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Gaia Portal - February 25th 2015: Arcs of Connection are finished - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings -"Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid." - A constabulary is an armed police force organized as a military unit, which we differentiate from a militia, which is a well armed and trained force comprised of the free people themselves. On earth there are Constabularies everywhere, most police and justice keeping agencies are private corporate bodies - a standing army - which enforces the slave policies of every nation on earth. However, given the context of the full statement, and in relation to last week's update, it is suggested that a force of "light warriors" is gathering on Gaia. This concept of a morality active and righteous being is reflected in many works, especially alchemy and contemporary mysticism. Essentially, as an individual expands their knowledge of self and the universe (the major and minor arcana) they develop the sight of interconnectedness - the recognition that our actions affect other things and beings - driving us to act harmoniously and to defend the rights of others when we observe violence. This concept is echo'd in the writings of the founding fathers of the USA, who used Natural Law Princpes as the bedrock of developing their vision for an enlightened society. As Hue-manity further grounds itself into Gaia, a body of Spiritual Warriors will come to the aid of the down troden, and help lift them out of their disempowered state of consciousness. 

“Force” fields of Peace are strengthening concomitantly." - The term concomitantly refers to a phenomenon naturally accompanying a preceding causal factor. For Example, discovering the truth about 9/11 naturally develops a curiosity about many other unquestioned beliefs. Within the context of the preceding statement, since constables of light are forming on Gaia, this would naturally strengthen force fields of peace, as each individual who has the eyes to see injustice is now beginning to act and stop it. The growing force of curiosity and truth reception in the masses is the immunity to mind control and tyranny that has plagued humanity for centuries, and further reflects that the only true authority to stop the Cabal is an awakened and morally active human population. 

"Fendings of Higher Aligned Spirit workers is ended." - Fending is a term which refers to looking after or providing for oneself with out any outside help, referring to Higher Aligned Spirit workers. Given the above statements, this again suggests that the long and dark road each Spirit Warrior has endured is ending. On earth, many individuals are totally lost in darkness and external programing, earth is truly a school of personal discernment and adherence to truth. As such there is a very real tension between wanting to 'fit in' and the personal realization of the spiritual work. Often sharing the truth means social ostracization, which we discussed in depth in this analysis; Paths to Awakening: Spiritual Activism or Disempowerment | Understanding the Spiritual Causes of Depression. Therefore, as more and more of humanity awakens and opens their minds, the tension differential between doing what is right and being accepted by our darkened fellows lessons, which is reflected in this statement. 

"Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion." - This statement has a number of possible meanings. Daniel from consciousness hugs, has written a series of papers using Reciprocal Systems theory as the basis to understand the evolution of stars and the solar system; amongst many other things. This is a major topic to consider, and I strongly suggest you review the link for a personal understanding. Speaking as a former Physics student and long time researcher into science, this is by far the most accurate and verified physical theory available and was endorsed by Ra of the Law of one Series. Briefly, solar evolution is reversed in this system, and quantized - meaning instead of stars being very big and hot, slowly dying after loss of fuel, the reverse is the case. Stars start off as large gas clouds and coalesce into hot bodies as the accumulate material from their flight through the galactic disc. Eventually the star accumulates enough mass to leap into a higher energy state, and this actually changes the placement of the planets in the solar system, extending the solar year of each. This has happened several times in earth's history, and is slated to occur soon. Within the statement "Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion." - in light of all this suggests that the quantum leap of the sun - which usually involves a period of 'darkness' (3 days of darkness) is nearing completion. In addition there is a massive wave of energy poured out on to all the planets (the rapture) and if an individuals level of coherence is not high enough, they literally can be burned away. Dan Winter discusses this extensively, with a great deal of scientific evidence in his work. 

"Arcs of Connection are finished." - An arc is a term with several meanings, but generally refers to sudden leaps of connection; like an electrical arc seen in nature as lightning. Here it is stated that connections are finished, which if we follow the electrical concept, means that 2 bodies of different electrical potential are so close that they equalize. Considering electrical arcs discharge voltage between 2 bodies at a distance, as the bodies get closer together, their electrical charge is balanced, and no more arcing takes place. If we extend this premise to Nova Gaia or an actualizing of new earth from the potential to the physical, a new level of actualization is taking place which is far more intense and influential than the previous arcs of the past. Instead of arcs that build up and are released, we have a total and complete harmonization of Nova Gaia on to Gaia. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid.

“Force” fields of Peace are strengthening concomitantly.

Fendings of Higher Aligned Spirit workers is ended.

Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion.

Arcs of Connection are finished.


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