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Something Remarkable Happened After These Troubled Grade School Students Were Taught Meditation

Meditation helps improve focus, brainwave coherence, and nearly all our abilities for many reasons. For a detailed explanation see the post Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen

Essentially, our mind and process for understanding the world is like building a personal computer program for experience, we encounter stimuli in our lives, and encode them with meaning, which settle into the unconscious. These are the programs that help us focus on other things, while performing tasks we have already developed skills for, like walking down the road, driving a car, or even reading. But if we are not careful, we develop a whole host of limiting programs that trigger discordant states of being, hindering our focus and attention due to emotional instability. 

Meditation is a way of expanding these programs, allowing us to develop them into empowering skills vs demonstrative setbacks. Similar to PTSD, if we feel angry as a result of someone acting strongly towards us, we could dwell in this defensive state for too long, hindering our focus. Meditation allows us to expand this conclusion, this choice to be angry, and either direct the energy into a productive place, or let it go as an obstacle. 
- Justin

Source - Collective Evolution

In the heart of one of San Francisco’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods, guns and other weaponry are no strangers to the youth.

This type of environment undoubtedly set the stage for brawls and other chaos on the Visitation Valley grade school grounds, which for the longest time had left many faculty members unsure of how to keep their students focused in the classroom, or more importantly, how to keep their students away from juvenile trouble.

“There’d be fights here 3-5 times per week. The kids see guns on a daily basis, they see all types of weaponry, they have that baggage with them”
 said Barry O’Driscoll to NBC news, Athletic Director at Visitation Valley School in San Francisco.
But four years ago, the San Francisco school district came across a potential answer for their issue, one that cleverly had its students look ‘inward’ for the outward solution.
It’s a pioneering program simply called ‘quiet time’, with the idea being to teach the students transcendental meditation to be practiced for 15 minutes, twice daily. The school hoped that this practice could help the students let go of the stresses of their daily lives, even if only for 15 minutes.
NBC correspondent Cynthia McFadden asked O’Driscoll what he first thought of this new tactic,
So did you buy into this in the beginning, or were you like, hold on a minute, meditation?
I thought it was a joke. I thought, this is ‘hippie’ stuff that didn’t work in the 70’s so how is it going to work  now?” O’Driscoll admitted.
But it wasn’t long until the skeptical coach was made a believer. Four years after ‘Quiet Time’ was introduced into the daily regime of the grade school students, some remarkable results were shown, including a 79% decrease in suspensions, an increase in attendance to 98.3%, and an overall increase of GPA by .4.
Today, over 1500 students and 170 staffers have been trained in transcendental meditation in four schools, including Burton High, a place once known as ‘fight school’.
These are the students at Burton High today:
Students MeditationStudents Meditation2
Bill Kappenhaggen, principal at Burton High, admitted he was initially worried about taking time out of the student’s academic schedule, so he increased the school day by half an hour to make time for meditation. But his worry proved wrong, as the school has already seen a 75% decrease in suspensions, and a successful jump from the bottom of California’s academic ladder to a rightful spot in the upper middle level of achievement. 
Some of the students from Burton high explained what this new practice has done for them,
It makes you more conscious of your actions,” one female student explained.
It brings you down to that [level of] ‘calmness’,” another male said.
A young student named Tobias revealed that meditation even helped him deal with his insistent anger, “[Before this], I always wanted to fight everybody for some reason.” 
In a closing interview, McFadden asked Principal Kappenhaggen if he really thought it were possible for meditation to change the violence and stresses outside the school walls, to which he responded, “I do not, but I do believe [that it] can help change the way the [students] deal with the violence, the trauma, and the stresses of every day life.”

This is truly remarkable to see happening for so many reasons. I’m curious as to what our world would look like if we were all taught meditation from an early age? We want to hear your thoughts on this story, share with us in the comment section below!

Having Trouble With Meditation?

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