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Gaia Portal - February 13th 2015: False entrapments are seen for what they are - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings - "False entrapments are seen for what they are." An entrapment normally refers to police or authorities deceiving an individual into committing a crime that they would normally not commit. False entrapments, in this light, suggest authorities or the Cabal are not duping us into committing crimes, we are doing this on our own. I think this goes along with similar updates by Gaia Portal, which suggest it is each of us and our personal choices which are guiding the shift on Earth or hindering it. The meme of "we are victims" prevents many people from seeing themselves as a contributor to the chaos on earth. While the realization of our moral culpability can be emotionally troubling, acknowledging that the world as it is as a result of ALL our thoughts, desires and actions is the liberating truth which can help us change within; we become a force for harmony instead of chaos.

"Enlightenments come to those who release." Following the same theme as above, this statement suggests enlightenments (epiphanies, realizations) can be created within each of us, as we let go of false beliefs and ideas. Again, the belief that 'we are victims and have done nothing to deserve this' is not only inaccurate, but disempowering. Honoring our creations (of mind and body) helps us to act differently in the future because now we have self knowledge. 

"Gaia enchants those of enchantment hooks. Even those are released." - An enchantment has two meanings: one to fill someone with joy and the other to cast a spell. Within the first meaning, this statement suggests those who can be filled with joy are creating this within, I also think the latter definition can also be applied. Therein, enchantments are spells cast by Gaia (of what nature is unknown) but only those of enchantment hooks, which I take to mean: those who are still of a consciousness to allow for spells to be cast - possibly those who are still identifying with illusion. And, even those are released - suggesting Gaia allows those who want to be duped to be duped, but is even releasing those illusions... so that false entrapments can be seen for what they are.

"Flusters release from all Hue-man consciousness." - A flustered state is a condition of agitation or confusion, and is released from all Hue-man consciousness. This suggests that those who are on the path of Truth, who are awakening into Hue-manity via a conscious act of will, is over all NOT confused or agitated. This further underscores the idea of harmony as a result of gaining positive knowledge, which we have discussed in depth

"Renderings are useless, as essence has left." - A rendering, in contemporary times refers to a conceptual form expressed as either an object, image or 3D graphic (as in CGI in movies). As a whole, this statement could mean that the false ideas of authority and the like, are no longer affecting humanity, as the essence of falsehood has left. Within the general theme of Gaia Portals updates, I would argue this is because the essence of truth has overtaken the desire for falseness; ignorance is no longer bliss.

"First havens are chosen. Ultimate havens unveil." - A haven is a place of safety or shelter, usually in reference to a ship sailing into harbor. Consider the legal/lawful systems operating on earth, we are birthed into the seas of Admiralty Law and are claimed by the Government as lost at sea. A haven in this sense could be suggesting humanity is becoming aware of the Slavery by Implied Consent system, and is choosing a new first haven; which is more reflective of the truth. The ultimate haven of a truly free, united and harmonious population of Hue-mans can be seen once we choose this first haven; an acknowledgement of truth. As an example, is the effect the OPPT filings had on the "truth movement." Whether or not one acknowledges the validity of the filings, the reality of our status as Creditors and Government as Debtors, empowers us to conceptualize the ideal of a moneyless society and begin to create it; the Ultimate Haven of a free planet is revealed or can now be imagined. Kiri Cambpell's efforts are the expression of this realization, which many many other Warriors in Truth have taken up within their own lives and in their own way. Each of us has this power, should we choose to accept it.
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

False entrapments are seen for what they are.

Enlightenments come to those who release.

Gaia enchants those of enchantment hooks.

Even those are released.

Flusters release from all Hue-man consciousness.

Renderings are useless, as essence has left.

First havens are chosen.

Ultimate havens unveil.



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