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Gaia Portal - February 19th 2015: “Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings - “Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated." - I find this statement of particular interest. Considering the Lawful and Legal structure on earth is a Trust Relationship, wherein our would-be masters are the trustee's and we are the beneficiaries, a paradigm of stability implies that the method of bringing order to the chaos of the ignorant masses has been dishonorable. The Cabal considers the population of earth to be incompetent and as such must be controlled by any means necessary, hence the pervasive deception and contractual control mechanisms on earth. Within a Natural Law perspective, this assertion is accurate. Most of humanity's operative consciousness is that of a functional animal, unconsciously responding to impulses and subliminally suggested ideas. Hue-manity is aware and self conscious - a Hue-man knows where they are going, how they will get there and who they will affect in the process; seeking to create harmony or abandon their goals due to harm imposed on to another. If this interpretation is correct, all of the upstepping of consciousness that has been reported is now affecting the mechanism of stabilization, which is how the Cabal see's their efforts. They consider themselves to be 'bringing order to chaos, and that they 'have no choice' - but this need is being disintegrated. 

“Standards” of Cosmic Connections are completely removed." - A standard within this context is an arbitrary qualitative assessment of an observable phenomenon, agreed as a measure of performance by a group or social order. Religions can be thought of as producing standards of Cosmic Connection - whether or not someone is pias or spiritual, and have been removed. A true form of spirituality must be personal, following a recipe for enlightenment will never work, as the whole point is to develop an intuitive understanding and a recognition of spiritual realities within. As such, any system of externalized thought (belief system) which attempts to force an acolyte to accept, is by proxy, a control system for consciousness. 

"Alliterations present to those of understanding Eye-Heart portals." - An Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words, and usually suggests a deep hidden meaning. A word smith takes a statement and expresses a literal idea, with a deeper implied allegorical meaning. Therefore, the deeper meanings of words (which most unawakened people cannot grasp) are being presented to those understanding Eye-Heart portals; ie unity consciousness and vision of Hue-mans. Unity consciousness, within this definition, is the ability to recognize the things that seem to be dualistic, but are actually unified. For example, upon waking up to the reality of the Cabal, many of humanity respond by wanting to "lynch the bad guys" failing to recognize the interconnectedness of the Cabal and themselves - that the Cabal only exists as a result of humanity's collective state of consciousness as a whole. Another example is the inability to see the truth in all things, focusing on promoters of data as either absolutely true or absolutely false - "Benjamin Fulford is a shill, but David Wilcock is a good guy" - this reveals dualistic thinking

"Fabrications of disinformation have been unraveled." - A fabrication is a construct a created thing. Disinformation, falsehood or a lie is an analog - an idea, which is being unraveled, most likely due to the ability to see reality more clearly, as was illuded above. Briefly, the key difference between The Truth and a truth or falsehood is greatly misunderstood on earth; many people can not differentiate between theory and observation. For example, observing the sky being clear and making the statement "the sky is clear" - takes an observation (what IS) and creates a thoughtform of expression which another being can decode for meaning. Upon hearing "the sky is clear" we can look up and verify if this theory is reflective of The Truth. A falsehood or fabrication of disinformation is the same, it is an idea or analog, accept that it DOES NOT accurately reflect reality; what IS. "The sky is clear" may hold true in one location, but it may be false in another location. The key difference is the context of application. This simple discernment concept is what a Hue-man with Unity Consciousness recognizes, that a person's 'truth' is a point of view on The Truth; a subjective image of the objective reality. 

"Falterings are soon to be eliminated from the Hue-person." - A faltering is a lack of confidence in relation to one's identity of expression - "I am a guitar player who knows how to play this song, yet you lack confidence when playing." The feeling of faltering is an unconscious acknowledgement of your need to take action, to practice or develop more self knowledge. As Hue-manity becomes more self aware, grounding self knowledge within, confidence is bolstered and any faltering will be eliminated.

"Formidables release from Mind, and coalesce as Heart forms." - Formidable refers to a powerful or strong thing invoking fear or respect in others - if fear is the response, this reveals a being who recognizes in another what they lack in themselves. As such, formidables are releasing from the mind because as humanity develops self knowledge and awareness, they cease to fear another's power and attainment (cease to recognize a lack within) and being acting with renewed confidence; releasing prior falterings. The final product of this slow but steady accumulation of positive self knowledge coalesces as a Heart form; self similar toroidal geometry. A falsehood is mutually exclusive to a truth, they cannot exist together in mind, and when consciously illuminated together they destroy each other, only the truth or the falseness can remain. A being who chooses truth, will begin to reflect reality within more accurately, which unlike falsehood, is a single form - unified truth - and resonates in the heart as bliss. 

"Fleeings of hu-beings and Hue-Beings are recognized as unnecessary." - To flee is to run away as a result of fear and are recognized as unnecessary, most likely due to the aforementioned development of self knowledge. As we gain awareness of who we really are, we can begin to take action with this new identification of self, and bolster our confidence. This transmutes the feeling of fear into bravery. For example, Vaccination's are widely accepted as 'proven science' even by many 'awakened' people. But if one is brave enough to question the dogma, and review the data themselves, it is very easy to see Vaccines have NEVER worked as designed and have caused much suffering on earth. This realization requires a tremendous amount of personal bravery, as the acknowledgement of Vaccine fraud usually causes a recognition of our moral culpability due to prior acceptance. Imagine being a parent with an autistic child who realizes their acceptance of vaccination propaganda caused their child to suffer. This intense emotional charge causes even the most 'awakened' people to flee in fear from the truth. But slowly this is being transcended as individuals are taking up the work of speaking the truth even in the face of so much fear; the modality of Hue-man love vs false human love.
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated.

“Standards” of Cosmic Connections are completely removed.

Alliterations present to those of understanding Eye-Heart portals.

Fabrications of disinformation have been unraveled.

Falterings are soon to be eliminated from the Hue-person.

Formidables release from Mind, and coalesce as Heart forms.

Fleeings of hu-beings and Hue-Beings are recognized as unnecessary.



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