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Gaia Portal - February 23rd 2015: “Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings“Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order as consciousness barriers erode." - Pops is used here to suggest a quantum leap, similar to when popcorn explodes during cooking. The quantum nature of reality can be seen at all phases of experience, especially with consciousness, a complete level of understanding emerges as clarity of perception. Within the context of the full statement, as more of Gaia's inhabitants experience eroding of their consciousness barriers, pops of enlightenment will sweep the planet. All of this is supported by many researchers like David Wilcock, Dan Winter, Heart Math etc. Further there seems to be solar activity entraining consciousness to higher vibrations of awareness and discernment. See the post All Life is Connected via EMF Entrainment | Solar Revolution Documentary for more on this.

"Multiple engagements are handled with ease as Higher awareness returns." - An engagement is an agreement to go somewhere or do something at a predetermined time and place, and are handled with ease as Higher awareness returns. Higher awareness in this case is the ability to recognize potential pitfalls or achieve a goal honorably. In contrast, most of the agreements and engagements on earth are inherently dishonorable, as manipulation is the method of achieving goals; the ends justify the means. Consider the nutrient depleted nature of fast food as a good example. If McDonalds fully disclosed their intentions, and ways of manifesting those intentions (to dumb down and slow kill the public) most people would never consume the food. Dishonorable agreements and engagements require lowered awareness (a deceiver and the deceived). Higher awareness suggests not only honest dealings, but a willingness within the individuals taking up this role, to acknowledge reality and ensure the ends are in harmony with the means; Objective Morality expressed.
"Threads of separation resolve to a Common." - The term common means ordinary, generally accepted or highly likely given a precursor; ex. the common meaning of honor is honesty. It is used in reference to threads of separation resolving. Given separation is illusory at nearly every level (acknowledgement of the reality of our interconnectedness), we can assume that the illusions of separation which have been rife in humanity, are now resolving to a common or ordinary level. If we accept the Hermetic Principles of the Illusory nature of reality, which is reflected in nearly all channeled and spiritual works, then we are always going to be operating at some level of illusion because ascension of our personality is a function of awareness and freewill choice to reflect reality with. This is what is meant by the aphorism "all truths are half truths" - The Truth is a singular absolute reality, which we as finite beings, spend eternity realizing. If this seems to mysterious of an explanation, consider the relative nature of a truth vs The Truth: "the sky is clear" is an idea which can accurately reflect reality within the specific location it is observed from. To one observer this is a truth, but to someone on the other side of the world, this is false. Therefore, we as I AM (an eye or perspective on the whole) use experience to know what IS from a point of view. Threads of separation resolve to a Common - in light of all this, suggests that the natural course of evolution is to always have some level of illusory separation, and now that Gaia is 'ascending' we are moving towards a more healthy state as a whole. 

"Enterprises of Nova Gaia assemble." - An enterprise is a collaborative effort, usually requiring persistence and dedication, and can sometimes be associated as a state-run or corporate undertaking. Corporate has become a word synonymous with the Cabal and tyranny, but within green language (the hidden meanings of words based on inferred meanings of the syllables) and Equity Law a Corporation (Corporeal Oration - to make real through speaking) is simply referring to 2 or more beings acting in harmony via an agreement. Nova refers to a star increasing in brightness for a short period of time and then returning to normal, and also can be used to mean new or novel; both meanings apply nicely. Taking all this into account, the statement suggests: collaboration between awakened beings are beginning to occur, and this is an enterprise of Nova Gaia, which will culminate in a quantum leap of enlightenment (as suggested above), a sudden increase in light or wisdom in humanity; a Nova on Gaia
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal 

“Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order as consciousness barriers erode.

Multiple engagements are handled with ease as Higher awareness returns.

Threads of separation resolve to a Common.

Enterprises of Nova Gaia assemble.



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