Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mark Passio - The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

This is a presentation Mark Passio gave at the monthly Philadelphia Liberty On The Rocks meetup on February 10, 2015. He describes why a well armed and mobilized population is essential for defending our god given rights. 

We covered the out of balance state of the Feminine and Masculine Principles extensively in the post Divine Feminine in Distress - She is waiting for your Divine Masculine! Essentially, because our Sacred Masculine (as Passio calls it) has been subdued, our Sacred Feminine is being ravaged by the Masculine aspect of the Dark Occultists or Cabal. 

This is one major point of confusion for many awakening people, as the idea of physical defense seems to counter the brotherly love concept. However, as Passio describes, a moral being MUST defend themselves against the immoral acts of another, else they help to promulgate tyranny. In this sense, true freedom is binary, either we are acting morally to defend ourselves against dishonorable actions or by our compliance and submission we help to push slavery out on to the world and our fellows.

A major concept to contemplate, understand and share with others. Eventually a major action from the awakened masses will most likely be required to finally loosen the shackles of oppression which have dominated earth for millennia. 

- Justin



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