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Gaia Portal - February 21st 2015: Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings - "Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways." - An advisory function is a role whereby a recommendation for a course of action is suggested but is not acted upon by the advisor due to it being inappropriate. Teleportation in this context, suggests beings of a high order are enhanced with greater capacity to recommend alternative pathways, which are engaged or acted upon. I say higher orders of life, because an advisor can not take direct action themselves, which infers that these beings are contacting those who are capable of engaging in alternative pathways (humanity and Hue-manity?) but not direct action themselves. As we must 'do the work here on earth' personally, which is echo'd in countless spiritual messages. 

"Fabrications of alternative pathways by shadow representatives has concluded." - A fabrication is a construct or creation of some kind, not necessarily negative. Here, it refers to alternative pathways by shadow representatives, which suggests the Cabal and their conscious or unconscious agents by proxy, and are no longer able to guide events and create dialectic pathways of: Problem - Reaction - Solution; i.e. unawakened humanity that carries out the plans of the Cabal unwittingly. This sounds exactly like the negative timeline Alfred Lambremont Webre discusses in his work, and is undoubtedly due to conscious awakening in humanity as a whole. 

"Partitioning of Elementals proceeds prior to final unification." - Partition refers to the segmentation of separation of a whole thing into parts and is used in reference to Elementials. An Elemental has a number of possible meanings, usually in relation to metaphysical intelligences, possibly this is the etheric plane being cleared, as COBRA so often reports, or with a more symbolic interpretation, this could mean our basic foundations of self are being differentiated so as to facilitate unification later. An example of this is during depressive episodes or any event in one's life which triggers the grieving process. Our identity is based on knowledge, what we accept to be true, depression is invariably a change in this identity as a result of gaining new knowledge. If our loved one dies, we must face this truth, and it changes us. 

"Ferrites of essential energetics come to surface." - Ferrite is a compound consisting of Iron Oxide and one or more other metals, which is highly resonant and is used to emit EMF signals in antenna. Literally speaking, this could mean there are eruptions occurring on the earth bringing up more Ferrite compounds to the surface, or it could refer to the property of mind which acts like an antenna as a result of proper orientation; complete and true knowledge. Precognition is the phenomenon of receiving a complete idea prior to the event which would normally generate this recognition. The mechanics are poorly understood in mainstream science but considering the concept of fractality, as we reflect reality more completely within, we experience increased capacity to receive data from else where, our bodies via the mind act like receivers. Possibility this is what is symbolically being suggested by Ferrite.

"Precipitation of time squelches proceeds anew." - Precipitation refers to rain or snow normally, and a squelch is the soft sucking sound made when a shoe is pulled out of the mud. All of this is in reference to time, which suggests an increase in the emergence of more friction when it comes to taking action in our own lives. Taking the full allegory into consideration: as we walk through life, taking action based on our desires, we create experiences which reveal to us who we are in relation to those events. If we fear losing recognition, due to an embarrassing event, this tells us we identify too much with the opinions of others, due to lack of knowledge of the self. The dragging down we experience when walking through the mud tells us where we need to put our energy and work for self improvement and growth. The more ignorant of self we are, the more dragging we experience, and it seems we are set up for another round of self reflection. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways.

Fabrications of alternative pathways by shadow representatives has concluded.

Partitioning of Elementals proceeds prior to final unification.

Ferrites of essential energetics come to surface.

Precipitation of time squelches proceeds anew.


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