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Gaia Portal - February 15th 2015: Up-leveling of all Hue-manity occurs simultaneous with hu-manity as entrapment zones are “escaped” - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Note: There were a lot of powerful concepts in this update, and I took the time to expand on some of the foundational aspects with additional paragraphs below each line.

Possible Meanings - "Up-leveling of all Hue-manity occurs simultaneous with hu-manity as entrapment zones are “escaped” - I find this statement of particular interest, especially when considering the anti-hierarchy rhetoric gaining popularity in the awakening community. Up-leveling suggests that there are degree's or stages of attainment with respect to consciousness evolution, Hum-anity and hu-manity are both experiencing. And as a result of this upstepping, they are both escaping zones of entrapment. This reflects a concept we have discussed many times, that ANY deception is merely the truth rearranged to appear false, therefore, as we gain more Positive Knowledge, we literally become immune to deception - seeing it for what it is and avoiding the traps of believing falseness. 

Brief Discussion on Hierarchy - The concept described by this statement is a hierarchy which is NOT the same as the control hierarchy on earth. What is the difference? The key difference is that of Conscious consent. The control system pushed by our would-be masters is nothing more than an illusion of authority, accepted by each being by their actions or inactions unconsciously, however this does not mean ALL hierarchies are evil or bad or that even the concept of degree is part of the "matrix." 

Consider the concept of Quantization or Polarity (one of the 7 Principles of Natural Law) - discrete units delineated by the from and nature of expression. The level of conscious awareness (self awareness) attained by each being determines their ability to self direct and can be measured or seen as levels. Within everyday life we see this clearly when raising children, a child has very little self awareness at first, but slowly they reflect more of reality within, learning to walk, talk and express themselves more powerfully as they gain knowledge and awareness. Therefore, the concept of degree or a spectrum of attainment levels within humanity can be thought of as a hierarchy in a natural context. Authority in this sense (which is what the term hierarchy normally brings to mind) can be honorable, consider the student-teacher relationship, where one being possesses greater knowledge than another, and through their interactions they slowly blend their knowledge. Here the student recognizes the (authority or more accurately stated the greater awareness) of the wiser person, and chooses to be open to their wisdom. Again the key difference is that the teacher, in this case, does not offer themselves as an unquestioned authority, attempting to force another under their will. [The temptation to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' when it comes to concepts like this are high, but take care not to dismiss something without considering all of the various usages of the thought-form.]

"Flash flourishings are observed and experience by all on Gaia surface." - Flash flourishings suggest a blossoming of awakened consciousness, which all on earth are observing and experiencing. The 100th monkey effect is essentially what is being suggested here, that as each being chooses truth within, they make it easier for everyone and everything else on earth.

"Implantations are removed with ease as permissions are granted." - Implantations can be analyzed literally or mentally, but the term in each case reflects the concept of non consensual manipulation at some level. Literally, we can take this to mean that physical implants - whether from the Government or Negative ET races - are being removed. Within a more general interpretation, we can consider the notion of an implant as a thought-form, and in this context, there are a MASSIVE amount of thought-forms incepted into the minds of the masses. I would argue that everyone on earth - even the most well balanced or evolved person - has been implanted with thought-forms of control and manipulation. 

The Cabal has been using thought control systems like: Money, Sexuality, Love, Materialism, Theology, etc to control the masses for eons, and unlike physical implants, these can ONLY be removed (or transmuted via truth infusion) by a conscious act of will within the individual giving them life by believing in them. For example, the thought form of Atheism is usually a polarized reaction to the dubious concepts of God pushed by Exoteric Religions - I was an Atheist for 27 years for this reason. Instead of 'removing' the concepts I had come to understand about religion and god, I transmuted them by infusing the ideas with more and more data, eventually reflecting a more accurate version of reality, which caused the transmutation of this thought-form into a bonafide spiritual experience; recognition of our interconnectedness with all things. Therefore, the technique of implantation removal, when it comes to thought-forms, is always expansion of the limited thought-form to be more inclusive of the whole of reality; which we have discussed in our weekly radio shows.
"Light craft are seen for what they are NOT. Light Craft are seen for what they ARE." - Light craft could be taken to mean UFO's, which are being seen more and more of late. Here is one of particularly good clarity. Given that there has been a quasi-military organization using advanced craft since at least the 1940's, I posit that a great many of the UFO's observed from the ground could be false, which are being seen for what they are and what they are not.

"Scattered energies now align for a “Final Push” - Scattered energies can be taken to mean mindal energies or thought-forms; which are reflected in the above statements from this update. Given the nature of Mind, that what we chose to belief and accept into ourselves literally affects the energies we experience and express as emotions, the scattered energies mentioned refer to false or incomplete concepts. One property of a truth, is that it is singular - meaning if an idea we have is reflective of the truth it unifies with all other truths. From a scientific standpoint, the more Positive Knowledge we acquire (the more we reflect reality accurately within ourselves) the more coherent or organized our beingness is which literally creates positive emotional states and bliss experiences - an aligning of formerly scattered energies - which gains momentum for a sweeping shift in consciousness for all; the infamous 100th monkey effect. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Up-leveling of all Hue-manity occurs simultaneous with hu-manity as entrapment zones are “escaped”.

Flash flourishings are observed and experience by all on Gaia surface.

Implantations are removed with ease as permissions are granted.

Light craft are seen for what they are NOT.

Light Craft are seen for what they ARE.

Scattered energies now align for a “Final Push”.




  1. Would you consider 'karma' as an entrapment??thnak you

    1. yes i think we can consider Karma as an entrapment, especially if we acknowledge that Karma is our own creation; a refusal to grow. For example, if we are in a situation that calls for compassion, but because we are to hurt within, we lash out instead, we create 'karma' - and regret that we may have 'bit someone's head off' and now 'suffer' the effects of our actions. BUT this is actually a good thing, the universe will put us in a situation which allows us to act differently. We can not avoid our karma, only face it and grow accordingly... At least this is how I understand what Karma is... what do you think?

  2. First, GaiaPortal has defined Hue- as "Gaia companions". 5D-ready (or even higher). These are the humans actually assisting in Gaia's ascension by doing energy work through their personal mental, emotional and physical bodies. They are able to so because they first went through their own healing and ascension process. They are henceforth a clear and strong energy channel. The ascension forerunners, after years of general healing were finally allowed to move forward into the intensive part of their personal ascension process in late 2009 and most were complete by early 2011 - as much as allowed to then as they could not finish last final bit until Gaia and others were ready. They have assisted Gaia and collective since then. Most all other Hue- were complete in Jan. 2013. To a lesser degree, they too have been of energy assistance to Gaia.

    hu- was defined as "Gaia travelers". 4D level so far. These are humans who are in process and have not gotten ascension-ready yet and yet if they keep moving forward fast enough to keep up to ascending Gaia, they can make it. But they have not assisted Gaia because they are just now getting themselves ready.

    Gaia surface is NOT Earth's surface. Gaia is the ascending portion. There will still be an unascended Earth, with whatever humans have not prepared themselves. GaiaPortal does not talk about those who will not be ascending.

    Craft is not referring to spacecraft but to skills. Light craft could just as easily be said as light work.

    What is meant by those two lines is that (the first line) there are many lightworkers who fancy themselves to be the most advanced and they help to guide others and yet many of them have not completed their own healing and ascension work and so have not only NOT assisted Gaia in her ascension but they will not even make ascension themselves. Most are very active out in the world, very vocal and very commercial with something to peddle. They don't truly understand what has to be done for theirs or others' completion and in turn don't truly know what has to be done for Gaia. They talk a good line but often put out misinformation. Whether intentionally or not, they are NOT "the real deal".

    But the Hue-beings have disconnected from all that and have dedicated themselves to heavy energy work transmuting out old crappy energy from Gaia and anchoring in higher light / energy. This is what is meant by Light Craft (capitalized), the TRUE Light Crafters, the Hue-beings, the quiet ones, holed up, isolated since late 2009, no life, exhausted from years of heavy energy work. The ones who have really, truly gotten this planetary ascension done.

    Implantations are not some device, it's disempowering programs in people's psyches. You could think of it as software as opposed to hardware. For those hu- level beings who are doing everything they can to keep up to a very quickly ascending Gaia, they need to just ask to release these programs and they will. But don't procrastinate, there's not much time left.

    For... we're about to make the final push, to birth this planet to higher dimensions.
    The scattered energies thing has to do with OUR energies being scattered from the recent release, literally since the prior GaiaPortal message. Now we refocus with the intent of launching / birthing.


    1. Thanks Rick for your commentary, have you gleamed all this from reading the updates over th e years or are you Hue-man as you define the term.

      I find it interesting that the conceptual backing to the ascension phenomenon is described in these taxonomies, which i speak to with more practical terms like ignorance in place of implantation, light as wisdom, etc. The updates are general enough to apply divination techniques and develop a very personal set of meanings. Much like a horoscope.

      I think a lot of folks are realizing that the passive ascension narrative, very popular prior to 2012, is no longer tenable, and outward work is need for great change within and without.


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