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CIA Headquarters taken down? | David Wilcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford - February 24th 2015: Did the CIA Headquarters really shut down?

The temptation to get swept up in a positive idea is great in these awakening times, which can be balanced by objectivity.

There are many alternative media spokesmen who do their best to report what they hear, and it is the duty of the public to fact check as much as possible. Here is a clear example of how a story can get sensationalized with very little supportive information to back it up. Of course with these reports, there is always the possibility of missing something, and an open mind either for or against is advisable. 

Benjamin Fulford, in his February 24th update states the CIA Headquarters were shut down after a raid presumably from the effort to take down the Cabal:
"There was also an explosion near an airport close to CIA headquarters in West Virginia last week. US corporate news outlets describe the explosion as the result of a “train derailment” but local residents said it resembled a nuclear explosion. Footage can be seen here:

We can only speculate that somebody trying to flee the raid on the CIA met with a fiery death." - Benjamin Fulford 
David Wilcock recently commented on Fulford's update with the following question:
Comment by dwilcock on February 24, 2015 @ 3:48 am 
Has anyone been able to fact-check the idea that the CIA was actually shut down?
I read about this when it first happened and the follow-up simply said that there were protestors around the CIA and they temporarily put those Police Line markers up for security. 
There are lots of interesting things going on but I am not sure about this one. 
- David
Was the CIA actually shut down?

The following Reuters correlates with Ben's report, however this event is from 7 days ago:
"A CSX Corp train hauling North Dakota crude derailed in West Virginia on Monday, setting a number of cars ablaze, destroying a house and forcing the evacuation of two towns in the second significant oil-train incident in three days."  
And this article, from Mc Clatchy DC mentions the location:
"In Monday’s derailment, residents of two small towns east of Charleston were evacuated..."
It does appear there was infact a massive explosion near Charleston large enough for an evacuation of two nearby towns, but is this associated to the alleged CIA Headquarters in Langley? Here is a screenshot of the distance between Langley and Charleston:

There is a distance of at least 250 miles separating the two general areas. While it is certainly possible the train derailment is a cover story for the CIA take down, it seems there distance makes this highly unlikely. Some would say there is the possibly of underground bases being destroyed, which this story would cover nicely, but there is not enough data on hand to speculate. 

One announcement of the CIA being closed, complete with photographs of a blocked entrance to the facility at Langley, appeared on Before It's News with the headline: Explosive News! CIA Langley On Lockdown! How Many Are Dead?.
"Brietbart posted an amazing photograph yesterday on a developing story that has garnered close to a thousand Facebook likes! I just about fell out of my chair when I learned of this story today. I believe I have the absolute inside scoop on this, keep reading. 
Who would ever believe that it would be possible for such a thing to occur at CIA headquarters? What kind of ‘extinction level event’ would possibly cause such a thing to happen? It will be interesting to hear the cover story, if we get one!"
Could this be the confirmation of the Cabal takedown reported by so many insiders?

The following report by Universal Free Press brings some much needed clarity to the situation. It appears that several different events were blended together to suggest the CIA headquarters was taken down:


On the 14th of February, we posted the story that the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia was on total lockdown, complete with yellow crime scene tape and police cars. We had picked up this story from, but there was no more information forthcoming on the story. So we decided to dig into it a little and came up with the facts.

It seems that there is loose consortium of peace activists groups that have banded together to protest President Obama’s’ use of the CIA to carry out drone strikes. These strikes have been used on both foreign and U.S. citizens that have been deemed either a threat to national security or enemies of the country. These groups demonstrate at different sites that work with the drones all across the country. Always on the second Saturday of each month.

This month, the second Saturday fell on the 14th. It has become the practice of CIA to put the facility on lock-down for security reasons during these protests. Not out of fear of the protesters, but because it would be easy for a small number of terrorists to infiltrate the group and could use them as cover for an attack of some type. This is the reason for the police and tactical units at both entrances to the site. This peach alliance is made up of groups like the Quakers, Occupy Washington, Code Pink and other anti-war groups.

I know that there have been several web writers that have speculated on the reasons for the lock-down ranging from a terrorist threat to a loony worker losing it and taking hostages. I am happy to report, that none of those stories are true. It was just a heighten security reaction to a peaceful demonstration. A demonstration that was being carried out by a group of U.S. citizens exercising their right to peaceful protest against what they feel is the illegal actions of a corrupt government. Which may be why you didn’t see anything about this on the Obama News Media.

I tried repeatedly to contact Mr. Walter Brown, the contact person listed for the Langley Hill Friends, but my attempts were not answered. Here is the blip from their web page about the event.
Location:CIA Main Gate (Langley, Virginia)

Description:Langley Hill Friends Meeting is one of the co-sponsors of a Vigil to Protest Drone Warfare every month on the 2nd Saturday at the Main Gate of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Vigils begin at 10:00 am. “War is not the Answer”, “Drones are Evil”, and “Drones kill Babies, too” are just some of the signs Quakers have been carrying. Please join us at the Vigil, and for light refreshments at the Langley Hill Meeting House afterwards.

So not everything involved with the CIA is as dark and mysterious as some would have you believe.

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  1. So None of the CIA closed stories are true? I believed that for like 40 minutes! after i read it on this blog
    Isnt it possible to edit blogspot blogs?
    in order not to mislead as many people as you enlighten, it would be super cool if youd remove it from all the posts.
    it also hurts the credibility of all alternative news blogs in general. If one out of all the Posts on this Blog goes viral; only to find that little nugget in the article, they will surely see that 10 articles claim it happened, while only This one reveals the truth


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