Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Update on Julian's Health Improvement

As a follow up we wanted to update everyone who took an interest in our time of need. We were bombarded with tons of helpful information from people all over the world and we were able to recoup the funds we had spent on taxis, buses, medication and the hospital visit . The gratitude and appreciation felt by us is immense.

As of today Julians leg has improved greatly. Originally feeling immense pressure in the right leg, soreness, swollenness and pain. As well as showing signs of redness in the affected area, what remains now is a slight swolleness with some stiff veins.  In time we are sure this too will be healed.

Julians Sonogram, the red indicates a slow flow or stoppage of blood. 

Julian immediately started eating only raw vegetables, consuming much more water, started urine therapy and decided to take one of the medications (a multi vitamin) prescribed by the doctor; Daflon. One of the major leading blood clot dissolvers' main ingredient is Urokinase, found in urine. He continues doing exercises and elevating his leg, and yes there is still healing to be done. Just this Monday he went in for another check up when the doctor said it looked good and that he should continue taking the medication for two months.

Currently the goal is to continue the vegetable intake, urine therapy, coffee enemas and the Daflon medication. Staying active is key as well.

With the recuperation of the funds used for the hospital visit we were able to take our trip to Ceuta to further extend our Visa here in Morocco for another 3 months. Though at this point we are seriously considering whether or not we will continue our stay here, it seems our time in Morocco may be coming to its end, for now. However nothing is finalized as getting back would cost a considerable amount of money which we do not currently have. Maybe there will be other opportunities or ways to travel that will present themselves.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank every single one of you who has contributed to this blog financially or otherwise, you know who you are. We couldn't do it without your help.

Freezing our butts off

Our Room in Ceuta

Don't mind the socks 

How does SITS make money?

In the interest of full disclosure: this blog makes money by ad revenue (clicking on ad's you take an interest in) and Donations. Julian also has an Etsy shop, where you can find large print's of his photography work - when purchased - help support both our efforts. 

If it was not for the galant support of readers, we could not continue this blog. We greatly appreciate any support you provide in either area! 
- Justin and Julian


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