Friday, February 20, 2015

Benjamin Fulford Video (with Transcript) Update - February 19th 2015: Time To Set The People Free!

[Video is below] 

Transcribed by Stillness in the Storm:

Hello this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on, February 19 2015.

Today is the beginning of the lunar New Year and this year is the year of the sheep or the goat or the sheeple. And we intend this to make it a year for the average guy to get their payback time. These are the people who don't make trouble who just try to live with their families in peace in friendly relations with their neighbors and they're sick and tired of being killed, herded manipulated and then robbed from by oligarchs.

And I'm here to tell you that if we succeed this year and we're going to do it. I've done the math and the oligarchs through their Federal Reserve Board "fraud" have stolen from the American people equivalent of five hundred thousand dollars from every man woman and child in the country. We're gonna give that money back to you that's money that's now in their stock holdings. We just simply take the ownership of the 0.01 percent (1%) of all those stocks and redistribute it to the 99 percent (99%).

This will not affect most of even the one percent or any other people who legitimately own stocks. We promise you that. And we promise you too that, the criminals that have been killing you, are even as we speak, facing justice.

It's time to set the people free, thank you.



  1. When he move his head as he speaks does that means no or yes??

  2. When Ben says 'WE' does that mean that 'HE' is admitting to being one of 'THEM' (The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind)?

    Ben - be careful that you don't get dragon breath from being pumped so full of their dribble down puke. Furthermore, How can YOU 'banksters' give the money back to US if you are not one of the ones that took it to start with? Sounds like soul buying to me.


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