing all I have in the Psy-Op’s using technology to deceive people I personally avoid all of this material out of personal preference and caution. Sorry to those who are offended, this is my opinion on my own observations and exposure to these technologies and documentation on the “ET AI’s” tactics…
[Q] —–“het” mind set over time from my observations and the documentation of what has been observed in countless thousands of “People”.… why put people in inverted commas?
There were “People” from countless Civilizations that have been destroyed by this “ET/ED AI” after they gave up Sovereignty to it and after being manipulated in a “Trickster God Model” and then destroyed in exterminations or huge Wars…
In our reports in the “ET Federation Conferences” we always referred to the other beings there as “People”… They were not Human but were the “Human Like Beings” we referenced as “People”. Some of the AI Prophets who had allowed them selves to be augmented with technology were not called human any longer but were called “People” to be polite and diplomatic. I was not meant in a derogatory or racist manner at all…
The AI Prophets and Augments feel superior to “Regular Humans”… but that is nothing new.
Right now the AI Prophets, Secret Earth Governments and their OFF WORLD Allies who used to be the “Custodian Gods” of our Solar System are both in panic mode and are very upset (Including the more positive types). They are spreading around about a dozen stories of who these Sphere Beings and Allies are and using “Fear” to control their Human Minions and Followers into believing these beings (New Arrivals) are “Evil” or “Negative” and here to invade.
They are rallying their resources the best they can with the “New Arrivals” outmatching their technology many thousands of times over. There is a lot of trickster god and manipulation scenarios going on and building up as the cabal syndicates begin to fall on the surface of the Earth… Many followers and members of these Alien/ED groups that have been “Left Out” and “Ignored” in this current scenario are coming in with all kinds of stories and disinfo saying they KNOW this or that about the Sphere Beings using the Dis-Info to get attention and followers back on their groups causes and Agenda’s. Discernment is going to be needed at an all time high.
The Sphere Beings and Allies are not playing into the propaganda games and will let their actions show their intentions. They are from a higher vibrational realm and do not engage and act like those here do or would expect them to. May we live in interesting times indeed…

Source - Kauilapele's Blog

Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 2/6… “Why is it you that were ‘chosen’, GoodETxSG?” (and a bit of “Push Back”)

[Update: another “okay”, here, because this is number 2 of 6 (which is what “2/6″ meant), not 1 of 6 (“1/6″), as first posted. I’m perhaps getting Galactically portaled to another writing dimension.]
Okay… it’s already changed from the first one (which said “1/5″). So maybe we’ll end up with “1/27″ by the time it’s all over. No matter… it’s all about “expansion”.
So I’m going to post a few more of these, in chronological order, maybe about one every day or so. This one (actually this is a combo of two related and subsequent posts) came out on March 11.
Again I remind all that I am not using the purple color GoodETxSG uses. Just the red and the underlines (it’s all a deal with WordPress editor “messing up” my font colors when I mix colors and try to post). Click the link of the forum post to view in full “GoodETxSG color”.
“When the “Sphere Alliance Beings” requested me By Name (I was told) there were more than a few unhappy people inside the “Programs” (AND apparently within the “Ufology” community) and there was even some resistance or “push back” by these groups.
“When it comes to who is giving me “Permission” and “Guiding Me” on what information to release the answer to that would be “The Sphere Alliance Group”. In particular the group that has been working the closest with me and has told me I come from their “Soul Group” prior to living on Earth. This is of course the “Blue Avians”.”
[Q] “Hi G, i may hav missed this info somewhere (either here or there) but my question is, do you know why you hav been allowed to release the information of these meetings and presence of these Beings and Spheres in our Solar System? Who gave permission and did you hav a say in it at all, Thanks,lb”
[GoodETxSG] I was already releasing info against the wishes of many. I was told to back off of a couple of topics and I did…
When the “Sphere Alliance Beings” requested me By Name (I was told) there were more than a few unhappy people inside the “Programs” (AND apparently within the “Ufology” community) and there was even some resistance or “push back” by these groups.
Not only did they not like the fact that I had been releasing information for a while (In a “Shotgun” manner upsetting quite a few groups) but they had wanted to choose “Who”would be “interfacing” with the “Sphere Alliance Beings” and “What info” would be released.
They also used the fact that my “Program Service Records” had some major “redaction’s” (Which are not supposed to be possible in this hard coded/copy file) of information and for that reason they had reservations about working with me.
I had been brought in and questioned heavily about that at an earlier date (November 2014) and they inquired ‘How” this info might have been removed and If I “Remembered” serving under anyone who would have anything to hide or to gain by removing information (Who might be capable of doing so). I was unable to answer these questions and still have no idea what happened to that data or the “Who” or the “Why” of its tampering.
I out of courtesy do not release certain data from these programs or rock the boat as much as I was doing prior. When it comes to who is giving me “Permission” and “Guiding Me” on what information to release the answer to that would be “The Sphere Alliance Group”. In particular the group that has been working the closest with me and has told me I come from their “Soul Group” prior to living on Earth. This is of course the “Blue Avians”.
There are a lot of communications that do occur between me and “Alliance” contacts that coordinate meetings and either make requests of me or sometimes make life difficult or stressful for me depending on how things are going. This is how things have gone up until this point in time.
[Q] “I think that serves us all very well to see exactly who is and isn’t a long way down the info directive food chain. The last to honor a new directive must be the last on the chain, me thinks.”
“They” were also Not Very Happy at all whey they were informed that the “Orb Beings” and “Blue Avian’s” were contacting MANY “Average Citizens” directly without informing anyone of who these individuals were.
There are a of people on “Both Sides” of the conflict trying to ascertain who all is being contacted both “Consciously” and “Subconsciously” (On a “Higher Self” level) and create a “List”. This is an important Intelligence Directive for both sides to achieve.
I believe they would like to get their hands on some of these people and try to “Pry Open” what ever information in their minds that may be of use to them… (IMHO).
(I don’t believe people who have had contact are in any danger. There are literally TENS OF THOUSANDS that have already and it was communicated that the communications were going to pick up both in “Scale” and “Pace”… I personally think that people are being given jobs to do in the post “Slavery Era” and some people are just getting information that will prevent them from panicking or falling for disinformation (Such as the Slave Masters telling us “Freedom” will lead to fearful things and “We” cannot handle it… etc. IMHO. There is no need for fear and those who have been visited should understand that on a deep level.)


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